What is Senil Crafan? Introducing an overview and flow!

Senil advertising crowdfunding


What is Senil Crafan?

Senil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter referred to as "Senil Crafan") is a plan for individuals to launch a support advertisement by individuals and youtuber.This is a service that all agree with and share support money and realize support advertising.😊

For those who say, "I want to give a support advertisement, but it's hard to realize," Senil Crafan is highly recommended.

Senil Crafan Service Fees Free Campaign under Implementation

If you have applied for Senil Crafan now, we will support you with [Service fee free].😆✨
Furthermore, for repeaters who have used our company so far, more?

Please ask LINE for details♪




Senil/Support advertising planning worries

Many support advertising planners mainly have the following five problems.

① Struggle to collect funds

On your birthday, you want to advertise on an impactful vision and celebrate grandly.😊

But advertising expenses often cost hundreds of thousands, and it seems that they often have difficulty collecting friends and collecting funds.

If the supporter does not gather, the planning itself may not be implemented, so the planner may be the most anxious.

② Difficult to think about returns

It is common for planning supporters to give returns to thank you for supporting me.

However, it is necessary to consider the production cost to think about returned goods, and many people find it surprisingly difficult.😓

If you spend a lot of money on returned goods, you will be less expensive to advertise, so you need to prepare a low cost returned product that you want and cost.

③ It takes a lot of time to deliver the return

If the project is implemented, it is necessary to give a return product to the supporters.

However, there are many cases where return products require delivery, such as travers and stickers, and if there are hundreds of supporters, delivery work will take a lot of time.💦

④ It is difficult to interact with each investor, manage payment, and personal information management

The planners must interact with hundreds of investors, manage deposit management and delivery information, which takes a lot of time.

It is difficult to leak information, so it will be quite responsible.

Also, many investors may be reluctant to provide their personal information to individuals who are not companies.😣

⑤ It is difficult to arrange and produce advertising

To arrange some advertising media, you may have to apply for multiple agencies.

In that case, you have to do so many times, such as deposit procedures, and it is very troublesome.

Also, for those who do not usually make videos or designs, creating advertising data may be very difficult.😭

Advantages of Senil Crafan

The Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN Senil Crafan solves all the worries introduced earlier.✨

BirthdayHere are four benefits to using crafons!

    ① Large -scale projects that cannot be realized by individuals can be realized

      The biggest advantage of Senil Crafan is that large -scale support advertisements that cannot be carried out by individuals can be implemented!

      In fact, it costs hundreds of thousands to millions to give a large -scale advertisement, so it's difficult for individuals to collect funds ... 🥲

      However, if you use a crafan, you can carry out a large project with supporters who agree with the plan and thoughts! !

      For those who want to give a big support advertisement, Senil Crafan is highly recommended for those who say it is difficult for individuals.🌟

      ② supporters can get a return product

      The next advantage is the projectThe supporters responded to the amount of supportYou can get a return product!

      If it is a return product that can only be obtained in that project, you will want a special feeling 🥰

      With the return product, both planners and supporters have benefits to each other.♪

      ③ Planning with a Google document that everyone can use! PJ starts for free

      The third advantage is that anyone can plan and start a project for free!

      I think many people are worried about planning and starting a clavan.

      However, there is no cost to publish the project.☺️

      The cost of implementing advertisements, making advertising products, producing returns, etc. will be used using all the collected support.The feature is that anyone can start with peace of mind.♪

      * If you achieve the project, a part of the support will be charged as a fee.


      There is no registration for a troublesome new crafted system!
      Just create a project with a Google document that anyone can use!
      The template is very easy because we make it!

      Teaching the know -how of how to write a project to succeed!


      ④ Our company provides collective support, such as payment management, delivery management, advertising arrangements

      And the fourth advantage is that we can support the troublesome procedures and work!

        In order to implement cheering advertising, there are a lot of time -consuming tasks, such as advertising production, arranging advertising media, managing support, producing and delivering returns ...! Lingering

        However, if you use Senil Crafan, we will all be used by us.

        Support content
        1.   Data production
        2.  Arrangement of advertising media
        3.  Management of support money
        4.  Production of returned goods
        5.  Delivery of return products, etc.

        Planists can focus on gathering project supporters♪


        ⑤ If you have not achieved, there is no fee, so you can feel safe.

        Finally, if the project is not achieved in the target amount, there will be no fee at all.♪
        We will refund the full amount to the supporters.

        So you don't have to think, "If you don't reach the target, what should I do?"

        If you want to do what you can do with the amount you are gathering, or if you want to advertise a little more, we can respond.♪



        Examples of projects that can be realized

        In our companyIt is possible to arrange all of Japan, as well as in Japan, Times Square in Korea and the United States, Chinese street vision, and SNS advertisements!

        area Media
        🇯🇵 Japan

        Street vision

        Traffic advertising

        Cup holder

        🇰🇷 South Korea

        Station advertising

        Bath shelter

        Street vision

        🌎Other overseas

        NY Times Square

        Chugoku Street Vision

        📱SNS advertising

        Instagram advertisement

        Twitter advertisement

        YouTube advertisement

        Kakao Talk advertisement

        If you use a crafandEven in places where it is difficult to realize by individualsIt's not a dream to be able to get an advertisement!✨

        In addition, it may be possible to arrange advertising media that is not posted on our site, so if you have a place where you want to issue an advertisement here, please feel free to contact the staff in charge.😊

          Crafan flow

          STEP 1
          Launch a project with our dedicated staff

           First, let's launch a project! If the plan is difficult, our staff will consult.♪

          STEP 2
          Create a project page and collect support with friends
          We will recruit project supporters using SNS etc.!
          STEP 3
          Goal achievement!
          If the amount of support is achieved in the goal, the project will be confirmed.
          STEP 4
          Medium arrangement
          We will arrange your desired advertising medium.
          STEP 5
          Production of broadcast materials
          Create advertising data. Our creator will produce in accordance with your request♪
          STEP 6
          Submit to medium company & material examination
          When the data is completed, submit it to the media company and perform the material screening.
          STEP 7
          Start of advertising★
          Advertising starts on the specified date!✨
          STEP 8
          Return delivery
          We will deliver the return to the supporters!

          About return

          Krafan will give you a return product according to the amount of support to those who have supported it.

          The more you decide whether to support by the return product, the more important it is for the supporters, soThe point is to prepare a return product that makes you want to support★

          Example of return product

           Describe your name on the ad
          Cup holder
          Advertising data
          Acrylic stand

          About the project page

            In order to gather friends, you need a page that describes the outline of the project!

            We offer templates on the project page, so it is very easy for planners to fill in the necessary items.♪

            See the template on the project page


            The project page is also very important to realize Senil Crafan!

            By communicating information on the project page well, it will be easier for the supporters to sympathize with them.♪

            We are introducing tips on how to make a project to disseminate and realize information on the project page and SNS, so please take a look here too (^O^).

            See tips for creating a project page


            How long is the application deadline?

            The lowest on the advertising start dateTwo and a half months agoPlease apply by.

            Is there a cost to publish a project?

            The release of the project is free. The cost of implementing advertisements, producing advertising products, and producing returns will be used using the collected support.

            How much should the target amount be set?

            The target amount depends on the project content you want to realize. Please contact the staff in charge on LINE😊