Is Senil/support advertisement possible in Busan, Korea? Thorough explanation of recommended places and costs you care about!


One of the famous tourist destinations in Korea is Busan!

Cheering advertisements are often issued around Seoul, but in fact, there are many places in Busan where you can issue cheering advertisements.♪

This time,

"I want to release Senil advertisements in a different place than others!"

"I want to issue a support advertisement in Busan, where the idol of pushing was born and raised."

To those who sayI will introduce in detail the places and costs where Senil advertisements can be issued in "Busan" (^o^)

If you are interested, please consult Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!


Basic information of Busan

What do you imagine when you say "Busan"?

Because there is a colorful cityscape that is often the stage of Korean dramas, even those who have never been there may be "I've seen it!" (^○^).

In addition, it is said to be a night view of $ 1 million"The Bay 101"There is such a place, and the whole city is a very beautiful place (^○^)

That should be the case, "Busan" is located about 325 km away from Seoul,South Korea's second cityIt is said that!

Transportation from Seoul to Busan includes airplanes, railways, and buses.It takes about 55 minutes by plane, about 2 hours and 40 minutes by train (KTX), and about 4 hours by express bus.

also,There is a "sea" that is not found in Seoul in BusanThat is also attractive♪

If you divide the sightseeing spots in Busan,It is divided into five parts: "West (Somyeong)", "Nanuradon", "Haeunda", "Kwan Henri", and "Tonnai -Busan Dai (Tonne Pusande)".

Among them, the area where you can enjoy shopping is the west side, Minamiura -dong (^○^).

There are a wide variety of cosmetics stores, shopping centers, department stores, and duty -free shops, so you can shop until you are satisfied!

Next, the area where you can enjoy the sea, which is the charm of Busan, is the Haikodai and the Hiroyasu area area.

The Haikodai area is said to be better than the Okinawan beach in the Asian beach ranking!

And in the Koyasudari area, there is a beach where students and young people gather, and in front of the beach is a large bridge called "Kwan Ante Gyo", which is about 7 km in length, and night lights. Up is famous♪

lastlyThe Higashi Lai / Busan University area is located in the northeast direction slightly away from Busan city.You can enjoy Petit Plastic Shopping and it's a place where there is a restaurant ( ^ ^)

If you calm down the current situation, please go to Busan!

Let's put Senil advertisement in Busan!

From now on, we will introduce the places where Senil ads can be issued in Busan, advertising media, and expenses!

The medium to be introduced this time isWide ads, digital signage, DID advertising (digital poster).

Find the place / advertising media you are interested in, and try out the Senil advertisement to "Busan".♪

Wide advertisement

Wide adsYou can put it on the subway premises by still images, not videoIt is an advertisement with a bright and prominent LED!

A station where you can get such a wide advertisementIt is the most popular station "Somyeong Station" when issuing cheering advertisements in Busan.♪

As I mentioned earlier, it is a place where many people will be able to get a DID advertisement in the west side (Somyeon) area of ​​the youth town where you can enjoy shopping and meals the most (^ it will be in many people (^. ○^)

The cost is about 230,000 yenHowever, there is a difference depending on the type, so please contact Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN for details ^ ^

from now on,Here are five types of wide advertisements that can be served at "Somyeong Station"!

  • Size: 200㎝ × 150㎝ or 191㎝ × 141㎝


  • Size: 304㎝ x 184㎝


  • Size: 251㎝ x 141㎝


  • Size: 185㎝ x 145㎝


  • Size: 400㎝ x 225㎝


Digital signage

Digital signage is an electronic signboard / bulletin board with video!

Unlike the DID advertisement introduced earlier,Because you can broadcast the video, you can give a more powerful support ad.♪

This time, we will introduce digital signage that can be served in the subway premises!

The stations to be introduced in the future are "Somyeong Station", "Busan Station", and Renzan Station.

The cost is about 230,000 yen a day when airing at the same time at the same time, but if you want to broadcast at only one station, the cheapest "Yongsan Station" is about 190,000 yen per month. Will be.

The price varies depending on the station, so please contact Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN for details ^ ^

West (Somyeong) Station

This is the most popular "Nishi" when issuing a support advertisement in Busansurface(Somyeon)It ’s a station"♪

It is a popular city for young people and is a station with a lot of traffic, so I think more people will see advertisements ^ ^


Busan station

"Busan Station" where a railway (KTX) connects Seoul and Busan in about 2 hours and 30 minutes!

Around the station, there are a gathering of popular dining rooms and low -priced hotels, and it is convenient to move to two stations by subway to the popular tourist destination Minamiura -dong (Nampodon), and 6 stations to the west (Somyeon).♪


Renzan Station

"Renzan Station" isThere is a university nearby, there are many restaurants and restaurants, and it is a station with a lively atmosphere until late at night.♪

The hotel is densely packed within walking distance from the station, and all hotels are low in price, so it is a recommended place for those who want to reduce the accommodation costs for Busan.


DID advertisement (digital poster)

DID advertising (digital poster) is a very popular medium to release cheering ads!

There is no voice, but it can be broadcast on both the video and the still image, and there are 14 sides, so it is a prominent advertisement (^o^).

The station that can produce this DID advertisement (digital poster), which is very popular "Westsurface(Somyeon)It is "station"!

The cost is about 230,000 yen.

For more information, please feel free to consult with Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.♪



Until now, I've been looking at support advertisements that can be served in Busan, how was it?

It is often used in Seoul, but there are many places in Busan where you can provide support advertisements.♪

If you want to put out in a different place from other people! If you want to make a support advertisement in Busan, a local, please give me a support advertisement in Busan (^○ ○. ^)

If you are a little worried, we also provide free consultation, so please consult Senil Advertising Agency Japan.♪


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