[2022] Shine! Introducing the winners of each of the Japan Record Awards! A newcomer is also awarded the greatness of BE: First/ Nizi U/ Kep1er!

【2022】輝く!日本レコード大賞の各賞受賞者をご紹介!新人ながら受賞したBE:FIRST/ Nizi U/ Kep1erの凄さにも迫る!

The 64th Japan Record Awards will be broadcast from 17:30 on December 30!

The winners of this year have also been announced, and they are getting more exciting.♪

What kind of artists are leading the Japanese music world?

This time, I would like to introduce the artists who won the Record Awards this year one by one!

In addition, we will dig deeper into the hottest group BE: FIRST and NIZIU, which won the Excellence Award.♪

Did you know that not only Japanese artists but also Korean artists have won the record award?

We will also introduce in detail about the hot topic Korean girl group KEP1ER ^^

Shine! Introducing the winners of each of the Japan Record Awards!

Excellent work award



Junju is a Japanese 4 -member mood song chorus group!

After his major debut, he had been conducting a concert at a health center and super public bath, so he was also called "Super Public Bath Idol".

As a result of a steady business activity, he played for the first time in the Red and White Singing Battle in 2018, and is now popular among middle -aged and older people!

"I want to take away you", which was released for the fifth red and white, has been selected as an excellent prize work ^^



NIZIU, a Japanese nine idol group that debuted from JYP Entertainment in 2020!

A group born of the global audition "NIZI PROJECT", consists of members who have the ability selected from 10,231 applicants ^^

The first dome tour held this year gather from high school students to mother generation and are loved by a wide range of ages.I proved that♪

The third single "CLAP CLAP" has been selected for the excellent work award ^^



Japanese pop rock band WACCI, which is gaining popularity by delivering "Songs that Gently enter into" Living "!"

He continued to make warm songs that would gently snuggle up to their feelings, and in 2018, "I became another person of another person", the buzz on SNS, and attracted attention!

The song "Koisei" of the movie "Yanko Nominaka Clan" starring Taiho Tsuchiya has been selected as an excellent work award.♪

Kiyoshi Hikawa


Kiyoshi Hikawa is called "Prince in the Enka" and has been driving the Japanese enka world!

He has been awarded for the 22nd consecutive year since he won the "Best Newcomer Award" at the Japan Record Awards in 2000!

We have announced that we will suspend our activities by the end of the year, and we do not mention the future revival.

"Koshuji" has been selected as an excellent work award this year♪



ADO who started working as a singer from junior high school students!

I usually hide my real face and work, but it became a hot topic because I first appeared in one -man live ^^

In August this year, the music chart "Billboard Japan 100" was ranked at the same time.

"New era" has been selected for the excellent work award!



DA-ICE of Japanese 5-person dance & vocal group!

There are strong vocals and performers, and dance that makes you want to dance together is popular ^^

In 2021, he won the record award for the first time in "Citrus", and "Star Mine" was also selected as an excellent work award this year.♪

MRS. Green Apple


 MRS. GREEN Apple is a Japanese rock band that works in a group of three ^^

After one year and eight months of suspension, we returned in March this year!

Members work on lyrics and composition, and "Blue and Summer" and "Inferno" are famous songs.♪

In this year's record award, "Dance Hall" has been selected as the Excellence Award!

Macaroni Pencil


Macaroni Pencil is a 4 -person pop slock band ^^

Formed at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in 2012, the 10th anniversary of his debut this year!

Last year, we won the Best Newcomer Award at the Record Awards, and this year, "Nothing," was selected as an excellent work award ^^

Be: First


BE: FIRST is a seven artist group born in the audition "The First" sponsored by AAA's Sky-Hi!

Vocal and dance powerful people gather, and high -level performance has become a hot topic ^^

BE: FIRST's success was remarkable, and "BYE-GOOD-BYE", which was appointed as the theme song for the morning drama "Fantastic 31 Days" in the morning drama "Fantastic 31 Days", won the first award!



SEKAI NO OWARI is a Japanese 4 -person band ^^

It has been loved for a long time because the unique singing voice of the vocal Fukase and the unique view of the world have been a hot topic and have been challenging new music.♪

In this year's record award, the theme song "Habit" of the movie "Holic XXXHOLIC" was selected as an excellent work award!

New face award

Ishikawa flower


The first rookie award is Hana Ishikawa, who is also active as an exclusive model of SEVENTEEN!

It is a half with an American father and a Japanese mother, and a transparent beautiful girl ^^

This year, Hana Ishikawa became a hot topic for the ending theme of the drama "Fate Police" "Blooming in the Sky" and won the rookie award!



The second rookie award is Hello! Japan 10 -member idol group OCHA NORMA!

A group of concepts to entertain "tea room" and is composed of members born in 2002 to 2007.♪

Aimi Tanaka


The third rookie award is Aimi Tanaka, a Japanese enka singer!

I belonged to a song circle since I was in elementary school and made my singer debut last year as an active female college student!

As if to wipe out the image of a traditional enka singer, a concert was performed with pants suits and mini skirts, and one aspect known as "Gal in the Enka World" ^^

It is a large newcomer who seems to blow a new wind into the enka world.♪



The fourth rookie award is Japanese singer -songwriter TANI YUUKI!

The debut song "MYRA" released in 2020 is very popular in Tiktok, and "W/X/Y" also has a long hit!

The number of playbacks on YouTube exceeded 7.8 million, and the sweet and sour lyrics have sympathized!

Best singing award

Daichi Miura


Daichi Miura, who is active as a Japanese dancer and singer!

He has outstanding singing skills and dance, and is famous as an entertainer that Japan is proud of ^^

This year, the theme song of NHK's serial TV novel "Chimudodon" was used again as the theme song was "San"!

Special award


ADO is not only the “New Era” has been selected as an excellent work award, but also a special award ^^

Attention has also been focused on how to appear in ADO who has not appeared!



Aimer who has also decided to appear in Red and White this year!

Aimer is not cleared and has many mysterious parts, but under the influence of the bassist's father, go to the music path!

This year, I was in charge of the opening song "Renshu" and the ending song "Morning", which was in charge of the TV anime "Demon Blade", and I was even more well known!

Male calling assembly



A four -member rock band male fighting assembly (Okakogumi) debuted from the Johnny's office!

It became a hot topic after resuming its activities for the first time in 29 years in July this year, and the live performed in October was sold out and showed a strong popularity!

Depending on the live response at the end of December, it seems that there is an extension of activities ^^

King GNU



King GNU is a Japanese four -member mixture rock band!

I got the attention at once in "Hakushi"King GNUteeth,J-POPMany people are grasped with the unique musicality and world view of black music.^^



The nine girl group KEP1ER born from the Korean audition program "Girls Planet 999"!

It is a multinational group composed of six Koreans, two Japanese, and one Chinese.♪

There are many catchy and energetic songs, and it is attracting attention not only in Korea and Japan but also worldwide ^^



DA PUMP, known as a Japanese male dance & vocal group!

"U.S.A" promoted the world, and on December 14 this year, it will be talked about again by releasing "U.S.A." answer song "T.O.K.Y.O" ^^.

In the record award, we won the award for five consecutive years this year!



Yuzu, a Japanese folk duo that has produced many hit songs!

The two who started on the street on the street celebrated their 25th anniversary this year and are still active at the forefront of the Japanese music world ^^

already2023The year's live tour is also decided, and we plan to travel around the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa.♪

Special International Music Award




South Korea's 13 -member Boys Idol Group SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN is known for being working as a "independent production group" and working on music and dancing ^^

The popularity in Japan was terrible, and it was difficult to obtain tickets for the dome tour held in November this year.

This year, SEVENTEEN has won the Special International Music Award this year instead of BTS, which has been awarded for the second consecutive year!

What is the greatness of BE: First and NIZIU, who was selected as a newcomer as an excellent work award candidate?

Be: First


In the second year of debut, the second single "BYE-GOOD-BYE" won the excellent work award!

It is known that vocals, dance, and performances are gathered and boasts high ability ^^

"SHINING ONE", which attracted attention from audition programs and released before the debut, won the first place on the music distribution site!

He was also drawn to famous large festivals, and in August this year, he appeared in "Rock in Japan Festival 2022" and "Summer Sonic 2022" and became a hot topic.

At the Japan Gold Disc Award, it was selected as "Best 5 New Artist (Japanese Raku)"!

In addition, not only was the first award at the Record Awards, but also the first appearance in the Red and White Singing Battle held at the end of the year, and it is a group that keeps an eye on future success!



NIZIU, which debuted in 2020 after working for the Japan -Korea joint project "NIZI PROJECT"!

Rainbow Pro is an audition program that has been talked about in the information program "Clear" and has been captivated throughout Japan ^^

Not only is the cute and adorable visuals popular, but also the gathering of members selected for laps, vocals, and dances, and their ability is also attracting attention!

The MV of the pre -debut song "Make You Happy" has exceeded 58 million times in three weeks, proving that it is supported not only by Japan and South Korea, but also from all over the world.♪

In addition, this year, the first dome tour will be held for one year and 11 months since its debut!

Become a female artist with the fastest record in history!

It has been decided to participate in red and white for the third consecutive year, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a national idol in Japan!

What is the greatness of KEP1ER, who was selected as a special award candidate for a newcomer?


The Kep1er, which debuted in January 2022, is different from a general group, and has a period of 2 years and 6 months.

As a result, each office selects affiliated artists and trainees and appears on audition programs, so members with ability are gathered ^^

The MV of the debut song "WADADA" has now surpassed the number of views over 14.2 million times!

It is a bright, energetic and catchy song, and it is a song that was very popular in Tiktok and others.♪

In the first year of his debut, his debut in Japan was decided, and the showcase was flooded, so an additional performance was decided!

Approximately 20,000 fans gathered in 3 performances and proved their popularity ^^

There is also a great achievement that he will be on the shoulder with famous Japanese artists such as Yuzu and DA PUMP, and will be awarded the special award at this year's record award!

It is an indispensable presence in talking about the Japanese music world!


This time, we introduced an artist who won the 64th Japan Record Awards.♪

From seasonal artists to nostalgic artists, I can't wait for the record of the record award!

Large newcomers who have debuted in the last one or two years have also won the award, and keep an eye on their future activities!

Please prepare for various artists' songs by December 30 and find a new push ^^

Let's excite the Japanese music world together♪ 

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