Times Square can be supported ads! ? Introduce the cost and cheap campaign♪


When you hear that you can advertise in Times Square, you have the image and questions such as "Can you really do that?"

If you imagine "Times Square", you may be hesitant because the scale is too large, but even if you live in Japan, you can put out a support advertisement that you want to put out in "Times Square" (in fact (Times Square "). ^○^)

Would you like to make a powerful advertisement in Times Square, which is said to be the center of the world, and support the idols of the push?

 This time, we will introduce the types of media, actual costs, and the cheapest campaigns conducted by Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.♪

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us even from the consultation ^ ^

 * Currently, the campaign is over.

Get a support advertisement to Times Square!

What do you imagine when you hear "Times Square"?

Even if you have never actually been there, you may have seen Times Square in photos and images once.

"Times Square" is the most lively square in New York, a Broadway Musical theater area, and is the center of the entertainment in New York.♪

That should be it, when "Times Square" is when that Madonna descends on the land of New York."Take me to the center of the world" It is said that it was a place I visited by telling a taxi driver!

Therefore, it is a huge electronic bulletin board that draws a lot.

 Why don't you release support ads with such a powerful "Times Square"?

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN provides support to be active in such wonderful places.♪

One of the recommended support is "support advertisement"!

"Supported advertisements" are a variety of "Senil (birthday) ads" to celebrate the idol's birthday, which is the mainstream in Korea, and advertisements to celebrate the idol group's debut commemorative.

Mainly, there are many subways, bus shelters, street visions, etc. in Japan and South Korea, but by issuing support advertisements for "Times Square", which is said to be the center of the world, more people and people around the world. You can send support advertisements to us♪

It's too terrible to put out your favorite idol support advertisements in a world -famous place and the center of the world! (^O^)

By all means, if you are an idol's pushing, please give support advertisements such as Senil advertisements in "Times Square" and send love to the world (^○^).

This article shows the basic information of Times Square and the flow to advertising advertising, so if you are worried.HerePlease see!




Introduction of Times Square support advertising

From now on, we will introduce the support ads at Times Square that Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN actually published in the past.♪

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KEP1ER Mashiro



JO1 Ruhime Shiraiwa



NCT Yuta Nakamoto





What is the advertising cost of Times Square?

When posting advertisements in Times Square, it costs about 400,000 to 2.5 million yen.

It depends on the medium, period, etc., so please contact us for details ^ ^


So far, I've been looking at the Times Square ad, how was it?

No way, for people around the world with "Times Square" adsOwnPromotionI think some people thought that it could be sent ( ^ ^)

I think that support advertisements issued in the Times Square, which are said to be the center of the world, are impressive and have a strong impact, so I think they will be an unforgettable memory.♪

By all means, please use this special campaign to enhance your activities!

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Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

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