[2022 FNC Kingdom] Revived for the first time in 3 years! Introducing FNC artists coming to Japan♪Date, place, and ticket information are also delivered!

【2022 FNC KINGDOM】3年ぶりに復活!来日するFNCアーティストたちをご紹介♪開催日時や場所、チケット情報もお届け!

2022 FNC Kingdom, which will be revived for the first time in three years this year!

What is FNC Kingdom?A special concert where FNC entertainment artists gather ^^

Not only can you meet other groups other than the push, but also a special collaboration stage is available, and it shows excitement every year!

This time, to commemorate the 2022 FNC KINGDOM, we will take a detailed feature of the artists who are performing.♪

In addition, we will introduce ticket information from detailed information such as the venue and date and time, so please check it to the end!

2022 What is FNC Kingdom?


FNC Kingdom is a special concert held only in Japan once a year!

FNC Entertainment artists will gather together and show off a gorgeous stage ^^

Not only live performance for each group, but also collaboration stages that cross the group!

It is also a standard Japanese fans to cover familiar Japanese songs, and in the past, Arashi's "Happiness" and "Sunflower's Promise" by Kinhiro Hata.♪

FNC KINGDOM is the biggest pleasure in FNC KINGDOM!

This year is the first resurrection in three years, so I'm looking forward to seeing what stage is prepared ^^

In addition, this year's theme song "Sing AlongIs also released and is showing even more excitement!

If you are going to FNC Kingdom, be sure to check it out in advance!

2022 Introducing artists who appear on FNC Kingdom!



FTISLAND is a three -member male band group that debuted in 2007!

Speaking of FNC, a band!It is also a group that established a solid image.

FTISLAND has been attracting attention since its debut and was popular and popular, but he also studied for a short time in Japan to study music!

The influence of Japanese rock bands such as ONE OK ROCK has been greatly influenced, and he says that activities in Japan have started ^^

Since he was active in Japan, he has been loved for a long time, with strong support from Japanese fans.♪

The one and only singing voice of the vocal Honggi, which can be said to be the icon of the FTISLAND, deprives the listening person's heart.



CNBLUE is the second band group debuted from FNC Entertainment!

FTISLAND made its debut two years later, and we have been enhanced as a rivalry ^^

CNBLUE is "I want to train music warriorsSo, I started band activities in Japan first.

In Japan, where the band culture was flourished, I have been performing more than 100 times on the street and live houses while living in Tokyo!

He has an unusual background to finish his training in Japan and then make his major debut in Korea!

Please enjoy the sweet singing voice of Vocal Yong Hwa♪

Jung Heinin


Did you know that the popular actor Chong Hane is actually a FNC Entertainment? ^^

This year, it has been decided that Jung Hine will appear for the first time on FNC Kingdom.♪

Speaking of Jung Hein, he was in the spotlight in the drama called "Beautiful Sister who is well -treated" broadcasted in 2018.People's younger boyfriend"Was gained popularity in the position!

Jung Hein, who is very active as an actor, began to be interested in the entertainment world after the university entrance examination, and his debut was 26 years old in 2014!

He is an actor who has been attracting attention since he made his terrestrial debut in 2015, although he is not young as an actor debut.

Did you know that Jung Haine can sing a song as well as talent as an actor? ^^

Maybe you can see the singing Jung Hane in FNC Kingdom.♪



N.FLYING is a 5 -person boys band that debuted in 2015 ^^

Like CNBLUE, I was active in Japan for about six months before my debut!

It has a different band style from FTISLAND and CNBLUE♪

In such N.Flying, ROOFTOP, released in 2019, became a hot topic in word -of -mouth, and one month after its release, the first place on the music site was nulled!

We have attracted attention, such as won the rock category at MMA 2019!

In addition to frequent live performances in Japan, there are many Japanese cover songs such as YOASOBI's "Run at Night" on YouTube ^^

Not only is you good at singing, but the pronunciation of Japanese is very beautiful, so please listen to it.♪



SF9 is the first nine boys idol group of FNC Entertainment♪

This is a group that won the debut through the survival program "Dob: Dance or Band" where either the dance team or the band team debuts!

The visuals that are noticeable unintentionally as a unique song are unique to SF9.♪

For the first time in "Good Guy" released in 2020, he won the first place in music programs and spread the name "SF9"!

Furthermore, he appeared on the survival program "Kingdom: Legendary War" broadcast on Mnet in the same year, gaining further popularity and popularity ^^

He also actively performs personal activities, and also belongs to Rowun, starring "Love" and Chani who appeared in "Sky Castle".♪

Cherry Bullet


CHERRY BULLET is an AOA sister group that debuted in 2019♪

Cute visuals and songs are popular, and two Japanese members belong to ^^

Before the debut, on the billboardNewcomer expected in 2019Was introduced!

However, three members left in their debut year.

After over the blank period of about 9 months, seven people are still active!

Bora, Ji -Won, and Mei will appear on the audition program "Girls Planet 999" broadcast in 2021!

CHERRY BULLET is proud of the vocal, visual power, and performance power!

P1 harmony


P1 Harmony is a 6 -member boys group that debuted in 2020!

A group whose popularity is gaining popularity with hip -hop -based music, especially overseas, especially in Europe and the United States ^^

Vocals, dance, and laps are very stable, and the balance of the entire group is also the charm of P1 Harmony.♪

This year, we have made three comebacks this year, and from the beginning of next year, we plan to take an American tour starting Seoul!

I haven't made my debut in Japan yet, so I'm going to come to Japan for the first time this time, so let's make a push and go to see you!



PRIKIL is a Japanese girl group born through the survival program "WHO is Princess?"

All five members are junior high school students, and the average age is 14 years old!

It is known as a group of visuals and abilities that are so well -formed that they are not a junior high school student.

YouTube has a variety of artists' cover dance, such as BTS's "Dynamite" and AESPA's "NEXT LEVEL", so please check it out ^^.

With the girl crash concept, both cuteness and coolness are balanced, and further growth is expected in the future.FNCIt is the youngest group♪

2022 What is the date/time/place of FNC Kingdom?


2022 FNC Kingdom --Tar Station-
  • [Date and time]
  • December 17, 2022 (Sat) 16: 00-
  • December 18, 2022 (Sun) 16: 00-
  • 【Venue】
  • Chiba / Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center 9-10 Hall

2022 FNC Kingdom, which will be held for 2 days,It is held at Makuhari Messe, which is often used in festivals etc. ^^

We are planning a performance for about 4 and a half hours, so you can see a lot of stages.♪

2022 Deliver ticket information for FNC Kingdom!


The 2022 FNC Kingdom ticket, which is approaching this weekend, is currently selling general!

Currently, the purchase can be purchased only for general sales for December 18.

You can purchase it until 6:00 pm on December 14th, so if you want to see "2022 FNC Kingdom!", Please purchase as soon as possible ^^


This time, we sent a special feature on 2022 FNC Kingdom, where FNC Entertainment artists gather ^^

FNC Entertainment has many famous artists, from bands to actors and idol groups!

Many people may have discovered unexpected artists, such as the fact that an unexpected artist belongs or the seniors and junior relationships became clear.

P1 Harmony and PRIKIL, who debuted with Corona's evil, will also participate for the first time, and they will show you a further upgrade!

Let's finally excite the 2022 FNC Kingdom, which will be held this weekend♪

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