If you want to give a Senior Advertising Before JYP, you must see! How do you put out? Which media do you use?

"I want to put out a Senior Advertising in front of JYP!"You may be anyone who thinks (^ ○ ^)


So, this timeWe introduce recommendations such as "TWICE" and "GOT7" and "ITZY", which we want to issue an idol quality advertisement such as "TWICE" and "GOT7" "ITZY", etc.♪


If you are concerned about the Senior Advertising, please contact the Senior Ads Agency JAPAN ^ ^


Let's go out of Senior Advertising around JYP!

Speaking of "JYP entertainment", it is a major performing entertainment office that produces "TWICE", which is also a big success in Japan, isn't it?♪

 It is an office established by the music producer Park Jinon (J. Park) that became a topic in Japan ^ ^

Besides "TWICE", there are many famous artists such as "GOT7", "ITZY", "Stray KIDS"!

Therefore, we will introduce the benefits of issuing Senior Advertising around JYP (^ ○ ^)

What is the benefit of issuing Senior Advertising around JYP?

  If you give an idol's Senior ad in JYP, I would like to see the person.♪

By issuing Senior ads around JYP, idols visiting the office may be noticed through the Senior Advertising!

 There are many places where there are convenience stores, stations and bus stops around JYP (^ ○ ^)

Therefore, in factTwice members, etc., in their own official instances, visit the place where you gave me their own Senior Advertising and uploading the certification shot♪

In this way, by issuing Senior Advertising around JYP, there is an increase in opportunities to see in the idols, and it is the greatest advantage that the establishment of the certification shot will increase!





Recommended media

 From here, when you actually put out the Senior Advertising around JYP, it is recommended that you can see more people if you get more people if you exit using it? We will introduce advertising media♪

In front of a convenience store

 Prior to the JYP office,"GS25"There is a convenience store called!


 Prior to that convenience store, you can get a sensor ad♪

Advertising such as subway advertising and bus shelter takes at least one month or more, so the burden such as expenses is also large, but the advertisement issued before the convenience store can progress in one week unit, so there is little burden. It is a feature!




Bus shelter

"Bus shelter" is "Bass Stop Advertising"!

It is a large ad installed at the bus stop, and if it is illuminated, you can see beautifully at night♪

Even in the area of ​​JYP, there is a bus stop, so you can make a bus shelter not to stand out, and you may also increase the opportunity to see the idol (^ ^)

In fact, many of the authentication shots that have been uploaded to the TWICE's instum introduced earlier were Senior Advertising Using Bus Shelter♪

also,Besides the photos, you may be able to put your name and message, so the voices of cheering may actually reach idol ^ ^



 In fact, Senior Ads Agency JAPAN also produces Sana-chan's Sana-chan's Sana-chan Sana-chan at the bus stop near JYP♪


  There are many other people 's good-looking advertisements, so please take a look if you are worried (^ ○ ^)

Subway advertisement (Olympic Park Station)

 "Subway advertisement" is an ad that is easy to stop at the eyes of people waiting for the subway and who walks on the subway!

Near JYP offices,"Olympic Park Pren"Since there are the nearest station, you can also issue Senior Advertising in the station yard (^ ○ ^)

 In this video, the Senior Advertising, which was actually issued in the Olympic Park Station premises (^ ^)

In this way, it can be seen by more people, as it is possible to issue a large-standing sensor ad at the nearest station of the JYP office.♪


Introduce idols belonging to JYP

  JYP has many idols who are also active in Japan, and they are representative of the office, "Park Jinon (J. Y. Park)" is a very topic in Japan when Nizi U is born. It became♪

So we will briefly introduce the idol that belongs to JYP this time!


Dome tour in Japan is also a great success! JYP star with outstanding name♪



A multination group consisting of seven people! Debuted in Japan in 2014 and is active♪



A big success as a sister of Twice! Girl crashful attractive five-person set♪


Stray kids

An idol that all members can handle all the songs♪Active in Japan too!



A new star group of expected debut of February 2022, which attracted attention before debut!



 So far, I have been looking at what kind of Senior Advertising to JYP, but how was it?

Even if you want to know information about the Senior Advertisement, I'm glad if you want to actually want to get a Senior Advertising (^ ○ ^)

From now on, I think it would be nice to support idols that belong to JYP through "Senior Advertising"♪

If you have any questions or questions about Senior Advertising, please contact Senior Ads Agency JAPAN by all means (^ ^)


Leave the Senior Ads Agency Japan!

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