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Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN is an agency specializing in Senil/support advertising from Japan and Korean idols!

Recently, cases of Senil/support advertisements such as YouTuber and NFT have increased.

"What are you actually doing Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN?"
"What is different from other agencies?"

For those who are worriedService content, price, flow to advertisingI will explain in detail about! 

If you have any problems with Senil advertising, please contact us on the following LINE and we will respond immediately.♪


What is Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN?


Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

Specializing in Senil advertising/support advertisingMore than 500 Senil advertising support per yearWe are doing!

Although it is a self -proclaimed, it is the first agency -only agency in Japan and has a track record in the industry's top class.


What is Senil advertising in the first place?

In the first place, Senil advertisement is a birthday advertisementNon -profit advertisements performed to celebrate your own recommended idols, YouTuber, and actor's birthdayis.

This advertising style originated in Korea has recently become common in Japan.

In Japan, it is often called support ads.♪

The idol's Fundam Group sometimes does it, and may advertise with 2-3 friends who have a completely individual or have common idols.


What can you do with Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN?

As a specialist in Senil advertising, we are street vision, traffic advertising, cup holders, Instagram/YouTube adsThere are many advertising media that can be handled!

In addition, there is a place where we can advertise by acting as an individual who cannot be advertised by individuals, so please contact us once.


Creative production such as design production and video productionYou can also do it all at once, so
"I want to give a Senil advertisement, but I don't know the advertisement procedure."

"I want to make a cute banner and video, but I can't make it."

If you can leave it to us, you can support your push with confidence ^^!


If we wereSenil advertisements are implemented globally in a wide range of places such as Japan and the Times Square in Korea and the United States.can♪

We are preparing a system so that even those who are new advertisements can be proceeded smoothly, so please do not hesitate to contact us!


What are the strengths of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN?

There are various agencies, but some people don't know which one to choose.

To such people, I will briefly summarize the strengths of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.♪

  • ● More than 500 Senil advertising support results per year
  • ● Various advertising media such as street vision, traffic advertising, SNS advertising, cup holder
  • ● Global advertisements such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, and China
  • ● You can ask for cute advertising design and video production
  • ● Japan -Korea bilingual corresponds seriously
  • ● LINE Automatic chat and manned chat smoothly support
  • ● Free chat and telephone consultation


I will introduce the details of each♪

If you have any problems with Senil advertising at the time, please contact us immediately if you can contact us on the following LINE.


Actual introduction

First of all, we will introduce some of our Senil advertising achievements that have supported more than 500 Senil ads a year!


Cup holder production

Senil advertising cup holder Korean agency

Advertising medium: Cup holder advertisement (South Korea)

Artist name: Jifun


Artist name: EXO Canyol


Street Vision Advertising

Senil advertisement Unica Vision JO1 Keika Sato Advertising medium: Unica Vision (Tokyo)

Artist name: JO1 Keika Sato


Senil Advertising Osaka TWICE Mina

Advertising media: dragonfly (Osaka)

Artist name: TWICE Mina


Senil advertising JO1 Junki Kono

Advertising media: Ebisu Bashihit Vision (Osaka)

Artist name: JO1 Junki Kono


Adtrack advertisement

Senil advertisement BTS Jongku Adtrack

 Advertising medium: Adtrack (Tokyo)

Artist name: BTS Jongkuk


Instagram advertisement

Senil advertising Instagram

Advertising medium: Instagram advertisement



Advertising medium: Instagram advertisement

Artist name: Hansol


Other achievementsTwitterorInstagramSince it is updated from time to time, please see ^^


Service content and price

The content of our support we do is as follows.

I will explain in detail about each support!


Cup holder production agency

Senil Advertising Support Advertising Idol Advertising Korean Cup Holder

 We are working on cup holders and installation agencies!

The type is air holder (98/92 pie) and cup -shaped holder (13 oz)!

Cup holder production agency

Cup holder500 (1 box) unitYou can purchase in.

the price is27,000 yen (excluding tax) ~is!

Regarding delivery


DeliveryNormal flight (1 month)It is delivery, but if the delivery date is near, at an additional chargeLimited express flight (14th)It is also possible to deliver.


・ Delivery may be delayed depending on the logistics situation., Please order with plenty of time.


Click here for details on cup holder production


Japan street vision advertising agency

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN Vision Advertising agency

We can arrange street visions nationwide!

Senil ads that flow to large visions in the city will surely attract many people!

If you haven't decided on the street vision you want to broadcast,If you can tell us your desired area and budget, we will introduce the recommended street vision ^^

The price varies greatly depending on the region and medium, so please contact us on LINE for detailed prices.please give me.

Click here for details of the street vision

Korean subway/bus advertising agency

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN subway advertising agent

We handle Korean traffic advertisements (subway/bus stops, etc.).

Even if you want to advertise in a medium in Korea, if you don't have the intuition or know the media within the budget, it's hard to find an advertising medium on your own.

We areWe will introduce and distribute Korean recommended media according to your budget!


againSince we are directly dealing with Korean primary agents, we offer them at a reasonable price from other companies.can.


"I'm in trouble because I can't speak Korean ..."

Please be assured that such a person too.

Our Japan -Korea bilingual staff is supportedI will♪


The price market is as follows.

Advertising medium price
Mini poster 60,000 yen/month ~
CM monitor 88,000 yen/Month
Wide advertising 200,000 yen/Month
DID advertising 150,000 yen/2 weeks ~
Bath shelter 60,000 yen/Month

The price varies depending on the station, so please tell us your desired station or budget.

Click here for details of traffic ads

American NY Times Square advertising agency

America NY Times Square

The world's most influential and impact can be used in Times Square in NY NY!

"Eh, can you advertise that Times Square!?"

As you may think, we have a global network, so you can specially release the Senil ad.

Senil ads at Times Square are among the media we handleIt has the most impact, and buzz on SNS is very likely to occur! !

The current price is as follows.

Advertising medium price
Times Square 360,000 (tax included) in 7 days


* The price will be changed at any time, so please contact us.


SNS advertising operation agency

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN Instagram Agency

We will also operate Senil advertisements with popular Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/Kakao Talk!

With SNS ads, you can have idol fans around the world see Senil advertising!

However, it can be understood because it is acting, but there are many surprising tasks before SNS advertising is published ...💦

"I wanted to celebrate my birthday, but I couldn't understand the settings well ..."

In order to eliminate such voices, we will support our customers as an advertising professional.


Also from the past achievementsUser data is interested in over 500,000 idols in our accountIs accumulated.

SoYou can ask many users in low prices and idols to see your Senil adsis♪

Please leave SNS advertising operation to us so that Senil advertisements can be proceeded smoothly!

SNS advertising costs including agency expensesIt is possible from 15,000 yen!


  • Distribution of Instagram advertisementsSenil advertising Agency JAPAN account.@birthday.ad.jp
  • The expected advertising dateUntil at least 2 weeks agoPlease contact us.
Click here for details on SNS ads


Advertising design production

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN Cup Holder Advertising Agency

If you are not good at design on your computer,Our designer/creator will perform advertising production (images/videos)!

If you ask for a substitute production, please tell us the materials you want to use and the completed image ^^

The production price varies depending on each medium.

Content Price (tax included)
Cup holder
11,000 yen
【Still image】
SNS advertising
Traffic advertising
16,500 yen
SNS advertising

Traffic advertising
Street vision
33,000 yen ~/15 seconds


  • Design production period3~14Business dayIt will take, so please apply with plenty of time.
  • Design correctionUp to twiceIt is.


7 points that customers were satisfied with

Until now, we have introduced the support content we can do, but where have you been satisfied with our services so far?

We conduct a questionnaire after each time to customers who have used our company, so please refer to where the customer was satisfied with the service.♪

  1. First place✨Customer support is quick, smooth
  2. Second place✨Customer support is polite
  3. Third place✨Because it is safe at an agency specializing in Senil/support advertising
  4. Fourth place✨Because it has a wealth of track record
  5. Fifth place✨Because it will make design/video production
  6. Sixth place✨Because the price is cheaper than other companies
  7. Seventh place✨Because it will respond in multilinguals such as Korean


As described above, many people were satisfied with our customer response.

We will continue to work hard so that we can provide better support in response to customers!



Flow to advertising

 The basic flow to advertising is as follows.

First of all, please feel free to contact us on LINE!
Media arrangement & settlement
Once the medium is decided, we will make a payment.
Advertising production
Create advertising designs and images.
Advertising material examination
The medium will judge whether the advertisement can be broadcast.
Start of advertising
If you receive the screening, you will start advertising on the specified date!

* Detailed flow varies depending on each medium.

 First of all, please feel free to contact us on LINE!


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN Agency Korean Cup Holder

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to advertise ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

Of course, chatting to the staff, It is safe to consult on the phone♪

You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^