Introducing Vtuber, Artist, Anime birthday advertisements/support advertisements at once! Is Japanese support advertising permission? How is it?


everyone! Do you know the words "birthday ads" and "support ads"? ^^

Senil advertisements (birthday advertisements) and support advertising culture have spread in Japan, including Korean idols.

but!It is not only Korean or Japanese idols that can give birthday advertisements and support advertisements! !

Recently, the number of fans who advertise in genres other than idols is increasing rapidly! !

This time the number of advertisements is increasing, especially Introducing examples of birthday advertisements and support advertisements for Vtuber, Japanese celebrities/artist/animation♪

Can you issue a support advertisement in Japan?」「Do you need permission to give support ads?I will answer questions such as!

If you read this article and are interested in birthday advertising/support advertisements, please feel free to ask questions and consult us at any time ^^

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Senil advertisement (birthday advertising)/support advertisement/recommended advertisement?


"Senil advertisement (birthday advertisement)" and "support advertisement" are "cheering advertisements"An advertisement that fans publish on their birthdays and anniversaries"is!

In a unique advertising culture originated in Korea, fans prepare non -profit advertisements with the feeling of "I want to support you!"

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In Japan, support advertisementsProminent advertisementSometimes called♪

purely"I want to support you!」「I want to celebrate my birthday!Cheering advertisements are spreading among fans with the thought.

but,Water in your ears to be able to advertise on your own! I guess there are many people!

Recently, not only idols and celebrities, but also advertising cultures have spread to various genres such as YouTuber, VTuber, and animation ^^

You've often seen it in Japanese stations and towns!

Introducing VTuber's birthday advertisement/support advertisement!

Yang Nari Demon King

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First,It is the birthday advertisement of Yang Nari Demon King, a virtual river belonging to Niji -san.♪

Two types of station advertisements were published at Shinjuku Station and Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo Metro ^^

The planners seemed to have prepared for illustrations and design volunteers!

It's like the quality as if you were official!


Niji -san belongs toVentyThis is a vision advertisement that fans implemented to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of their debut!

Planners recruited support money through crowdfunding, and aired at four locations nationwide in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Sapporo ^^

The quality of the video is incredible quality ...!

Sourer Izuru / evening Robert

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It is a support advertisement for Vtuber, the player Izuru and the evening Robert!

Celebrating the appearance of "VTuber Fes JAPAN 2023" and was published on the Keiyo Line connecting passage at Tokyo Station ^^

This is also a volunteer and a fan prepared by fans.♪

Can VTuber support advertisements in Japan? How is it?

Vtuber's support advertisements that are increasing recently can be issued in Japan!

However, some offices have given the announcement of "support advertising NG" in advance,It depends on your officeIs now.

Cheering advertisements are spreading, and the number of offices that provide information on advertising is increasing, so let's check the site first ^^

I'm worried about Vtuber's support advertising! Please feel free to contact us.♪

Introducing birthday advertisements/support advertisements of Japanese celebrities and artists!

Voice actor Yui Ogura

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It is a support advertisement prepared by fans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Yui Ogura's debut as voice actors and artists.♪

It seems that he took a picture in front of the advertisement and put it on Twitter (;;)

It's like a dream that the fans are looking for support money and the advertisement created from scratch can be seen by himself! !

GENIC Mao Nishimoto

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It is a birthday advertisement of Mao Nishimoto, the leader of the dance vocal group GENIC belonging to AVEX ^^

Fans have been advertised at two locations: Shibuya Station and Okayama Station, which is from Mao Nishimoto!

The advertisement comes with Mao Nishimoto's Twitter and QR code that can fly to Instagram, so that you can check it out as soon as you are worried!

Can Japanese entertainers and artists support advertisements in Japan? How is it?

If you want to advertise support for Japanese celebrities and artists,Be sure to check with your officeLet's do it ^^

Even if you can post advertisements, the rules vary depending on your office, so it is necessary to carry out within the rules!

I'm worried about supporting celebrities and artists! Please feel free to contact us.♪

Introducing anime birthday advertisements/support advertisements!

Not only the birthday advertisement/support advertisement for animation, but also the birthday cafe is very popular in Korea!

Surprising is its quality ...! ! The cafe prepared by the fans from scratch has a lot of love (;;)

Previously, I investigated the actual situation of Korean anime x birthday cafes, so please check out this article.♪

Here is the article! 

Slam dunk, Mitsuiju

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It is a birthday advertisement of Mitsui Toshi, the character of the popular Japanese basketball manga!

In Korea, an unprecedented slum dunk boom is happening, and the fans have prepared it!

The illustration is not official, but it seems that it used a secondary creation ^^

moreover,We carried out vision advertisements for video in Kannam and celebrated the push!


Can you advertise anime support in Japan? How is it?

Looking at this case, I want to do anime support advertising and birthday cafes in Japan! I think that some people come ^^

The secondary creation of anime may be tolerated or accepted by the author as part of the fan activity!

but,If you want to implement an animation support advertisement by individuals in Japan, if you want to implement it.Get permission to the copyright source with the copyright of anime worksIs required.

It is an anime support advertisement without a case, but I am worried! Please feel free to contact us!


This time, we introduced birthday advertisements and support advertisements for Vtuber/Entertainers/Artist/Anime ^^

Interested in the advertising culture that is becoming spread in Japan! I guess there are people who say!

It's interesting that the culture of supporting advertisements in various genres, not just idols, is spreading!

I would be glad if the charm of the advertising culture of advertising and supporting the recommendation was transmitted as much as possible.♪

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