[To advertising media nationwide] Senil JAPAN recommended advertisement (Senil/Support advertisement) Partnership information

Would you like to provide your advertising medium as a fans' advertising (Senil / Supported Advertising) medium?

In recent years, not only companies but also individuals have been posting recommended ads in visions and posters in the city, and their demand is increasing year by year!

Senil JAPAN, which supports the support of the recommended advertising (Senil / Supporting Advertisement) and the customer satisfaction, will contribute to your company's sales!

moreover! The industry's first advertising media reservation system will automate the reception of reservations, so you can get advertising projects without troublesome exchanges.✨

What is a recommended advertisement (Senil / Supporting Advertising)?

"Progress advertisement" is an advertisement that fans are to celebrate and support, such as idols / artists / actors / vtuber!

Fans with the desire to "support the push!" "I want to celebrate the birthday and anniversary!"😊

Originally, it started with the purpose of celebrating birthdays, but now it is sometimes to celebrate the date of debut, CD release and live support.

This cheering culture, which has been triggered by Korean audition programs held around 2016, has been triggered."Senil (birthday) ad" in KoreaIt has spread under the name.

Also, after that momentum jumped to Japan,In Japan, "support advertisement"It is now called.

Because it is an advertisement to be submitted to the push,We redefine as a "recommended advertisement"However, in this article, I would like to unify it with "recommended advertisement (Senil / support ad)".

Please refer to the following page for details on recommended advertising.💁‍♀️

Solve these issues of Muten

By connecting a partnership with us, we will solve the worries of Muthasha!

[Assignment ①] I want you to use your own medium and use it as an advertising medium

"I want fans to use their advertising media, but I don't know how to have their fans advertise."Isn't there a lot of media company?

Currently at the peak of online advertisingStruggling with advertising for corporations where numbers can be seen strictlyI think there are things to do.

But personal advertisements are more than digital numbersYou can win online advertising because you are required to have an impact unique to real mediaThat's it!

[Assignment ②] We cannot accept inquiries and reservations for individual customers. I'm worried about copyright etc.

"I can't interact with individual customers in the company's rules."or"I'm worried that more detailed exchanges with individual customers will increase and the amount of work will increase."I think there are many media.

AlsoIt is difficult to be responsible for advertising media such as copyright and portrait rightsIsn't it?

Benefits of the media company

By connecting a partnership with us, there are the following advantages!

[Merit ①] Senil JAPAN, which has more than 500 track records a year, creates your company page for free

We support more than 500 projects a year, and have been recognized by many idol fans as an agency for recommended advertising (Senil / Support Advertising).

the current,Number of accesses exceeding 600,000 PV per yearI am proud.

If you have a partnership with usWe will create a medium page for free and post it on our website -reservations, so it is possible for more idol fans to see the medium.😊

[Merit ②] Application for permission from fans to rights

Isn't it concerned about "copyright" to be worried about broadcasting an advertisement (Senil / Supporting Advertising)?

In our companyApplication for permission from advertiser to the rightI am.

Copyrights and portrait rights will be held by the customer, and advertisements will be carried out, so the media will not be responsible.

Until now, we have supported a total of 3,000 advertisements, but there have been no rights related problems.

The industry's first! Automation support for advertising reservation management by introducing an advertising specialized reservation system (with free plan)

We are the first in the industryReservation system specialized in recommended advertising (Senil / support advertising)Is provided.

Our medium reservation system isCreate an account for your company and automate advertising reservations and management of your company projectcan😊

There were many exchanges between agencies and staff, which was troublesome.If you use the reservation system, just select "Approval / Approval" with the Web or Smartphone app if you enter the project.✅Completed in

We will support you how to use the system!

You can start with a "free plan", so you can easily introduce it.

For more information about the medium reservation system, see the following page.💁🏻‍♀️

Flow of partnership

First of all, please contact us from the following inquiry form.
Meeting (notes, advertising plan examinations)
Regarding partnerships, we will meet online.
Create a medium page
We will create a medium page on our website.
Introduction of reservation system (optional)
If you use a medium reservation system, create a dedicated account for your company.
■ When not using: Notification of email only for our projects
■ When using: Your company project can also be managed on the web system
Start accepting reservations
Publish the medium page and start accepting advertising reservations.

Contact information and inquiry form

Please send inquiries regarding the partnership (Senil / Support Advertising) partnership from the form below.