Senil/support advertisement at Unica Vision to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN! Introducing a wealth of achievements such as BTS/TWICE/INI♪


Senil/support advertisementSpeaking of the most popular street vision, "Shinjuku Unica Vision"!

It is the most popular advertising medium in our company, approaching a total of 300 square meters.Three screensBecause it is possible to broadcast that links, it is outstanding impact on passers -by.♪

In addition, we are in Unica VisionRegular agencySo far, many Senil/support advertisements have been broadcast in Unica Vision.

So, this time, special feature on the most popular Unica Vision!

Introducing the outline of Unica Vision, the broadcast time, the Senil/Support Advertising example at Unica Vision, which was published in the past (^O^).

If you are considering Senil/support advertising in Unica Vision, please take a look!

About Unica Vision

What is the outline of Unica Vision & Popularity?

Unica Vision is a large LED vision with a 100㎡ x 3 sides and a total length of 52m, a composite -type outdoor digital signage!

As a feature of Unica Vision,

1. Size x high -definition to achieve powerful LED display machines

2. Various video expressions that complement beautiful images

3. Original content that attracts people on the road

There are various things, such as!

In addition, Unica Vision has a high advertising effect as a powerful outdoor digital signage installed at the top of the building (^o^).

The LED vision used in Unica VisionIt is a type where the LED is placed at high density,

Each LED vision with three -sided connection boasts a size of 100 square metersJapan's largest scaleWhat is it!

It is one of the reasons why it is popular not only to reflect the same video on the three screens, but also to broadcast different videos on three screens, and the content of the content that links them together!

Unica vision can be notified in advance!

Another advantage is when advertisingAdvance notification is possibleThat's what!

By giving preliminary notices on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook, more fans can see it, and there is no doubt that the birthday and anniversary of the recommended birthday will be exciting.♪

About 350,000 people a day!The traffic around Unica Vision is amazing!

Unica visionIt is located right near Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Station is the best station in the world, and the number of passengersApproximately 3.29 million people

On each JR line, you can also see the images of Unica Vision from the vehicle passing through the large guard,

Not only Shinjuku Station, but also the passenger at Seibu Shinjuku Station in front and the various conductors such as Shinjuku Sanchome, so it covers a wide range of conductors.

Unica Vision can deliver images to many people as a street vision with a wide range of visibility!

Looking at the actual number of passengers around, on both weekdays and holidays,More than 350,000 people a dayIt is also known that people are passing around Unica Vision.


In this way, because it is a Unica Vision, which is located very close to Shinjuku Station, which is the best in the world, you can get many people to see it ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Many of you are enjoying the camera in the camera on the large screen of Unica Vision.♪

About the place

 3-23-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Unica Vision is a location that can be expected to secure viewers from various places such as Seibu Shinjuku Station and Shinjuku Sanchome Station in front!

About broadcasting time and fee

 15 seconds 2 times/h @ 90,000 yen a day (excluding tax)

 60 seconds 1 time/H @ 90,000 yen a day (excluding tax)

It can be broadcast between 7:00 and 25:00!

In addition, after 23:00, silence will be broadcast.

About size

Unica Vision is a large LED vision of 100㎡ x 3 sides and an outdoor digital signage of a 52m long in length!

For details of the size,

Vertical: 7.36m, horizontal: 13.12m, area: 96.56㎡ x 3 sides

It is.

Senil/ support advertisements broadcast on three sides are powerful and very beautiful.♪ 

About submission specifications

The submitted specifications are as follows on the official website of Unica Vision.

Submission specifications
  • File: MOV MP4
  • tape: HD-CAM
  • Recommended format
  • File format: QuickTime --PRORES4: 2: 2 (HQ)
    Resolution: 1920x1080 / 60i / 29.97fps
    Aspect ratio: 16: 9 Pixel Aspect (Square 1: 1)
    Audio setting rate: 48kHz / 16bit / stereo
    * For audio, please use stereo.
    * Please contact us for other formats. Please deliver at least 7 days before the start of the broadcast.

Senil/support advertising example at Unica Vision!

From now on, we will introduce Senil/support advertisements at Unica Vision that we have published in the past.♪

I also want to put out the recommended Senil/support advertisement in Unica Vision!

Please take a look at it (^○^)

The official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN also provides free telephone consultation and chat, so please feel free to contact us.♪

Japanese artist

JO1 Tsuruso Shioon

This is a Senil advertisement that celebrated JO1 Tsuruso Shio -kun's birthday in December 2020!

JO1 Keika Sato

In July 2021, we celebrated the birthday of JO1 of JO1 to celebrate Senil!

OWV Hideta Urano

Senil advertisement that celebrated OWV Hideta Urano's birthday in June 2021!

A wonderful video with a message to Hideta was broadcast.♪

OWV Fumiya Sano

In May 2022, we celebrated OWV Fumiya Sano's birthday to celebrate the birthday!

Ini Yudai Sano

In October 2021, we held Senil advertising to celebrate INI Yudai Sano's birthday!

Be: First Ryoki

In April 2022, Senil advertisements are held to celebrate BE: FIRST Ryoki's birthday!

Many Besty came in front of Unica Vision ( ^ ^)

Be: First Junon

In May 2022, we broadcast Senil advertising to celebrate BE: First Junon's birthday!

Korean artist & actor edition


In October 2020, Senil ad was issued to commemorate the birthday of SEVENTEEN John Han!

BTS Jimin

In October 2020, we broadcast Senil advertising to celebrate BTS Jimin's birthday!


In December 2020, we celebrated BTS Jin's birthday to celebrate Senil!

BTS Tete

In December 2020, we will celebrate the birthday of BTS Tete and launch Senil advertisements!

Astro Rocky

In February 2021, we celebrated ASTRO ROCKY's birthday to celebrate Senil!

Astro Unu

In March 2021, we celebrated ASTRO Unu's birthday to celebrate Senil!

TXT Bomb Gyu

In March 2021, we celebrated the birthday of TXT Bomb Gyu to celebrate Senil!


In April 2021, a support ad was implemented to commemorate the 10th anniversary of B1A4's debut!

Not only Senil advertisements, but also support advertisements on special days such as their debut commemoration.♪


In April 2022, we have supported a fan volunteer to commemorate the Tokyo Dome Live of TWICE!

It was a very response advertisement that many fans visited and featured on television.♪ 

2PM Wooyoung

In April 2022, the Senil advertisement was broadcast to celebrate the birthday of 2PM Wooyoung!

NCT tail

In June 2022, celebrate the birthday of NCT Tail to celebrate Senil!

NCT mark

In July 2022, a Senil ad was carried out to celebrate the NCT mark!

Actor Paxo Jun

In August 2022, a support ad was implemented to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the debut of Park So Jun, a very popular actor in Japan.♪


Until now, we have introduced Unica Vision and the results of Unica Vision. How was it? (^O^)

The most popular Unica Vision of Japan's street vision is still powerful and has a strong topicality.♪

There is no doubt that more people will celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries ^ ^

In Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, we have been in charge of many Senl/support advertisements as a regular agency for Unica Vision!

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us on the official LINE.♪

Let's continue to support Japanese and Korean artists, YouTuber, through Senil/support advertisements at Unica Vision!

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

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