Approaching the popularity of popular YouTuber Comdot, which has over 4 million registrants! Basic information such as members' birthdays and age/quotes that attract fans, and a collection of plain clothes that have been talked about in Instagram!


A five -member YouTuber Comdot, which is explodingly popular among young people!

A group that was formed by a childhood friend, reminiscent of school daysLocal glueIs gaining popularity ^^

This time, we will send you a special feature on the YouTube revolutionary Komdot.♪

There are plenty of content, such as the quotes of the Komdot members' profile, the introduction of fashionable plain clothes uploaded to Instagram!

In addition, one of the recommended activities is recently popular.Senil advertisement/support advertisementDo you know what? ^^

"Senil advertisement/support advertisement" is a method for fans to support the push using "advertising"!

You may have seen it at the station or street vision.♪

It was mainly permeated as a method of supporting idols, but recently, you have become more often seen in YouTuber and support advertisements in the city!

This time, we will also pick up Youtuber's Senil advertisements and support advertisements ^^

We will also introduce the advertisements that were actually issued.I want to release a YouTuber ad!"Is a must -see!

moreover"I'm worried about the cost ...Even those who can advertise with peace of mindSenil CrafanPlease read it to the end ^^

About Comdot

Komdot is a five -member YouTuber who started his activities in October 2018!

Make local glue nationwide」「After school extensionI am working on the slogan ^^

The members are all local childhood friends, and formed with Yamato, Hyuga, Yuma, Ahu, Yuta, who belonged to the same basketball club in junior high school!

Komdot is active in Tokyo, mainly in the local west Tokyo ^^

It's surprising that you don't belong to the office and start up your own company.

When the number of registrants exceeded 500,000 in December 2020, "[Declaration of war] Tell all YouTuber, Komdot passes, so open the way we catch JapanTweet is a topic!

As declared, the number of subscribers has grown rapidly, and in 2022 it achieved 4 million people, which was the goal of the year!

If you do not follow the theme while driving, you will be taken down from the car.♪

The talk in the video is also very interesting, so please check it out!

In addition, the local nori, which is also listed in the slogan, has gained popularity, and last year, terrestrial crown programs have been decided and commercials have been expanded, and the range of activities has been expanded!

This year"It is a national channelI'm looking forward to what kind of growth Komdot talks about.♪

What is the reason for popularity? Digging 5 members!


Quote source

  • Real name: Daibu Suzuki
  • Date of birth: May 15, 1998
  • Member color: Red
  • Height: 183cm

Yamato is active as a leader and president of Komdot!

It is a member who is in charge of the progress of the video and the talk is also interesting ^^

Yama is known for its fast rotation, but the high school is a high school attached to Chuo University, and the university goes to Sophia University!

He has also launched an apparel brand "Birdog" and published a book "Sacred District", which has surpassed 400,000 copies.♪

Also, the appearance that has done various words is also impressive!

It is no exaggeration to say that Komdot has grown so far because the trial and error and strategy of Yamato have played a great deal.

The second book "Idol 2.0" released in June 2022 is "Idol 2.0".I am confident that I have spit out everything I have"It is a work that says" ^^

If you are worried about Yamato's thoughts, why not read it?♪


Quote source

  • Real name: Biao Watanabe
  • Date of birth: November 17, 1998
  • Member color: purple
  • Height: 182cm

Hyuga, who is known for being naughty but has a friendly side!

Because he has a clear and dark faceIs it half?It is often said, but your parents are Japanese and you are from Hokkaido ^^

Hyuga, where "junior graduates" have become established, but they are actually going to college!

The university was dropping out, and the previous job worked as a truck delivery driver.

I heard that Yamato and others are doing YouTube, and have chosen the way to become YouTuber without hesitation.♪

In addition, we take advantage of the good style and show our success as a brand model!

Yuma (Urata)

Quote source

  • Real name: Yuma Urata
  • Date of birth: December 14, 1998
  • Member color: Blue
  • Height: 180cm

Yuma, a strange person at his own pace!

According to Yuma, my weirdo is a dad!

In addition, it has been established as a useless man character in Komdot because of the loose place and the personality that cannot be apologized for money! (smile)

In order to change such a character, the name has been changed from Yuma to "Urata" for a limited time of six months.

The name Urata was decided by the voting from the fans!

In fact, the original song that has an outstanding singing ability and lyrics and composed songs is highly acclaimed by fans!

What is the production time of the songs created in the video project?1time!

The gap from the usual useless man is wonderful♪


Quote source

  • Real Name: Unpublished (Name Atsushi)
  • Date of birth: January 23, 1999
  • Member color: Orange
  • Height: 168cm

Always smiling, a cheerful and gentle personality is popular!

In 2016, I opened the "Amugiri Channel" and worked alone, but after being invited by Yuta Yuta, I became a member of Komdot ^^.

From the members, they are loved and natural characters and have a unique worldview.alienIs called!

It is also known for performing a cool rap that you can not imagine from a calm appearance.♪

Amugiri appeared on the hip -hop program "Freestyle Teacher", and it became a hot topic that he challenged the MC battle!


Quote source

  • Real name: Yuta Sato
  • Date of birth: March 5, 1999
  • Member color: Green
  • Height: 173cm

Komdot's fashionable Bancho Yuta!

I love clothes and publish a fashion book "Com.yuta Perfect 100 STYLES" with 100 patterns of plain clothes!

My previous job worked as a clerk at a mobile shop, but I was the first member who was invited by Yamato to join Komdot ^^

It is the first regular regular in the popular voting ranking in the popular voting ranking that Komdot is conducting a video project.Immovable aceIs called!

In 2021, he starred in the web drama "I wish you could stop all", and also appeared on the popular program "Running Naka" broadcast on New Year's Eve in 2022, and is a member who has been active in many fields.♪

I attracted my fans! Delivering the members of the members♪

The words spoken by Komdot members are somewhat persuasive and many people feel that there are many impressive things.

Komdot is gaining popularity not only in YouTube's fun but also in the personality ^^

This time we will send you a cool Komdot quoting collection♪

We create a new era

This is a new quote following the quotation "Open the way" when the number of registrants exceeded 500,000!

You can see a strong will to create a new era instead of creating a road ^^

A quote suitable for the Komdot that has caused the revolution!

If you're lost, stop it. Don't get lost in love!

In response to a romance consultationWhat should I do, break up! Don't get lost in love!"Hyuga repeats powerfully.

Continue to "continuously"Experience love. Please make various mistakes"Is adding an adult advice ^^

In addition, Yuta is "It will be hurt when you like peopleA word.

It's a quote because each has a variety of experiences!

Most of the wins in the world are sticky

It's a convincing quote because it's a comedot that has achieved a number of goals and dreams and has implemented words!

After all, the persistent guy is strongI feel the strength of the Komdot who has been sticky ^^

Introducing the private clothes of the topic members on Instagram!

Komdot, who launched the apparel brand "Birdog" and produced it!

The fashion of the members is ""Fashionable!"And go up to the topic!

Here, let's check out the members of the members, which have a lot of plain clothes with outstanding sense.♪

First of all, while attacking, Yamato is good at a lot of fashion!

It is a style that incorporates unusual colors on yellow tops and purple pants, but it is fashionable with an exquisite balance.

Yamato is easy to refer to because each item is written which brand is also written.♪

Next is Hyuga, where the pattern looks great♪

The leopard print seems to be a favorite, and when you wear it, the tension seems to rise!

I also say that I often wear setups in the cold season ^^

Yuma with many simple and calm fashion♪

Although it is not flashy, it is unique by wearing unusual shapes and pattern clothes!

The fans are also praised as "cool!"

Simple and casual style is a classic Aumugiri!

The bright green knit looks great♪

There are many knits, trainers, and T -shirts fashion styles, so I think it's a fashion that can be easily imitated by fashionable beginners!

Comdot fashion leader Yuuta!

Every style goes well from something unusual to simple.♪

Human Made's yellow setup is also cool ^^

Let's excite Komdot's Senil/Support Advertising!

Everybody,"Senil advertisement/support advertisementDo you know the word? ^^

It is one of the methods of ultimately active, celebrating "Senil advertisement" and debut and release commemorative to "Senil advertisement" to the Senil of the recommended (the meaning of birthday in Korean).♪

In Korea, celebrating birthdays and anniversariesFans give celebrity adsThere is a support method, and recently it has spread among Japanese fans!

Many people have seen idol advertisements in the city? ^^

The medium of "Senil advertising/support advertising" isThere are various types of traffic advertisements such as bus stops and subways, street vision, Instagram and YouTube SNS advertisements.

"Senil advertisement/support advertisement"You can not only an idol, but also a YouTuber ad.♪

From here, youTuber published in the past"Senil advertisement/support advertisement"I will introduce ^^

Comdot Yamato

First of all, it is a Senil advertisement of Komdot and Tamato who sent the special feature this time!

It seems that it was a surprise gift prepared by the members secretly to celebrate Yamato's birthday.♪

It was aired on a large vision at the scramble intersection in Shibuya!

Hera Hera San Musketeer Saorin

In March of last year, the popular YouTuber spatula spatula triple Musketeer Saori's Senlin advertisement was issued ^^

Saorin himself visited Senil advertising, took a picture with an ad and gave a certification shot.♪

It's like a dream that the ads you have prepared will be in your eyes (;;)


Two -member YouTuber Mukuenchinchikkun. Advertisement is also issued♪

It is a traffic advertisement that fans gave a commemorative commemorative of 600,000 channel registrants and the 22nd birthday of Enena ^^

The two are talking about advertising in the video, "I was longing"He seemed very pleased with his first advertisement!

I would like to issue a support advertisement, but I'm worried about the cost and I'm very ready to prepare ...For those who say, we recommend crowdfunding called "Senil Crafan".♪

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs ^^


Recently, BTS J-HOPE and Korean popular actor Kim Soohyun's Senil Crafan is being prepared.♪

Of course, you can also use Senil Crafans for YouTuber's Senil advertising and support ads!

At our company, we started a projectWe support payment management and delivery management as well as helping advertising, so both planners and supporters can use it with confidence ^^.

If you want to know more about Senil Crafan, please take a look here.♪

As I introduced, more and more fans are issuing "Senil advertising/support advertising" in the YouTube world.♪

In January, Aumugiri and Yuuta are preparing for birthday ^^

Would you like to advertise your recommended and excite the YouTube world together?

This articleThen, youTuber"Senil advertisement/support advertisement"We will introduce more detail, so please check it out!

If you are interested in "Senil advertising/support advertising", please feel free to contact Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN ^^

We also accept free consultation on LINE!


This time, we sent a special feature on the popular 5 -member YouTuber Comdot. How was it? ^^

It's really cool to fulfill your dreams and goals, and have made words one after another, isn't it?♪

I'm really looking forward to what kind of growth I will do in the future!

In addition, we have introduced YouTuber's Senil advertisements and support advertisements!

In addition to this time, many YouTuber advertisements have been issued, such as the popular YouTuber Sky Piece and the live game of YouTuber.♪

By issuing ads, you can not only celebrate the push, but also create a wonderful place where you can celebrate with many fans who come to see ads!

It also leads to disseminating the charm of pushing that has not been found yet ^^

I want to get an ad, but I'm worried about the financial sideI think there are many people.

Even those who are new advertisements or those who are worried about financial aspects can be advertised with confidence by passing through Senil Crafan ^^

If you are interested in Senil advertising or support advertising, please feel free to contact us.♪

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to advertise ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

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