"2 ADS + 1 FREE" Senil Thanks Campaign

With a daily gratitude to customers who always use Senil Advertising Agency Japan,"2 ADS + 1 FREE" Senil Thanks CampaignI will carry out! !

If you want to give Senil advertising!♪

Even if you are new to Senil advertising, we will support all the advertisements! !

Capture content

If you implement an ad with two or more*advertising media, from the following contentsOne of them is free of chargeI will do it!

  1. Notification flyer production agency
  2. Cup holder design production agency
  3. Instagram advertising operation agency

*What are two or more advertising media?"Street Vision Advertising/Nippon Station Advertising/Korean Advertising/Times Square/SNS Advertising/Cup Holder Production"Two of them.

Any combination is OK!

Please refer to here for details of multiple media.💁🏻‍♀️

Advertising in multiple areas

I will explain in detail about the contents of the present.

Present ① Notification flyer production

When you announce the implementation of ads on SNS, you want to upload an announcement image that attracts interest from many people.♪

But isn't it surprisingly troublesome to think about the design of the image or create it with a PC / app?😅

For such a personWe will produce a fryer for free!

For those who are not good at thinking about design, it is difficult to make using PCs and apps, our designers will design according to your wishes.♪

What is a flyer production for SNS?Both Japanese and Korean 🇰🇷 are possible ^^

Click here for the design portfolio


  • One for one ad
  • Please tell us the description contents and the desired design image at the time of production.

Present ② Cup holder design production

I want to create my own cup holder and distribute it to other fans and enjoy the activities.😚

But is it difficult to think about design, or is it difficult to create a PC on a PC? Lingering

So this timeWe will create designs according to your wishes for free♪ 

It is possible to create freely from cool design to cute designs.😎✨

I want to make an original cup holder! Recommended for💖

Click here for the design portfolio


  • Cup holder production costs must be paid separately.
  • Design data (AI file) cannot be handed over.
  • Please send the material used and design image at the time of production.
  • Use the material to be used with permission.

Present ③ Instagram advertising distribution

"I want to play Instagram ads on idol's birthday, but I don't know how to set up the ad ...😢Isn't there a lot of people?

For such a person, this timeUsually, we will receive a free Instagram advertising agency for 15,000 yen.💖

AdvertisingThe distribution period is up to 2 days, the area is two countriesCan be distributed to! (Japan, Korea, etc.)

Click here for details on Instagram ads


  • Advertisements will be distributed from our Instagram account.
  • Please prepare the advertising image yourself.
  • If you ask us to design/video production, you need to pay the production cost separately. 

How to apply

Please select the desired contents when entering the advertising medium application form.

Click here for the application form

Deadline for applying

[Application deadline]

2022Thursday, June 30th

[Advertising period]

2022Wednesday, August 31stTarget only when advertising

  • The payment must be completed by June 30.
  • This campaign is applicable only when advertising is started between June 1st to August 31, 2022.
  • Cancellation after medium arrangement is not possible.

Flow to advertising

Enter the application form
Please enter the application form below.
We will check the contents of the application form, so if there is no problem in the content, we will guide you for payment.
Advertising frame secure
We will secure an advertising slot after payment is confirmed.
Advertising production
Design/video production of advertising and announcement flyers.
Material examination
Submit it to the media company and perform the media screening.
Start of advertising
If you receive the media screening, you will start advertising on the specified date! We will send you a video of the advertisement on the advertising start date.♪

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on LINE.