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CM monitor

Our most popular♪
[Installation station] Route 5-8

light box

Advertisements installed at the station platform collect the gaze of train passengers!
[Installation station] Route 5-8

DID advertising

Very gorgeous advertisements flow on dozens of sides✨
[Installation station] Route 1-4

Poster advertising

Recommended for those who want to advertise cheaply!
[Installation station] Route 1-8

Wide advertisement

Advertisements that are widely displayed on the wall are outstanding in impact. ︎
[Installation station] Route 1-8

Digital general information board advertisement

Advertising installed on the information board that station users see!
[Installation station] Route 1-4

Digital signage

The video flowing all over the wall attracts the eyes of passers -by!
[Installation station] Kodai entry station

Bus shelter

Popular because it can be put out in front of the office! It's beautiful at night✨
[Installation location] Seoul city


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