[2022 latest] In October, K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba are explained in 3 minutes! Introducing super luxury idols such as Red Velvet Surugi/Le Sserafim♪

【2022最新】10月カムバ予定のK-POPアイドルを3分で解説!Red Velvetスルギ/Kep1er/LE SSERAFIMなど超豪華アイドルをご紹介♪

In October 2022, IZ*ONE Kwon Eunbi and Lee Chae -yeon

Kep1er, Hybe's first girl group who made a brilliant debut with "WA DA DA"LE SSERAFIMIt is a month that many large newcomers can keep their eyes on the camsa!

A national idol like TWICE and BLACKPINK may be born.♪

This time, we will introduce KPOP idol groups and solo artists who are preparing for Kamba in October 2022!

We will also introduce the support advertising examples of Kamba commemoration, so please take a look to the end!

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Introducing a gorgeous K-POP idol that will come out in October!

Red Velvet Surugi

Surugi has been decided for the first solo debt from Red Velevet, who belongs to SM, a major Korean idol office SM!

It is known that her songs and dances are high and many fans expect solo debut.♪

October 4Released to1st mini album "28 ReasonsYou will see a different side from the Sulgi of Red Velvet (^○^)

I would like the KPOP world to show the eighth year of their debut in the KPOP world where the popular battle of rookie girls idol groups such as Kep1er and IVE is excited!

Kwon Unbi

Kwon Eunbi, who is from IZ*ONE and is a solo artist,October 12th2nd mini album "ColorCamba!

He is a leader in Iz*One, which is a highly noted idol, such as Ive's Won Young and Le Sserafim's Chewon.

Kwon Unbi, who was gaining popularity with her high vocal skills.

The popularity is rising as her solo artist!

Keep an eye on Kwon Eunbi's Kamba, which is getting more and more attractive (^○^)

Lee Cho Young

Lee Cheyoung's solo debut, which belonged to IZ*ONE, like Kwon Unbi, is finally decided!

Her debut date is the same as Kwon Unbi's KambaOctober 12th

You may be impressed by music programs.♪

Let's pay attention to what the concept of Lee Che -yeon, who has her high dance skills, will make a solo debut ( ^ O ^)


Kep1ER, which is also known for being enrolled in Hikaru and Mashiro, a Japanese member,

It can be said that it is one of the most momentum girls groups now!

Such Kep1ER isOctober 13thCamba♪

Her debut song "WA DA DAIs an explosive hit all over the world and showed a presence in the KPOP world in an instant.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of side you will show in this Kamba!

Also pay attention to the vocal and dance skills of Kep1ER, which is growing every time of Kamba ( ^ ^)

(G) i-dle

Popular with overwhelming ability and charisma (g) I-DleOctober 17thCamba!

Released in March 2022The title song of the first full album "I Never Die"TOMBOYIs still a huge hit♪

In 2018 ""LATATA(G) I-Dle quickly gained popularity after debut.

We have won the 10th rookie award in Korea!

There is no doubt that the charisma of i-Dle will be overwhelming in this Kamba (^○^)


(G) On the same day as i-Dle, LE SSERAFIM is also 2nd mini album "AntifragileIs scheduled for Kamba!

It's a direct confrontation between a veteran idol and a rookie idol♪

In addition to Saki Miyawaki and Chewon from IZ*ONE, Kazuha, which has high ballet skills and has a visual similar to that, is enrolled in LE SSERAFIM.

It is one of the most attractive girls groups now!

Watch out for growth from your debut song (^○^)

Introducing support advertising examples issued in Kamba Memorial!

From now on, we will introduce support advertisements that fans have been issued in commemoration of comeback in the past!


Cheering advertisements are often issued as a celebration, such as Senil (birthday) ads, advertisements to celebrate Kamba and anniversary.♪

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This is to commemorate SHINee's comeback in February 2021Hokkaido / Tokyo / Osaka / FukuokaIt is a cheering advertisement issued in four cities!

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This is to commemorate Kamba in BtoB's Lim Hyun -sik's solo.Instagram StorizandIt is a cheering advertisement!

Instagram's Storiz advertisement is very popular because it is an advertising medium that can be easily transmitted to people around the world.♪


In October, we introduced K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba. How was it?

In October, from newcomer idols to veteran idols, super luxurious idol Kamba is preparing, and I'm looking forward to it now.♪

It may be possible to have a group in the wake of this Kamba!

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