Notification flyer production

Notification flyer production

Regular price¥6,050
Number of sheets

Outline of the notification flyer production

If you want to do a cup holder event or Senil advertisement that you want, I want more people to come to see it!

To get more people to see itIt is recommended that you make an announcement image (notification flyer) on SNS and notify it.😊

But it is surprisingly difficult to edit images using apps and PCs 🥲

Such "It is difficult to edit the image individually ...😢For those who say,Our creator will make the announcement flyer production!

We will produce an announcement flyer that stands out by the design image of cup holders and ads.♪



The price is as follows.

Content price
Set order 1 sheet 6,050 yen
2 sheets 11,000 yen
Single item order 1 sheet 8,800 yen
2 sheets 16,500 yen

* Combined with non -notified flyers (vision advertisements, cup holders, etc.)If you order, it will be the price of "Set Order".

If you order only the notification flyer, it will be the price of "Single item order".

Production case

Introducing past production examples and design samples.

Cup holder event

Korean CM Monitor Advertising

See other portfolios 


Flow of production


First, please enter the application form below.

Application form

Think of composition

Customer himselfDetermine the material to be used and the content to be included.


Send images and materials used

Please send the two points below to our email address.

  1. Material used
  2. Description content*

* To prevent typographical errorsPlease enter all the texts to be copied directly to the e -mail text and send them.

[Sending destination]


Production & correction of trial drafts

Our creator will create a test based on the image. (5-7 business days)


  • Basically bigFixed twiceUntil.

  • We will deliver with PNG/JPG data.

  • AI data cannot be handed over.
delivery of materials

Once the design is completed, we will deliver image data to customers!