[2022 latest] Introducing super luxurious K-POP idols that are Kamba in July such as ENHYPEN and AESPA! Up to cheering advertisements issued in the commemoration of Kamba♪


K-POP idols that come to Kamba in July 2022 are super luxurious! !


K-POP idols, which are active not only in Korea but also all over the world, are scheduled for Kamba in July.♪

Are you ready to celebrate the recommended Kamba? (^○^)

So this timeIntroducing the gorgeous K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in July, and support advertisements that have been issued in the past to commemorate Kamba.♪

Let's support the recommended Kamba! !

[Latest] Introducing the idols scheduled for Kamba in July!

From here, K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in July 2022ScheduleI will introduce♪

The idols that come to Kamuba in July are only groups that are active not only in Japan but also all over the world, so attention is attracting attention!



Through the official SNSJuly 4thOn3 mini albums"Manifesto: Day 1"Enhypen who announced the comeback!

This is the first comeback in about 6 months since the album "Dimension: Answer" released in January this year.♪

On May 3, 2022, there was a Kamba in Japan in the 2nd single "Dimension: Flash".

This time, I'm looking forward to the Korean KambaIsn't there a lot of ENGENE? (^○^)

Also, this album

Connect the voices of the same generation and speak for the larger "us".

With the concept of SNS live, karaoke, and net cafes, each member has a microphone in a familiar place for young people!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of new song will attract her ENGENE.♪



July 5thWINNER announced that he would come back with a complete body.

The perfect comeback for the first time in two years and three months!

Also held on June 26Appeared in the summer music festival "Waterbomb 2022"WINNER.

Among them, the leader Kang Seung Yoon

WINNER will release a new album on July 5th. I would like to ask for a lot of expectations. It's a refreshing and cool song that is perfect for this atmosphere and summer sensitivity, so I want you to listen a lot.

We announced and sang some parts of the new songs with the members, and we excite many fans!

WINNER, whose title song on the album has been the first place in the music chart in Korea and overseas since debuting in 2014

This time, the expectation of what kind of new song to play Kamba will increase.♪

Space Girl (WJSN)

July 5thSpace girl (WJSN) announced a comeback.

This comeback is a comeback for the first time in about one year and four months since "Unnature" released in March 2021!

Space Girl (WJSN), who recently won the final championship in "Queendom2", has been working individually in units, dramas, and variety programs.

This time, the space girl who powered up this time is attracting attention because it fulfills Kamba.♪

In addition, prior to Camba, two days on the 11th and 12th, a solo concert at the Olympic Hall in the Seoul Olympic Park "2022 WJSN Concert WonderlandWill be held (^○^)

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of song a cosmetic girl who released the image photo that is perfect for summer will play Kamuba!


July 6thOnNew mini album9LORYUS "andCome back with a 6 -person systemSF9 that fulfills.

This is the first comeback in about seven months since "RUMINATION" released in 2021, but this time a comeback with a six -person system!

In addition to the members Insong and Yongbin, Rowon, who is active as an actor, has become a Kamba with six people due to the overlap of the drama shooting period.

In conjunction with Kamba, the affiliated office FNC Entertainment released the "9LORYUS: PROLOGUE" trailer through the official SNS, attracting attention.♪

This video is a "annular solar eclipse" that the sun hides in the moon
When it appears, it starts with an impressive scene that wakes up from a nightmare.

It was released on June 21 when the annular solar eclipse was actually observedAnd it became a more topic (^○^)

Expectations will increase what kind of songs will be performed in Kamba with a six -person system.♪



July 8th2nd mini album"Girls"Aespa fulfills comeback.

Aespa, which has been a huge hit for three consecutive three consecutive reasons from the debut song "BLACK MAMBA" to "NEXT LEVEL" and "SAVAGE", will make a comeback for the first time in nine months!

And ahead of the comeback,On June 24, the first English digital single "Life's Too Short" was released!

I want to enjoy it without regret so that I like my only life

This song with the ambition isIt is attracting attention from fans around the world♡

This mini album may be released simultaneously in Korea and the United States, so expectations for further activities in the world are expanding.♪

Also, the first visit to Japan


ofAugust6th and 7thIt has also been decided to be held at Nipia Arena MM!


July 12th11th full album"THE ROAD: KEEP ON GOING"Her SUPER JUNIOR announced that she will come back.

After the 10th album "THE RENAISSANCE" released in March 2021, it will be a comeback for the first time in about one year and four months!

In February this year, the special single "THE ROAD: Winter for Spring" will be released, and will be the 18th year of debut.SUPER JUNIORWe showed a new sensitivity♪

Expectations increase what kind of music this 11th full album attracts fans ( ^ ^)

Also, from July 15th to 17th, Seoul Concert "Super Show9: RoadIs scheduled to be held

The expectations of fans are increasing with the concert in Korea for the first time in about three years!



July 15thOn5th mini album"CHECKMATE"Izty forecasts a comeback.

This is the first time in about 10 months since the 1st full album "CRAZY IN LOVE" last SeptembercamI will do the back!

JYP Entertainment is a concept film "ITZY" CHECKMATE "CONCEPTFILM #1" that allows you to see the atmosphere of the new album on the official YouTube channel!

Showed a new concept with adult -like smoky makeup and monochrome costumes,Enjoyed the heat before the comeback♪

On the day of the comeback (July 15), we performed to fans in Japan and overseas through Twitter's "Blueroom Live" and Mnet Camback Special.Announced what to do!

Also, this time, in addition to the mini albumAugustThe 1st world tour is also announced and furtherExpectations are increasing (^○^)



Not only as a group, but also as an individualBTS, which announced that the activities would increase, became a hot topic,J-HOPE is the first solo activity this time!

July 15thAnd solo album"Jack in the Box"I will achieve a comeback♪

The title is

Break the existing framework and show a growing figure

The aspirations are included,It has attracted a lot of attention because it shows its own music and new charm!

Prior to July 15th of the album announcement, on July 1st, we will announce the pre -release songs, and we plan to release various content that contains our own personality and color (^○ ○. ^)

In addition, J -HOPE will also appear in Chicago, the largest festival in Chicago, USA!

It is the first time for Korean singers to have a major American festival headliner.

Expectations are growing what kind of performance to be performing as a solo artist.♪

Supported advertising examples commemorating Kamba

 From now on, we will introduce support advertisements that fans have been issued in commemoration of comeback in the past!

Cheering advertisements are often issued as a celebration, such as Senil (birthday) ads, advertisements to celebrate Kamba and anniversary.♪

Let's even more excite the recommended Kamba through cheering advertisements (^○^)

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This is to commemorate SHINee's comeback in February 2021Hokkaido / Tokyo / Osaka / FukuokaIt is a cheering advertisement issued in four cities!

By issuing support advertisements not only in one place but also all over the country, you will have more opportunities for many fans to see it.♪


This is to commemorate Kamba in BtoB's Lim Hyun -sik's solo.Instagram StorizandIt is a cheering advertisement!

Instagram's Storiz advertisement is very popular because it is an advertising medium that can be easily transmitted to people around the world.♪


Until now, I have seen K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in July. How was it?

In July, expectations will increase when idols who are active in the world are camaba at once.♪

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