[Promotional accommodation experience] Korean Step's Release! Let's stay at the recommendation room with the ク clan!


Do you know the words "theme room" and "push room"?😌

"Theme room" and "push room" are hotel rooms that decorate the hotel room in "recommended specifications"!

When celebrating live expeditions and recommended birthdays, fans are staying in the "push room" and enjoying the recommendation.♪

This time, I would like to introduce the topic of "recommended rooms" among idol fans!

We will introduce the impressions of our staff who actually stayed in the recommended room, so please refer to it.

We also introduce how to realize a room with Senil Crafan, so it is a must -see for those who want to stay in the recommended room!🌟

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What is the recommended room?

Promotion room theme room

What is the recommended room?It is a hotel room decorated with "recommended specifications" beds, pillows, posters, cushions, etc.!

Recently, the "global package" that various groups, such as BTS and NCT, are sold to overseas tours, have a theme room (recommended room).♪

If you want to know more about the theme room of the global package,HerePlease see the article!

Tensioning will increase if you can stay at the hotel in the recommended room before and after the recommended concert.😍

Also, not only during the live expedition,Some fans are also enjoying their activities by creating a "own push room" for their birthdays.♪

"The recommended room surrounded by the push will show SNS!"💖

I tried to stay in the recommended room! Delivering local staff repo♪

This timeOur staff will introduce "Repo that I made my own recommended room and actually stayed".

I stayed this time ...

We recommend our staff! NCT mark pushing room! Lingering💚

Promotion room theme room

The original recommended room with a bed, pillow, cushion, wall, etc. decorated with specifications!😍

The tension went up because it was too cute😭💖(smile)

We will introduce each decoration content!

Big poster

Promotion room theme room

First of all, the biggest impact poster!😍

I chose my favorite photo especially 🥰

The pushed poster installed all over the wall pushes the atmosphere of the room at a stretch and dyes it in color.😚💚


Promotion room theme room

I put a bed cover with greatly printed face on the bed! Lingering💖 

The colorful design is very cute ...!🌈

I raised my hands and chose a photo lying down, so I felt like I was lying together.😚

Pillowcase cushion

Promotion room theme room

Pillowcases and cushions are also recommended!💚

Since each one on the front and back is printed, it is fun to be wondering which one to turn outer ...!😂

I was able to see my face as soon as I woke up in the morning, and I felt very happy even when I woke up.😚(smile)


Promotion room theme room

I also made a hanger with a printed face printed!💫

I was able to put on a variety of clothes, so it was quite exciting with my friends.😂

I will show you a photo with a bathrobe.

Promotion room theme room
Doesn't it look pretty real when you put on your clothes?😳


Promotion room theme room

An original mug with a childhood photo and illustrations printed!

I also put the illustration of the tiger drawn by the push!🐯

The mug was too cute and used for ornamental use without putting in drinks 🥹💙 


Promotion room theme room

I also made an original slogan😍

Tiger related to the push🐯Or watermelon🍉Tulip🌷The illustration is so cute 🥹

I will take the slogan back and use it for concerts 🥰

that's all! We delivered the repo that we stayed in the recommended room!😊

It was a very satisfying space surrounded by the push 🥹🫶

Plan a Senil Crafan and stay in the recommended room!

The [recommended room] introduced this time has been decided to be provided as a return of our Senil Crafan.👏

Senil Crafan's planners are the travel agency "Seoul Friendship Tour Co., Ltd." (http://www.seoultomo.com/) If you launch a joint project with), you can include a room in the return product.✨

It's exciting to be able to provide the recommended room to other fans!😚

Currently, only some hotels in South Korea can be provided as a recommended room,

In the future, we plan to provide a recommended room in partnership with hotels in Korea and Japan! 🤗

We are currently looking for a project planner who wants to realize a recommended room! If you are interested, please contact us! 😊

If you become a Senil Crafan planner, you may stay in the recommended room ...?😏




This time, I introduced the recommended room😊

It's like a dream to stay in a space surrounded by your own.♪

There is no recommended theme room! Even those who like can make and enjoy the original recommended room.😚

If you stay in a recommended room when traveling to Korea or a live expedition, it will surely make it even more fun.💫

By all means, let's make your own recommended room and enjoy the recommendation 🥰

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