[January to June 2013] Instagram case introduction♪


This time, we will introduce examples of Senil/Supporting Advertising on Instagram, which was conducted by our customers from January to June 2023 ( ^ ∀ ^).

andFor frequently asked questions about Instagram
I will explain even if♪

The most popular Instagram ad among SNS advertisements!

Price15,000 yen, 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 100,000 yen planAnd diverse😊

If you look at this article and are worried about SNS ads, please.HerePlease check the details ^ ^

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

From now on, we will explain about Instagram advertising before introducing a case!

Story advertisingHow many seconds can you play?


 Story adsUp to 60 seconds can be played, setting for 15 seconds per divisionIs possible!

So if you want to put together an advertising video in one, 15 seconds
Recommended ^ ^

What is the most popular advertisement after the story?


 For Instagram adsStory ads, reel ads, carousel ads, photo ads, video ads5 types

Among them, the most popular story advertisement is
Reel advertisingis♪

In recent years, it has become popular to post memories of travel, makeup videos, etc. on reels!

The reel advertisement flows during the reel posting.😊

The popular reasons for reel advertising are the viewers, unlike the story ads.

"Like", "Save", "Share", "Leave comments"It is a place where you can (´∀ `)

The point is that the reaction of the person who saw it is easy to understand
Recommended point!

Reel ads are not only images but also videos60 secondsLet me flush♪

Is the advertisement of the advertisement?



Link to the ad,"Click here for details"You can fly to the link from that point!

I'm worried about what to do with this link ... 🧐

For the linkYouTube's recommended chicchem, group MV, Instagram, etc.,Your own SNS,

Recently, many people set a voting URL on the link to support the pushing on audition programs.♪( ´▽`)

You can set what you want in this way ('∀ `)!


From here,Please see the Senil/Support advertisement from January to June 2023 by genre ٩ ('ω') و








John Won












Kumjun Hyun


Jung Ichan


Hourly fan






Sok Mashu











AKB48, Nogizaka 46

AKB48 Shinobu Mogi




AKB48 Nanami Asai


Nogizaka 46 Misora ​​Ichinose



Kaijin Kai



Takumi Kawanishi


Korean idol/singer



Fantasy Boys Seoul









ATBO Pi Hyun Jun


SF9 Yatean



DKZ Jonghyun


Mirae Chang Yubin






Korean actor


Thai actor



Japanese/Japanese idol (male)

OCTPATH ​​Shinyu Yotsuya Kobori Hiiragi



LOUD appearance Kagami Tanaka TANAKA KOKI




Enjin Nakamoto Oga


& Audition Hayate


Chinese idol

INTO1 Hayashi Sumi



Horo Stars Ritsu



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