(Osaka) Umeda Tower Links Vision
(Osaka) Umeda Tower Links Vision

(Osaka) Umeda Tower Links Vision

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The 7th

Medium name: Umeda Tower Links Vision

5 types of media
① Maru pillar/② curved surface/③ Square/④ Square/⑤A deck

Image quality: HD

Angle of view / size:H2.64 x W9.36 24.71㎡

Installation location:1-1 Obuka -cho, Kita -ku, Osaka

Broadcast time: 07: 00-22: 00

Delivery material: MP4.

remarks:"LINKS VISION" was installed in Japan's largest complex commercial facility Links Umeda / Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda with the size, sales, and number of customers. The "② curved surface" is located on the conductor to the Midosuji Line, and is close to the pedestrian's perspective and boasts overwhelming appeal.