[Pafocho] SEVENTEEN Recommended Master List! Thorough explanation of Korean master culture! [As of June 2013]


The idol, which is a unique culture of KoreaMasterThe presence of!

It can be said to be an indispensable entity in supporting Korean idols^_^

Have you ever seen a high -quality picture that is not official on SNS?

Support for not only photos, but also in various situations such as the number of album sales and streaming.The charismatic presence of the fan.

This time, we will introduce the contents of the master's activities, the representative of the fans and the charismatic presence!

again,SEVENTEEN Performance Team MasterI will introduce each member♪

Read this article and "I want to release SEVENTEEN members Senil!」「I want to give a support advertisement at the time of the performance in Japan!If you have a person, please feel free to contact us.♪

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Thorough explanation of Korean master culture!

What is a Korean master?

What is the master?Fans who take pictures and videos of idols and upload them to their own fan sitesis!

Korean "홈페 마 터 (homepage master)In addition to "Master", ""Mastanim"or"HomumaIs also called!

Many people have seen an account that uploads high -quality photos and videos that are not officially officially on SNS such as Twitter. ^^

Activities in which the master posts photos/videos for free has contributed to the spread of KPOP culture to the world!

for example,By appearing idol photos on SNS, fans who can't go directly can know the idol activities.

It is not unusual for a picture of a popular idol to get thousands or tens of thousands.

In particular, KPOP idols have fans all over the world, so many fans are looking forward to the master photos.♪

again,It also contributes greatly to idol's own advertising!

When you have an idol you are interested in, you will search for your name on SNS etc. ^^

In addition to the limited number of photos, they often become fans during the performances taken by the Master and photos of the signing session.

Quote source

Therefore, it is said that the office cannot crack down on the master.

What kind of activity is the master?

There is no rule for the activity as a fan, but we will introduce the basic activities of the master.♪

  • Go to the site, take pictures and videos of the recommended, and upload it to SNS immediately

Many of the masters go to concerts, signing sessions, idols leaving work, etc., and take pictures of the recommended ^^

Immediately after finishing, you can see many fans by uploading "preview (photos that are not high -quality processing)" on SNS etc.!

  • Post high -image quality of photos/videos

Later, there are many masters who edit photos and videos and upload them to SNS such as Twitter and YouTube!

There is no chicchem (individual camera) at the concert, so I would be grateful if there was a recommended camera (;;).

  • Sales of unofficial goods

Some masters are taking unofficial goods such as slogans in photos taken by themselves!

However, some offices are calling not to buy because they are informal.

  • Senil advertising/Senil event

For the Senil of the push, we will hold events such as Senil advertising and Senil Cafe using photos taken by yourself.♪

The master has many SNS followers, so many fans will gather ^^

These are the main activities of the master!

The effort I'm doing for the push is immeasurable ... (;;)

Recommended master list of SEVENTEEN Pafochi!

A performance team in charge of SEVENTEEN choreography and dance!

I will introduce each master♪



  • account:@Junllywin
  • Opening date: January 2017
  • Number of followers: about 12,000 people



  • account:@_moonjerry_
  • Opening date: January 2017
  • Number of followers: about 34,000 people



  • account:@menjunfei
  • Opening date: August 2013
  • Number of followers: Approximately 41,000 people


호 By Till The Top

  • account:@_tillthetop
  • Opening date: September 2016
  • Number of followers: about 136,000 people


호🌟Be My Dream

  • account:@bemydream_615
  • Opening date: May 2016
  • Number of followers: Approximately 116,000 people


  • account:@pentagram615
  • Opening date: November 2017
  • Number of followers: about 33,000 people



🌕Kazuki's sky

  • account:@theBrightMoon97
  • Opening date: June 2018
  • Number of followers: about 33,000 people



  • account:@infinity8_1107
  • Opening date: November 2015
  • Number of followers: about 75,000 people


ℛ𝑜𝓈𝓎 ℛ𝑜𝓈𝓎

  • account:@rosypsyche_8
  • Opening date: March 2022
  • Number of followers: about 15,000 people




  • account:@cheese21199
  • Opening date: October 2021
  • Number of followers: about 20,000 people


𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘋𝘐𝘕𝘖 𝘋𝘐𝘕𝘖

  • account:@love_for_dino
  • Opening date: June 2022
  • Number of followers: about 13,000 people



  • account:@AquariusDino211
  • Opening date: June 2022
  • Number of followers: Approximately 6,000 people


Is the master's photo OK for Senil's celebration? About the rules of photos and videos!

Quote source

The photos taken by the master are all quality ones as if they were taken by professional photographers ^^.

I want to use photos taken by the master for Senil advertising!I think there are people who say.

but,The master decides the rules for their photos and videos.

for example,
・ Secondary processing prohibited
・ No logo (credit) cut -out
・ Prohibition of commercial use

Sometimes you write rules on the top page of Twitter!

Even if you haven't writtenPlease note that the above is basically NG!

If you want to use photos and videos,It is necessary to contact the master directly by DM, etc. and obtain permission to use it for cheering advertising.there is!

Some masters allow us to use it for Senil ads ^^

In the case of traffic advertising, the license from the office + the master taken requires permission to use the photo.is💡

(There is an advertisement that can only be applied to the Korean office, EX: SNS advertisement, vision advertisement)

Be sure to obtain permission to use the photographer and use it if you do not get permission so that you do not have trouble without permission.


Introduced with the "Master" that is indispensable in performing activities.♪

Did you have a master you care about?

There are more idol masters, so look for your favorite master!

Charismatic masters are also supporting the idol fan, so let's understand the rules.♪

I hope that you can grasp the rules and make them more enjoyable^_^

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