Introducing a cafe that can be held in Kaphoi event in Korea! All agency, such as cafe arrangements and production! Recommended Senil Crafan information for beginners!


 Do you know Senil Cafe and Cap Hoi Event? (^○^)

 Recently, "Capphei event, etc.", which may be found in Japanese cafes, "" "Senil Cafe」!

"Senil Cafe" is an event that originated in Korea, which is an event that celebrates the birthday of pushing by decorating cafes with posters that push and distributing cup holders.♪

Currently, I want to hold a Senil Cafe in the authentic land because it is now possible to go to Korea relatively easily! I guess there are many people who think!

Therefore,This time, the city where young people gatherHongda (Hongdae)] Cafe where you can carry out Senil Cafe around5 electionsI will introduce♪

There is also a crowdfunding that even beginners can hold events!

What is a cup holder event?

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everyone is,"Cup holder eventHave you ever been?

Recently, it is a cup holder event that has been held in many cases in Japan, but it is generally widely held in Korea!

Senil cafes such as cup holder events are not the official event of the idol office,Fans and fan masters are organizersIt will be done.

I want to support my favorite idol! One of the activities by fansand,It is held at a cafe, etc. according to the birthday, anniversary commemoration, and announcement event.♪

mainly,The original design cup holder is installed in the cafe and distributed to those who purchased the drink (^o^)

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In addition, it is held at a cafe, etc. according to the KPOP idol's birthday, anniversary, and announcement event, making it a place for fans who support the same push.♪

It is also a place to enjoy talking about the recommendation together at the cafe, taking photos with the decoration of the cafe (^○^).

Cute shops, cup holders, and spaces full of recommendations are irresistible for fans.♡

Introducing a cafe that can be held in the Kaphoi event in the Hongda area of ​​Korea♪

몽글 (Mongle)


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  • Business hours: 11: 00-18: 30 (closing time may fluctuate)
  • SNS:Instagram
  • Reservation fee: 70,000 ₩ (about 7,000 yen in Japanese yen)



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  • Business hours: 12: 00-20
  • SNS:Twitter
  • Reservation fee: 5,000 ₩ (about 500 yen in Japanese yen)



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  • Business hours: 12: 00-20
  • SNS:Instagram
  • Reservation fee: None

Falling design


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  • Business hours: 12: 00-21: 00
  • SNS:Instagram
  • Reservation fee: 50,000 ₩ (about 5,000 yen in Japanese yen)

Lovin Her


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  • Business hours: 10: 00-20
  • SNS:Twitter
  • Reservation fee: 100,000 ₩ (about 10,000 yen in Japanese yen)


Use Senil Crafan to hold a Capho event!

I guess there are many people who say, "I want to do a recommended Senil Cafe, but I'm worried about the cost and I'm very ready to prepare ..."

What I would like to introduce to such a person this timeSenil CrafanThat's ^^

What is Senil Crafan? Senil advertising (Senil event) that individuals are recommendedA service that launches a project that issues, and the people who agree with the project will make a support money to realize Senil advertising (Senil event)."That's right ^^

The big advantage is that people who agree with the project can give a large -scale advertisement that is difficult to put out alone!

By all means, I want to have a Senil Cafe event! Why don't you launch a Senil event plan?

At our company, with the plannersAdvertising arrangement / payment management, delivery management from project launchWe support you♪

 In this way, there are many cases in which Senil Crafans actually planned and achieved or higher.♪

In addition, Senil Crafan's "supporterBy becoming, you can participate in the recommended Senil Cafe project! Because it is a great strength of Senil Crafan ^^

For those who support the project, we offer return products made in part of the support money.♪

And you can stay in a wonderful space surrounded by pushing as a new return productRecommended roomWas also added!

It's just a dream to be able to stay surrounded by pushes.♪

If you want to know more about the recommended roomHerefart!

If you do not reach the target amount, there will be no commission and will be refunded to your supporters, so don't worry.

If you are worried about Senil Crafan, we will also provide free chat and telephone consultation on the official LINE, so please feel free to contact us!


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to advertise ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

It is safe to be able to consult by phone as well as chat to the staff.♪

You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^


★SNS information of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN★

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, "Twitter」「Instagram」「TiktokWe are also distributing SNS♪

We distribute not only the information of Senil/support advertisements, but also the information of actors and idols, and great deals, so please follow up ^^

Twitter (@birthday_ad_jp)

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Tiktok explains information about Senil/support advertisements and blog information in an easy -to -understand manner ^^

Because it is a short video, you can watch it in a short time in the morning.♪

We plan to send various information through SNS in the future!

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