Introducing the gorgeous K-POP idol scheduled for Kamba in March! Deliver Kamba information such as BTS/EXO/TWICE/NMIXX♪


This time, we will introduce K-POP idols that will be a comeback in March!

In March, there are a group that welcomes Kamuba for the first time in a year and idols who are solo♪

We will introduce the release date and details of the album in detail, so please check it out!

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Introducing K-POP idols of comeback in March at once!

Onlyoneof [March 2]

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Onlyoneof will release the album "SEOUL COLLECTION" on March 2nd.♪

Since "Instinct Part.2", many fans have been waiting for Kamba for the first time in about a year ^^

This album includes songs unique to Onlyoneof, such as "Chrome Hearts", which were pre -released in Japan, as well as the title song "SEOUL DRIFT"!

In February, the first mini album in Japan is released and is active!

ONEW [March 6]

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ONEW is SHINee's leader with overwhelming singing skills!

Such ONEW will return with the album "Circle" for the first time in a year.♪

Since I made a solo debut in 2018, I have released albums in Korea and Japan, and this time I'm a camba on a regular album in Korea ^^

The first concert will be held in Korea from March 3rd, and there are expectations that this album song will be heard first!

Cravity [March 6th]

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CRAVITY will release the fifth album "Master: Piece" on March 6!

This album is also a topic that members are actively involved in production!

Selim and Allen are in charge of the lyrics for four lap parts, including the title, and also includes Ubin's self -composed song "Light the Way".♪

It is noteworthy how the CRAVITY, which has won the first place in music programs, has over 200,000 copies of the previous album!

Cherry Bullet [March 7]

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CHERRY BULLET, to which Galpura members also belong, will come out for the first time in about a year!

Speaking of CHERRY BULLET, it is a popular girl group with fresh and lovely styles, and it is also known that two Japanese belong ^^

The third mini album "CHERRY DASH" to be released on March 7 will challenge with a dreamy concept!

Expect an album that seems to have more possibilities as an idol!

NIZIU [March 8]

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NIZIU will release the fifth single "Paradise" on March 8!

The theme song for "Movie Doraemon Nobita and the ideal village of the sky (utopia)" is selected as the first movie theme song!

It was announced at the Osaka performance last year, and it became a hot topic that Doraemon Nobita appeared on the stage!

In addition, this single isStray KidsExpectations are gathering, as Vanchan, Chanbin, and Han are in charge of composing and producing songs.^^

TWICE [March 10]

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Twiceteeth,3Month10On the day12The mini album "Ready to be"Come back!

Fans from all over the world are looking forward to TWICE Kamba for the first time in about 8 months in a complete body ^^

In the preceding image of an individual, a sophisticated and mature atmosphereThe enclosure was opened and the album concept was focused on attention!

Also this year1In the moon, English song "Moonlight Sunrise] Is open to the public and English songs2CraftsmenContinued Billboard Main Chart "HOT100Entered the chart!

5The stadium performance in Osaka and Tokyo was decided on the moon, and Japanese fans also pleased.♪

Kai [March 13]

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KAI will release the third Korean mini album "ROVER" on March 13!

Speaking of KAI, the performance full of charisma attracts people and is also a longing for junior idols ^^.

This Kamba, which has been about one year and four months since "Peaches", has been expected!

Furthermore, in April, the fan meeting will be decided to celebrate the 11th anniversary of EXO debut!

There are rumors that military service is near, but it seems that there are still more activities.♪ 

Orbit [March 14th]

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The Japan -Korea Joint Group Orbit, a native of Japan, will release a single "I Can't Breathe" on March 14!

Orbit will be released for three consecutive months from March!

The release of this single is part of the project "Room Project", a project that allows five members to fill the "space and eager" for two Korean members who are currently suspended.

moreover,3On the moonZeppThe tour has been decided and it is getting more and more exciting!

NMIXX [March 20]

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2Debut to the moon1It has reached its anniversaryNMIXXandI will be back!

I guess the fans are excited about the first mini album release!

New album "expérgo"In the Latin word," wake up ",NMIXXIs "currentIt is the concept of raining in the desert called fruit!

Gini last yearThe first time since I left6ManBecause it is Kamuba in the system, I am even more interested.

Jimin [March 24]

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BTS Jimin will debut on March 24 with the solo album "Face" ^^

There is a story about facing yourself and preparing a new departure as an artist's "Jimin".

After hearing the news that this album also includes the first self -composed song "Promise" and "Christmas Love", it seems to be a nice one for fans.♪

In addition, the Yonton event was announced to commemorate the release, which became a big topic!

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This time, we introduced K-POP idols that will come back in March!

There are many groups and solo Kamba who have been greeting Kamba for the first time in a long time, so it has become a month when attention is likely to attract ^^

For those who have a comeback, and those who are not! Check out music programs and enjoy March♪

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