[Cup Holder] Design production

Design production overview

"It is difficult to design with an individual", and our designer will have a design production agent!

Design along the completed image of the customer♪

the price is11,000 yen (tax included)is.

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Flow of design production

The flow of design production is as follows♪


Provision of materials used

Application materials and rough draft, reference design, etc.Please email me.
The rough draft can be produced by handwriting and apps.


Production of the proposal
We will create a draft based on rough draft and image.
Corrections are basically up to 2 timesIs possible.
Design decisions & submission
If the design is decided, we will submit to a print company.
Data can not be modified after data submission to a printing company.


Notes on requesting design production
  • In the design production period3 to 5 business daysIt takes, so please apply for time.
  • Material used isHigh qualityPlease prepare.
  • Image of idolI got permission from an idol affiliation officePlease use.
  • Fluorescence color can not be printed.


    When doing design production by yourself

    If you want to make design production yourself using Illustrator or Photoshop, please produce along the following template!(Download only on PC)

    TemplateThe range in which the red line is printedso,Scope where dotted lines are visibleis!

    When the letters and images are arranged along the fan-shaped curve, it looks straight when it is formed round♪


    Air holder 92/98 pie


    Cup type holder 13 oz

    Download Template


    Notes on creating design with individuals
    • Please set the color setting to "CMYK".
    • Completed dataAI dataorPSD dataPlease send it.
    • For Photoshop data, when saving, resolution350 to 400 Pixel / INCHPlease set it to.
    • In the case of Illustrator, do "outline" of characters and lines.
    • Please send the completed data to the following email address.
      【Send destination】 BIRTHDAY.AGENCY.JAPAN@GMAIL.COM


    Notification flyer production

    Event notice for SNS Fryer can also be produced!

    Content, placement, design of your desiredCustomable♪

    Please order with cup holder production and set ^ ^

    Instagram @ birthday.ad.jp

    Cup holder production

    Cup holder production