Compare with the number of users and success rate! Introducing 5 recommended sites for crowdfunding! There is also a crafted site specialized in Senil/support advertising!


Recently, "crowdfunding" which has been used in various situations

everyone is,CrowdfundingHave you ever become a supporter or a planner?

What is crowdfunding?By disseminating your own activities and dreams through the Internet, it is a mechanism that raises funds from those who sympathize with their thoughts and those who want to support their activities!

Now, as well as financing, sales and advertisements of products and services, making fans, opening a business, test marketing, etc.It is used for various purposes♪

As a result, the number of companies that provide crowdfunding services is increasing!

Therefore, when you use it, you may be worried about which service to use?

Therefore, this time, we will introduce recommended crowdfunding sites from various perspectives such as the number of users and success rate.♪

In addition, we will introduce our crowdfunding service specialized in "support/Senil advertising", which has become one of the recently recommended activities!

Please take a look at it ^ ^

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a coined word that combines the crowd and funding.

By disseminating your own activities and dreams through the Internet, it is a mechanism that raises funds from those who sympathize with their thoughts and those who want to support their activities!

In general, those who want to collect funds are to create a projectPlannerAnd those who provide funds to the creatorsupporterIs called.

The inventor starts the project by posting his own ideas and services on the crowdfunding site♪

The supporters find their favorite projects and provide funds to the inventor through the site!

And crowdfunding is mainly classified into three types, purchased, donation, and financial type.

From here, we will introduce these three types in detail!

Purchase type

The purchase type is a crowdfunding with a mechanism that helps the supporters support money and get products, goods, and services as returns!

Many crowdfunding, which are widespread in Japan, are purchased crowdfunding.♪

I would be glad if you could get something that lasts a lifetime, and I think it will be easy to remain in memories (^o^).

The purchase type mechanism is as follows!

Planner... Selling "returns" such as things, services, experiences and rights. There are a wide variety of executions, such as individuals, companies, and voluntary organizations.

supporter... Various returns can be obtained as a reward. Even if the return is not paid, it is possible to connect with the executor and have various support experiences.

Donation type

The donation type is a crowdfunding in which supporters donate money!

In the donation project, there are basically no return items, and the activity report is returned.

As a social contribution, it can be used for various support, so you can enjoy a special sense of accomplishment.♪

The donation type mechanism is as follows!

Planner・・・ An organization that conducts public interests can be used, and the collected support can be received as a donation. Returns can be set only for those without paidness. * Consultation is required whether the collected support can be treated as "donations".

supporter・ ・ ・ If the support destination supports a group that is eligible for donation deduction and an unprecedented return, you can receive tax incentives by donation.

Financial type

The financial type is crowdfunding in which supporters (investors) returns with money and stocks!

Among them,

Supporter (investor)"Lending type" that the site lends the investment money to the company,

"Fund type" in the form of recruiting investors for specific projects,

It is divided into three types: a "stock type" that allows you to receive stocks of non -listed companies as returns.

The financial mechanism is as follows!

Planner・ ・ ・ It is possible to raise funding and funding funds using the mechanisms of funds.

Supporter (investor)... Acquisition of the company's shares may be expected to rise in the future, or distribute dividends and fund operating profits.

Compare crowdfunding sites! Introducing 5 recommended sites♪

From now on, we will introduce 5 especially recommended sites among regular crowdfunding sites!

If you are worried about which crowdfunding to use, please refer to it.♪

CAMPFIRE (purchase type)

"CAMPFIRE" boasts the No. 1 number of domestic crowdfunding annual support.

It is said to be the largest crowdfunding in Japan, and more than 71,000 projects have been launched since the service started.

More than 8.8 million supporters have supported a total of more than 67 billion yen!

SoThere are three main features of CAMPFIRE.

The first one,Anyone can challenge regardless of genre or scaleThat means!

Campfire crowdfundingThe page creation is to combine the text and the image.

Even if you don't have any knowledgeAnyone can easily create pages♪

The second isIt is also possible to post on the same dayThat means!

Since the screening before the project is released is focused on the minimum necessary items, you can easily and quickly collect the money you want to challenge and realize ideas.♪

The 3rd one,A dedicated staff will be attached to the projectThat means!

Therefore, anyone can challenge crowdfunding with peace of mind (^o^)

Finally, here are some cases of crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE.♪ 

  • Official HPHere

Makuake (purchased type)

"Makuake", a crowdfunding service that features a catchphrase "Makuake for new product debut"

To solve various problems with companies starting a new service as a service to support Atarashi and experience.

We are implementing projects by appealing to products that are difficult to judge to the market as a new product, and products that make it difficult to make prior sales forecasts in advance, so we can appeal to products that are over -stocked or have the risk of opportunity loss.♪

It offers a new crowdfunding service that is slightly different from the traditional crowdfunding, in which supporters who see the project information posted to support and purchase returns!

Actual projectSuccess rate 66%I am proud of my high ability,Quarterly aggregationThe number of access usersMore than 14 million peopleMany people have come across new products that have not yet appeared in the world.♪

Here are some actual cases!

In addition, Makuake crowdfunding is not only for new product debut,

We have a crowdfunding for jacking with "support advertisement" to excite the entertainment industry influenced by the corona!

in this way,At MakuakeCrowdfunding is used in various forms (^○^)

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Kibidango (purchase type))

Kibidango is Crowdfunding -type EC site started in March 2013.

We mainly handle many projects such as miscellaneous goods, daily necessities, and gadgets.

The content of the project is mainly for collecting funds and planning for new products due to the development and mass production of new products.♪

Such a characteristic of Kibidango is mainly 3I can list it.

The first one,High success rate of crowdfundingis!

While the average success rate of crowdfunding in Japan is said to be 30%Kibidango crowdfundingThe success rate is 80 %(Quote source:

I am proud of a very high track record♪

The second isOne dedicated person will be supported when launching a projectThat means!

Kibidango has received advisor certification from Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site that boasts a worldwide recognition!

Therefore, from the experienced staffYou can receive a variety of follow -ups, such as following pages and sending information on SNS and e -mail magazines.♪

In addition, paid options that can provide full support from planning to promotion can be used.

You can receive full support for crowdfunding beginners!

The third feature isKibidango's unique system

"Stretch goal"If you achieve the target amount once, you can set a new target amount, and

"Cheerful challenge"AsBecause there is a system that can expect the increase in supporters,

By making good use of it, crowdfunding can be exciting.♪

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GREEN FUNDING (purchase type)


GREEN FUNDING is a crowdfunding platform service centered on purchased crowdfunding!

GREEN FUNDINGThere are three main features.

The first one,High project success rateis!

HowGREEN FUNDINGIs 88%of the project financing success rate!

GREEN FUNDINGIs not the "number of publications" of the project, but the "success rate" of the project has always been kept at a success rate of 80%or more since 2016.♪

The second isHigh support amountis.

GREEN FUNDINGThe average support per project is 3.92 million yen, the highest in the industry!

Crowdfunding has become common in Japan, and the total support is1,000Projects exceeding 10,000 yen are overall0.1%The following is a total support for many projects.50~500It's 10,000 yen.

among them,GREEN FUNDINGThe total amount of support for the project is392It maintains the highest level of 10,000 yen♪

The 3rd one,Providing a partner company with a purchase -type crowdfunding platformThat's it!

In particular, there are many projects in fields such as publishing, videos, movies, music, and art, especially because of the culture convenience club.

Taking advantage of the partnership with the Culture Convenience ClubHold collaboration and events with actual storesdoing.

Until now, we have been conducting products and interacting with people who launched projects through stores such as TSUTAYA and Tsutaya Bookstore.♪

 Finally, here are some examples!

  • Official HPHere

ReadyFor (donation type)

Since ReadyFor has started services as Japan's first crowdfunding service, projects have been launched in a wide range of genres, and more than 20 billion yen has been provided!

As the largest crowdfunding service in Japan, ""Create a world where everyone can realize what they want to do], So we continue to provide support to lead to success.♪

One of the features of ReadyFor is not the "purchase type" crowdfunding, which we have introduced so far."Donation type" crowdfunding is the mainThat means!

This is different from the normal crowdfunded "purchase type".A mechanism that can use support collected by organizations that conducts public interests as donationsis.

The genres of social contribution activities include "international cooperation", "welfare", "disaster", and "animal protection", and has successfully raised about 10.8 billion yen.

In the past, many crowdfunding has been held, including disaster support for heavy rains in Kyushu in Hitoyoshi City and fair trade support for international cooperation.

For this reason, ReadyFor has a wealth of successful projects of projects that are not comparable to returns!

One of the features is that there are many people who support "realization of thoughts", so in order to support many dreams, the official SNS account and e -mail magazine also introduce projects.

  • Official HPHere


Introducing crowdfunding sites specializing in support/Senil advertising♪

From now on, we will introduce crowdfunding sites specializing in support/Senil advertising!

Recently, "Support/Senil advertisement" has been seen in Japanese station premises and outdoor visions.

Have you ever seen it once in the city? (^○^)

"Support/Senil advertisement" is an advertisement to be published on birthdays/anniversaries such as the fans themselves, such as idols, actors, YouTuber, etc.!

Actually, this culture,South Korea originatedIt is generally called "Senil advertisement".♪

What is "Senil"?"Birthday (생)" in KoreanIn Korea, the fan himself celebrates the KPOP idol's birthday, "Senil advertisingIs spreading.

In Korea, the number of Senil/support advertisements increases year by year, and the number of Senil advertisements on the subway2000 per yearIt goes beyond!

in Japan"Support advertisementSometimes called ", purely"I want to support you!」「I want to celebrate my birthday!Support advertisement is spreading.♪

Therefore, this time, we will introduce our crowdfunding service specialized in support/Senil advertising!

By all means, I want to release "support/Senil advertising" as one of the recommended activities! If you think, please refer to it (^o^)

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

We, Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, is an advertising agency specializing in Senil/support advertising, and has more than 500 support a year.♪

A wide range of advertising media such as Times Square in South Korea and the United States, not only in Japan!

In the past, there are many "authentication shots" from the person in the past (^o^).

What is the authentication shot?You will visit Senil/Cheering Advertising and take pictures together!

Until now, we have succeeded in authentication shots from gorgeous idols and actors, such as TWICE's Momo -chan and actor Choi Ushik, who became famous for parasite.♪

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

I want any individual to realize Senil advertising and planning that you want to do just by having "passion for pushing"

With that in mindCrowdfunding service specialized in Senil/Supporting advertisements (hereinafter,BirthdayI'm doing crafan)!

From here, SenilCrafandHere are five main features of♪

① Large -scale projects that cannot be realized by individuals can be realized

The biggest advantage of Senil Crafan is that large -scale Senil/support ads that cannot be carried out by individuals can be implemented.♪

To be honest, it costs about hundreds of thousands to millions to give a large -scale advertisement, so it is difficult for individuals to collect funds ... (;;).

However, so far, using Senil Crafan and achieving a project in the NY Times Square, projects over 1 million yen to 2.6 million yen have been achieved one after another!

In addition to Senil ads in the NY Times Square, we have achieved magnificent projects not only in Japan but also overseas, such as bus shelter projects in Korea.♪

in this way,If it's Senil CrafanIt is possible to achieve large -scale advertisements that have been difficult to realize by individuals.♪

(2) Available not only in Japan but also overseas advertising media

We have so far not only Japanese street visions and traffic advertisements, but

Korean HYBE/SM/YG/JYP office around the office, bus shelter,

America'sNY Times SquareHollywood TCs are also conducting Senil/support advertisements!

③ Everyone can start the project for free!

I think many people are worried about planning and starting a clavan.

but,There is no cost to publish a project!

The cost of implementing advertisements, making advertising products, producing returns, etc. will be used using all the collected support.The feature is that anyone can start with peace of mind.♪

* If you achieve the project, a part of the support will be charged as a fee.

again,Free consultation until the project is launchedBecause it is done byKnow -how for successful projectsI will teach you!

again,If the project is not achieved in the target amount, there will be no fee.♪

We will refund the full amount to the supporters.

So, ""If you don't reach the target amount, what should I do?You don't have to think!

If you want to do what you can do with the amount you are gathering, or if you want to advertise a little more, we can respond.♪

④ You can get a luxurious return product

projectThe supporters responded to the amount of supportYou can get a return product♪

In the past, as an example of a return product at Senil Crafan, which had a great response

Hand mirror mirror

Memo pad

Mini tote bag

Commemorative cloth poster

There were a wide variety of return products, from practical goods to commemorative goods for a lifetime!

If it is a return product that can only be obtained in that project, you will want a special feeling (^^).

⑤ Bulk support for payment management, delivery management, advertising arrangements, etc.

One of the fifth features is that we provide collective support for troublesome procedures and work!

    Therefore, it is more efficient from planning to implement Senil advertising, which I felt was troublesome.♪

    The main support is as follows!

    1.  Data production
    2.  Arrangement of advertising media
    3.  Management of support money
    4.  Production of returned goods
    5.  Return product deliverySuch

    By acting as a tough work, the inventor can focus on gathering project supporters.♪

    In this way, Senil Crafan has many benefits that any individual can enjoy.♪

    In order to achieve the project, we will write a special article about the project content, and to disseminate information on SNS (^○^).

    Finally, here are three gorgeous Senil crafts!

    This is Senil Crafan to celebrate the birthday of ENHYPEN's Japanese member Niki -kun!

    It greatly exceeded the achievement target of 400,000 yen2.6 million yen or moreThe support money of♪

    With this support, a subway CM monitor in Korea and a cup holder event all over the country were held (^○^).

    This is Senil Crafan to celebrate Kagyo Tanaka's birthday!

    I was aiming for a 528,000 yen support money to achieve the Senil advertising project in the NY Times Square.720,000 yenThe support money gathered♪

    Senil ads will be broadcast at the NY Times Square around January 29 next year (^○^)

    This is Senil Crafan to celebrate the birthday of ENHYPEN members Song Hung -kun!

    Achieved the target amount of 1 million yen and with Ikebukuro ParcoWe areCollaboration,IkebukuroInside ParcoYou can jack all four places with your support/Senil advertisingevent"Ikebukuro Palko Jack PlanWas implemented (^○^)

    With my own recommendationIkebukuro ParcoIt is very valuable to be able to fill it, and it will be a lifetime memory.♪


    Until now, normal crowdfunding siteRecommendationWe introduced our crowdfunding service specialized in Senil/Support advertising, how was it?

    Because the crowdfunding site to be used depends on each application,

    Please use the crowdfunding site that suits you to plan a wonderful project.♪

    And one of the most recently increasing activities, "Senil/Supporting Advertisement".

    We are implementingSpecialized in Senil/Supported AdvertisingWe also introduced the crowdfunding service "Senil Crafan"

    By all means, please refer to this articleWe allI hope you can excite your recommendations together (^o^)

    Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

    Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

    If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to advertise ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

    If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

    It is safe to be able to consult by phone as well as chat to the staff.♪

    You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

    First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^