Frequently Asked Questions (Regarding Senil Crafan)

How should the target amount be set?

It depends on the price of returns and advertising media, but we recommend that you set about twice the amount of advertising media to the target amount.
If you have a specific advertising medium, we will send you an estimate, so please feel free to contact the person in charge.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us as it depends on the campaign period.

What is the payment method for support money?

There are four payment methods:

● Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express)
● PayPal
● Apple Pay
● Google Pay

Is there a cost for the organizer to pay?

If you ask our company to create data or make return products, it will be charged separately. In addition, the delivery fee of the return product will be charged separately.
However, basically, all costs incurred in the project can use the support money, so the overall price will be added to the target amount to start the project.
Regarding specific quotes, we will submit the application after the return product is confirmed.

What happens if there is a surplus after achieving the goal?

We will propose a medium according to the surplus.

If the target amount cannot be achieved, will it be refunded to the investor?What is the fee in that case?

If the target amount cannot be achieved,All the support money will be refunded, so in that case there will be no commission.

Is it possible to have a part of the money collected as a necessary expense when preparing a cup holder event?

It is not possible to withdraw the amount of money collected by the crafts in cash before the Capho Event, or transfer banks in advance.
If you only have a Capho event on the customer side, you will have a Capho event, send the cost of the actual cost and the evidence that you will find it, and then make a review on this side and pay after it. increase.

How much does the cancellation fee cost?

We will sign a contract before the project starts, but if you sign a contract, the cancellation fee is free.
Cancellation after the contract is not allowed in principle.

In addition, if you wish to cancel after the project starts, we will receive 50%of the collection amount.