[Survey on the Progress] I asked 300 people! Why are you active? How much do you use? What did you won the first place?


This time, at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

On Twitter and LINE, "New Year's Campaign Questionnaire" and "LINE Questionnaire for Amazon Gifts" will be held on Twitter and LINE!

We conducted a questionnaire survey to 300 people who like to use it, and conducted a major survey of the content of the activities and thoughts of the recommended activities that you are doing on a daily basis.♪

There are plenty of content that you can not usually know! It is a valuable and interesting survey result.♡

Is there any information that will be helpful for future promotion activities? !

Please enjoy it to the end (^○^)

I asked 300 people! What are your accusation? Surprising results!

This time, at Senil Advertising Agency JAPANMen and women 15 to 60 years old or olderWe conducted a questionnaire survey!

The breakdown of the age is as follows♪

The person who answered this timeMore than half are under 20sIt is♪

Also, genderAbout 98%are womenAs a result!

After all, it seems that more women are actively promoting.♪

And your home area is as follows!

This time,About half are KantoAs a person who lives in

Recently, I often see it mainly in the city centerSenil/Support advertisementI guess there are many people who feel close to me (^○^)

From here on, what kind of "" What kind of "VitalI will introduce the results of investigating whether it is being done.♪

There are few opportunities to know about other people about the "recommended life"!

I'm deepening what kind of "pushing" people are doing and what their thoughts are doing "pushing up".

I hope you will take this opportunity to know about your "recommended activity" (^o^)

What do you usually do as a recommended activity?

First of all, we investigated what kind of things we usually do as "push -up".♪

The answer is as follows!

After all, your best activity is "Go to see live and stageThat's what♪

Isn't there a lot of people who are working hard to look forward to going to live? (^○^)

Other,"Talk about the appeal of recommended on SNS (75%)Pretend to others (about 62%) to othersThere are many answers,

I thought that thanks to everyone's "recommended life", the appeal of the push was even more widespread.♪

When I heard "I'm going to live", I thought it was common to go to live or buy goods, but

Nowadays, it is also an important "push -up" to teach and send your own recommendations to other people on SNS (^○^).

Do you know the word Senil advertising/culture?

This time, one of the recommended activities "Senil advertisingI also investigated!

"Senil Advertising" was originally a supporting culture in Korea, and on the subway or bus stop on the birthday and anniversary of the push,

The culture of holding a Senil Cafe that distributes recommended cup holders at a cafe is common.

However, the culture is now becoming popular in Japan!

As a result of actually investigating this time99%"I know the word Senil advertising/culture"I'm answering!

 In this way, in Japan, the culture of issuing "Senil advertisements" on the birthdays and anniversaries of the push is spreading.♪

Have you actually issued Senil ads?

 In fact, even if you know the word "Senil advertisement", there are some parts that will stay if you advertise in the city yourself.

So, this time, "Have you ever issued Senil advertisements on the organizer side (yourself)?"42%"beAnswer!

Unexpectedly40 %The result is that he has issued Senil advertisements himself.♪

Now that there are "SNS advertisements" that is relatively easy for individuals to put out, is it affected?

on the other hand,"Have you ever invested/participated in Senil ads planned by others?In the question,About 54%"beAnswer!

Now, using crowdfunding, people who support the same push are recruiting funds and issuing "Senil advertisements"!

In our company, so farSenil CrafanMany Senil projects have been realized through♪

Utilizing "Senil Crafan",Large -scale advertisements that are hard to realize and do not have courageMany people carry out (^o^)

As such services are increasing, "Senil advertising" may be getting closer.♪

Why did you decide to release Senil?

I have actually issued Senil ads"Why did you plan a Senil advertisement and why?♪ 

also,"I just wanted to celebrate my birthdayI saw the most answer,

I want you to be famous for your recommendation」「Because I want the person to see the advertisementThere are many answers such as!

I want more people to know the recommendation by issuing Senil ads! There is a passion for the fans.♪

It was a lot in the "recommended life that you usually go to"Pretend to others」「Send the appeal of pushing on SNSThere is something that can lead to "(^○^)

In addition, by issuing Senil ads, you may be able to see the advertisement!

actually"Authentication shotThere is a word, and sometimes the person himself takes a picture in front of the Senil advertisement that he issued and uploads to SNS.♪

In this way, Senil advertisement is a wonderful advertisement that directly conveys your thoughts (≧ ∇ ≦).

How much do you actually invest in Senil ads?

From now on, we have investigated how much you actually invest in Senil advertising!

In fact, there are some parts where you can't ask how much other people are investing ...

This time, how much passions are you actually pouring your thoughts! I investigated the actual situation (^○^)

First of all, for 42%of those who answered the question, "Have you actually issued Senil advertisements on the organizer (yourself)?"

How much did you invest in your own project?When you ask, you will find such a result!

100,000 yen or less"Was the most 22%♪

If you give Senil advertisements yourself, many people give at least 100,000 yen or less!

Therefore, those who issue Senil advertisements by individual seem to have many street vision, traffic advertising, SNS advertisements, etc.♪

Plenty of love for pushing is transmitted ...♡

 Next, 54%of those who answered "Yes" in the question, "Have you ever invested/participated in the Senil ads planned by others?"

How much did you invest?"When you ask, the following results!

The most common thing was ""3,000 yen or lessWas the result! !

In the case of an individual advertisement, many people pay at least 100 million yen or less.

When serving in groups (crowdfunding), the result was that "Senil advertisement" was issued at a relatively low price of less than 3,000 yen.♪

When issuing "Senil advertising" in crowdfunding, etc.1,000 yen from a biteBecause you can invest and participate relatively easily

I guess the result was that 3,000 yen or less was the largest (^○^)

After all, I think that it is a monetary problem to be the best bottleneck in issuing "Senil advertising".

It is possible to solve such problems and give a large advertisement (such as Times Square) at a relatively low price and cannot be achieved by individuals.

Senil CrafanIt is a great merit of crowdfunding services (^○^)

Have you ever issued a Japanese Senil/support advertisement?

When I heard "Senil advertisement", "Can you only release advertisements from Korean idols and actors?I think some people think, but

In fact, you can also issue Japanese Senil/support advertising!

We also offer many Senil/support advertisements such as Japanese artists and YouTuber.♪

However, in the case of Japanese artists, copyright issues are severe, and not all artists can be advertised.

This time, I investigated whether I had issued Senil/Supporting advertisements for Japanese artists.About 93%"do not have"

 After all, in Japan, only a limited Japanese artist can give Senil/support advertisements.

Meanwhile, "Who is the Japanese artist who has been advertising?When you ask, the following results!

"" Born in the audition program "Be: First"Senil/support advertisements have been issued, and you can see the greatness of popularity in Japan (^○^).

In addition to the artist, ""Reepzen Fox"or"AkanyanThere are also YouTuber's Senil/support advertisements!

In Japan, it would be nice if the "Senil/Supporting Advertising" culture spread.♪

There is an article about Japanese artists who can enable Senil/support advertising, so by all meansHerePlease see♪

What are your recommendations? ! Announced popular idol TOP3!

this time,"Who is your recommendation?Is also a question! !

Therefore,Women K-POP Idol/Male K-POP Idol/Korean actor/Japanese ArtistIntroducing the top3 of idol/actors that were particularly popular, divided into four.♪

Who is the artist/actor who shines first place!

Please take a look♪

Women K-POP Idol TOP3

 The first place in the recommendation ranking of the female K-POP idol was ""Twice」!

TWICE, which was so popular with overwhelming differences, has been proved to be popular in Japan, including participating in red and white four times.♪

Next, "2nd place,"Kep1ER」!

Kep1ER, where two Japanese members are enrolled, has also gained popularity in Japan, including the special award at the Japan Record Awards last year.♪

Finally, "3rd place"Aespa」「BLACKPINK"teeth,

Until now, I have only appeared in 3 sets in the K-POP girl groupThe world's largest music festival "CoachellaThere are two pairs of appearing in!

again,"Cherry Bullet」「ILY: 1」「Mamamoo」「STAY C"and,

It is a very popular group in Japan, such as release events and tours in Japan.♪

Male K-POP idol TOP3

"Men's K-POP idol's pushingest ranking was" "" "BTS」!

 After all, with an overwhelming differencePopularityBTS proved.

Currently, we are mainly doing activities by individuals, not the group, but I can't wait for the days when everyone has evolved and everyone has it.♪

Quote source

Next, "2nd place,"SEVENTEEN」!

Despite being a multinational member of 13 people, looking at the bonds and greatness of SEVENTEEN, where everyone overcome the "7 years of the Demon" and re -contracted.

The thoughts of the fans will also be even stronger (^○^)

"3rd place"Enhypen"and"NCT Group"teeth,

Both can see the popularity of Japan, such as successful dome performances in Japan.♪

Korean actor TOP3

The first place in the Korean actor was ""Kim Su -hyun」!

The drama "You from the star""It's a psycho, but it's okay" and a huge hitdeath,Kim Su -hyun, who has come to Japan for the first time in seven years this year!

At the long -awaited fan meeting, it was a very satisfying fan meeting for fans, such as performing songs.♪

Quote source

Next, "2nd place,"Park So Jun」!

So far, many Senil advertisements have been issued in Japan, and Park So Jun is very popular in Japan.♪

His appearance works are almost always a hit (^○^)

Quote source

Finally, "3rd place"Jung Heinin"and"Seo Inguk」!

"Beautiful older sister who often gives me a beautiful older sister" has joined a popular actorJung Heinin

The Korean actor's first baby face is captivating the hearts of the fans♪

So Inguk is active not only as an actor but also as a singer!

He is an actor who attracts fans with various charms.♪

Japanese artist TOP3

 The first place in the Japanese artist was ""Be: First」!

 BE: FIRST, which was the first place in the "Japanese artist who has issued a support advertisement" mentioned earlier♪

Many fans are supporting from the audition program,

I support them through recommended activities to fulfill their dreams, "Active in the world," (^○^).

Quote source

The second place was "INI」!

Despite being a rookie, the world's largest Asian music award ceremony "2021 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)" won "Favorite Asian Artist".

It is a very popular idol group, including winning the rookie award at the Japan Record Awards last year.♪

"3rd place"JO1」「NIZI U」「Circle god」!

"JO1" and "NIZI U" The group was born from the audition program,

Because you can see the growth of the members from the time of the audition, I guess the feeling of "I want to push" may be stronger (^○^).

Quote source

In addition, all members also appeared on the audition program "PRODUCE 101" in "Enjin", so the highest members are full.♪ 


Until now, we have introduced the results of your "recommended life". How was it?

Usually, there are few opportunities to hear more about other people about the "recommended life".

This time, we conducted a survey on pushing activities, and I was able to hear the passion of everyone's "pushing", and felt the splendor of the "recommended activity" again.♪

From now on, let's continue to support the recommendation as one of the pleasures of life, as one of the pleasures of life (^o^)

In the future, I hope that Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN will support your wonderful "pushing activities".♪