YouTuber Mukuenchinchi is rising rapidly. Special feature! Introducing popular songs and cute Instagram photo books released from basic information such as age and height♪


Did you know the two -person YouTuber "Mukuenenchikku."

Mukuennachi. As for the channel, the life -size appearance of the childhood friend's swelling and Eina is gaining popularity ^^

This time, the number of registrants exceeded 860,000. We will send you a special feature♪

Introducing the songs released for the first time this year from the detailed profile of Mukuena and the cute Instagram post of the two!

In addition, one of the methods to support the push, "Senil advertising"or"Support advertisementI will also touch on♪

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Mukuennachi. about

Mukuennachi. That is the two -person female YouTuber assembled in the swell.♪

The origin of "Mukuennachi."Let's give a videos that are lovelyIt seems that it was attached.

"As derived"Toshindai Childhood Friends Tsu InzThey are known as their relationship since they were in elementary school!

Before working as a YouTuber, "twin dance" was attracting attention on Tiktok and mixchannel ^^

The most popular is "A certain video" and "chat videos while eating".

As of December 2022, the number of registrants exceeds 860,000, and it is a hottest YouTuber.♪ 

Introducing Mukuena's profile!


  • Real name: Yukisa Uta
  • Date of birth: May 16, 2000
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Height: 151cm

With a quiet appearance, it has a soft impression even in the video!

The name "swelling" is not the activity name, but what a real name!

My dream when I was a child was "drawing a picture", and I went to a design -based vocational school instead of a university and was active as a YouTuber while aiming for a designer ^^.

My high school was "Tokyo Metropolitan Shinto High School", and in high school I belonged to the dance club.♪

YouTube also has cover dance such as "How You Like That" by Blackpink!

Taking advantage of the dance experience, the start of the "twin dance" and the popularity is rising rapidly.YouTuberhave become!


  • Real name: Ena Yamashita
  • Date of birth: October 25, 2000
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Height: 161cm

It has a reputation for talk power!

I dreamed of a choreographer in the dance, but in junior high school, I belonged to the dance club!

I was in charge of guitar at the light music club at the high school "Tokyo Metropolitan Fujimori High School".♪

It seems that the school was the same school until junior high school ^^

Such a hinaYouTuberHe says he is also studying acting while working!

Introducing popular songs released so far♪

I will not return to my friends.

1st digital single released on April 23, 2022 "I will not return to my friends. ]!

It is a song with the theme of broken heart, but a bright and catchy melody becomes a habit.♪

I participated in the ideas of the lyrics of the lyrics, and the listening people could proceed positively, and ""I sympathize with the lyrics!""

Good night romance

On July 29, the 2nd digital single "Good night romance" is released!

It is a song with the content "Press the back of all the girls in love", and this work also thought about the ideas of the lyrics ^^

The lyrics that can be sympathized with the addictive melody and a little painful.Everything is good!"And it is a very popular song!

In addition, the music video featuring Mukuena appeared.Make it!Is a hot topic♪

Mukuena's cute Instagram posting summary!

Mukuena Manager

Mukuennachi. The number of followers of the account managed by the manager is 150,000!

Mukuena off -shots and cute two -shots are uploaded.♪

The latest posted photo is an off -shot of "TGC TEEN TOKYO"♪

The hairstyle of the two -person twin tails is very cute ^^

Fan event "Mukuena Fes With MePhotos of "" is also released♪

We spent an important time with nearly 500 fans and closed with great success!


The number of followers of swelling personal accounts is currently over 220,000!

Many self -portrait photos and stories are posted♪ 

Share photos when I visited Sanrio Puroland♪

Kuromi's headband looks great ^^

In the latest post updated in November, USJ photos are uploaded!

The unique plain clothes are so cute that they are so cute.♪


Ena's personal account is currently over 240,000 followers.♪

There are many cute photos from selfie photos to nail photos, so check them out!

The photo of a person eating ice cream is cute with a girl's feeling.♪

Large hoodies also look good!

The appearance of Mickey's headband at Disney Sea♪

I got a birthday seal near my October birthday ^^

Give Mukuena Senil/Support advertisements to excite your activities!

Did you know the words "Senil advertising" and "support ads"? ^^

In order to celebrate the birthday of the push, commemoration of the debut, the release commemoration, etc., there is a way to advertise the stations and street visions.♪

Senil advertisements and support advertisements, which were one of the ways to support celebrities in Korea, have recently been actively used in Japan!

Getting ads will not only celebrate, but also send out the appeal of pushing.

The mainstream of idols and support advertisements, but recently youtuber ads have been issued ^^

This year is Mukuennachi. Supported advertisements and Senil ads were posted♪

It seems that the fans were prepared for station advertisements at Metro Shinjuku Station, celebrating the 22nd birthday of Ena, a commemorative of 600,000 subscribers.

The Senil advertisement is in the eyes of the two people, and in the video (1: 10-)first time!」「That was a longing!"I'm happily talking ^^

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This time is a duo YouTuber Mukuenchi. We sent a special feature!

It is surprising that not only does youtube activity, but also singer activities with girls talks and common special skills that are woven by two childhood friends, are also singer activities ^^.

The two with plenty of charm and talent must be more active in the future.♪

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