How to issue Senil ads in Japan? Introducing price and recommended street vision!


In Korea, it is common to issue idol support advertisements at stations and streets, but do you know that you can release cheering ads in Japan?

This timeBenefits and recommended street visions to produce idol support advertisements in JapanI will introduce

Benefits of issuing support advertisements in Japan

What are the benefits of issuing idol support ads in Japan?

Here are two main benefits 🤗

① Many fans come to see ads

It is a common idol support advertisement in Korea, but as KPOP has become popular, and the culture of cheering advertisements in Japan has recently spread!

In front of the vision where support advertisements flow, you can often see the scenery that many fans gather and shoot to see advertisements.✨

How to put out Japanese support ads

In Japan, which has a small number of support advertisements as in KoreaIt is easy to become a topic, such as being featured on TV etc. when cheering advertisements are issued.♪

A lot of authentication shots that shot ads were posted on Twitter ^^

If you release a support advertisement in Japan, you will definitely have many idol fans can see it!

② You can get an advertisement in your home of Japanese idols!

Recently, the number of Japanese idols is increasing,You can release support advertisements in the idol's hometown ^^

TWICE's three Japanese are from Kansai in Osaka and Kyoto, so they are often advertised in Osaka, not in Tokyo!

How to put out Japanese support ads

If you put it out in your idol's hometown, you will be happy not only for idols, but also for Japanese fans and family.♪


Past case introduction

Here are some cases where overseas fans actually issued cheering advertisements in Japan!


Medium name: Unica Vision

Period: 2022/04

Advertiser: Kimmingu China Fandom@kimmingyubar


Medium name: Ebisu Bashit Vision

Period: 2021/01

Advertiser: JO1 Junki Kono, China Fundam@konojunki_0120


Medium name: Cross SHINJUKU VISION

Period: 2021/10

Advertiser: BTS JiminChina Fundam@JIMINBAR_CHINAlooks


Medium name: Umeda Tower Links Vision

Period: 2020/10

Advertiser:Yuta Nakamoto China Fandom@YutaBar_Chinalooks

Street vision introduction

Introducing recommended vision for support advertisements throughout Japan!


First of all, I will introduce it from Tokyo's capital Tokyo.

Tokyo is located on the east side of Japan, and it seems that 30 % of the Japanese population lives.

How to put out Japanese support ads

I want many people to see it anyway! If you are now, please give a support advertisement at the Tokyo vision ^^


Yunika Vision

How to put out Japanese support ads

If you want to advertise in Japan, here is here! It is a popular medium ^^

It is also possible to play different images with each of the three sides!

There is no doubt that it will attract the eyes of passers -by✨

  • 📍3-23-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h @ 90,000 yen a day ~

Cross Shinjuku Vision

How to put out Japanese support ads

It is a vision of Shinjuku, famous for 3D images that cats are likely to jump out!

I want to make a different advertisement! It is a recommended vision for those who♪

Of course, it can be broadcast even with 2D video ^^

How to put out Japanese support ads
  • 📍3-23-18 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h @ 82,000 yen a day ~


This vision isAn unusual vertical vision!

The vertical screen installed in a position that matches the pedestrian perspective attracts the gaze of passers -by ^^

  • 📍33 Udagawa -cho, Shibuya -ku Grand Tokyo Shibuya Building
  • 🎥15 seconds 8 times/H @ 72,000 yen a day ~

AINZ & TULPE Shinjuku East Exit Multi Vision

How to put out Japanese support ads

Installed on the wall on the first floor of the shopping mall,Large vision of 10.5m in length x 2m wide!

The huge screen is outstanding🌟

It is easy to stop the eyes of young people who enjoy shopping♪

  • 📍3-36-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h @ 7 days 144,000 yen ~


Next, we will introduce the street vision of Osaka!

Osaka is a popular place with delicious food and a popular tourist destination.

When celebrating the birthday of an idol from Kansai, it seems that there are many fans who offer support advertisements in Osaka ^^

Mina Sana Momo of NCT YUTA and TWICE is from Kansai in Osaka and Kyoto.😍


How to put out Japanese support ads

The most popular street vision in OsakaIt is installed in Dotonbori, which is famous for Glico \ (^o^)/

Dotonbori usually has many tourists, so many passers -by can see it.♪

  • 📍1-9 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h @ 55,200 yen a day ~

Ebisu Bashihit Vision

How to put out Japanese support ads

This vision installed near the dragonfly isIt is possible to link different images up and down!

The screen is large and the image quality is beautiful, so it is outstanding!✨ 

  • 📍1-18-19 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • 🎥15 seconds 12 times/h @ 550,000 yen a day ~

Umeda Tower Links Vision

A vision installed in a complex facility where more than 200 stores enterIt is possible to synchronize the pillar and the large screen!

The synchronized video is very gorgeous, isn't it?☺️

Recommended for those who want to make a different advertisement ^^

  • 📍1-1 Obuka -cho, Kita -ku, Osaka
  • 🎥15 seconds 4 times/H @ 7th 217,000 yen ~


Hokkaido (Sapporo) is located north of Japan ^^

Winter is a very beautiful place in the snowy scenery.❄️ 

Sapporo station square vision

How to put out Japanese support ads

It is a vision installed at the south exit of JR Sapporo Station, where more than 73 million people come and go!

  • 📍3 -chome, Kita 4jo Nishi -ku, Chuo -ku, Sapporo
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h @ 54,000 yen a day ~


Nagoya is located at the middle of Tokyo and Osaka!


Hisaya Center Vision

How to put out Japanese support ads

It is a vision installed in Hisaya-ODORI PARK next to Netsu Sakaemachi Station, Subway Sakae Station and a shopping district!

Behind is the TV tower, which is outstanding in impact when shooting with an ad.✨

  • 📍3-16-10 Nishiki, Naka -ku, Nagoya -shi, Aichi
  • 🎥15 seconds 12 times/h@1 day 78,000 yen ~


How to put out Japanese support ads

It is a vision installed on the street where many restaurants are lined up!

The impressive vision of the cow object will surely attract the eyes of passers -by.🐮♪

  • 📍3-8-1 Sakae, Naka -ku, Nagoya -shi, Aichi
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h @ 54,600 yen a day ~


Fukuoka, close to Korea, is also popular as a tourist destination, isn't it?😊

Idols from Fukuoka are Treasure's HARUTO.♪


Hakata City Vision

This is a vision installed at Hakata Station, the center of Fukuoka!

The vision installed in front of a large station attracts the gaze of the station user ^^

The illuminations are very beautiful in winter!🎄☃️

How to put out Japanese support ads
  • 📍JR Hakata City Hakata Exit 2F Wall
  • 🎥15 seconds 2 times/h@7 days 54,000 yen ~

Which advertising agencies can advertise in Japan?

If you want an idol support advertisement in JapanPlease leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

An advertising agency specializing in idol support advertisingWe have more than 500 track record a year✨

The achievements are updated on the SNS account as needed, so please check it out.


In addition, it is possible to respond in multilinguals, not only in JapaneseIt is possible to support Korean, Chinese, and English ^^

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How was it?

There are many visions in Japan that can give support advertisements, and the number of idol fansYear by yearIt is increasing ^^

Please give a support advertisement in Japan on your birthday.