[Fukuoka] 5 Kaphoi event held 5 cafes! You can go around Ota activities and cafes such as Korean BTS!


Recently, a cup holder event that has been often held in Japan!

Now, a cup holder event is being held at cafes around the country to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of idols.♪

However, when we plan a cup holder event on our own,

It's hard to negotiate directly with the manager of the cafe ...

I have to ask another place to produce a cup holder ...

It takes a lot of time (;;)

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, we respond to such troubles

From arrangements of cafes that allow cup holder events nationwide to cup holders and events We are doing everything!

So this timeHere are five cafes in Fukuoka that can hold a cup holder event in Fukuoka.

I want to hold a cup holder event in Fukuoka!

If you think, please take a look (^○^)

What is a cup holder event?

everyone is,"Cup holder eventHave you ever been?

It is a cup holder event that has recently been held in Japan, but it is generally widely held in Korea.

Not an idol office official event

Fans and fan masters are organizersIt will be done!

mainly,The original design cup holder is installed in the cafe and distributed to those who purchased the drink.♪

Cup holder eventI want to support my favorite idol! It is one of the recommended activities by fans

It is also one of the support advertisements (Senil advertising)!

In addition, it will be held at a cafe, etc. according to the KPOP idol's birthday, anniversary commemoration, and announcement events.

It is also a place to interact with fans who support the same push.♪

It is also a place to enjoy talking about the recommendation together at the cafe, taking photos with the decoration of the cafe (^○^).

Introducing 5 cafes that can be held in Fukuoka!

From here,"I want to hold a cup holder event in Fukuoka!

For those who are, we will introduce 5 Fukuoka cafes that we are affiliated with!

Find a cafe you care about and celebrate your birthday and anniversary.♪

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN provides free consultation on the official LINE, so

Regarding the cup holder event

If you want to do it at the cafe here, please feel free to contact us (^○^)

Cogma cafe.

 The first cafe introduced isCogma cafe. Mr. is!

The most popular cafe is a drink in a bear -shaped container!

You can make a sticker originally or make the color of the drink with an idol color!

In the past, the owner has sold BT21 official dolls at IMs and Canal City, and there are many BTS fans.♪

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Wang Churosu

 2The cafe to be introduced isWang Churosu Mr. is!

This is,Used 100%rice flourIt is a cafe for a specialty store for Churros!

Using rice flour from Fukuoka Prefecture and always provides freshly friedBecause you do it, you can also enjoy delicious churros along with the cup holder event.♪

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The cafe to be introduced in the third isBLACKPEACHMr. is!

This cafe is characteristic of gorgeous decorations and you can enjoy Korean food!

You can decorate balloons and recommended posters on the entire wallTherefore, there is no doubt that the event will be exciting.♪

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The fourth café isBijouxcafeMr. is!

This is,Cafe that holds various events such as Korean cafes and icing cookies classesis!

So far, many K-POP idols and Cup holder events for Korean actors have been held.♪

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Sarang Cafe

The fifth cafe introduced isSarang CafeMr. is!

This is,Located in KitakyushuIt is a cafe where cup holders can be implemented!

You can also enjoy fashionable drinks and cookies with photos printed with events.♪

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We introduced five cafes where cup holder events can be held in Fukuoka. How was it?

Until now, even those who have felt that it takes a lot of time and effort to hold a cup holder event,

If you ask us, we will do everything from arranging cafes to design production and event announcements!

"I want to hold a cup holder event in other prefectures!"

If you think, FukuokaIn addition to cafes around the country, we are also affiliated with cafes around the country.Please feel free to contact us on the official LINE (^○^)

In addition, there are some articles about cup holders.♪

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

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