[TXT] August September Birthday Huninki Yong Joon Special! Interviews with TXT fans♪


everyoneAugust 14th Huninki, September 13th YonjunIt's your birthday!

Are the fans already preparing for the celebration? (^O^)

This time,Introducing the birthday members of August and September as a special feature on TXT (TOMORROW X Together), which is very popular in Japan.


In the past, we interviewed fans who have issued TXT Senil ads, and have been able to ask their thoughts when they were issued Senil ads.♪

Prepare to celebrate your birthday! Please take a look at it ^ ^

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About TXT


 20193Debuted in the moonBTSFor the younger brother "TOMORROW X Together (TXT)

Korean5A human idol group, Korean4People and Americans1It is composed by people.

Boast worldwide popularityBTSIt was a hot topic before the debut because it was my brother.TXTteeth,

202012The largest music award ceremony in Asia held on the monthMama"andBTSThe song "Dynamite] And showed the fans with the high level of performance!

The group name isYou and I are different from each other in a dream and make tomorrow togetherThat meaning is included!

Also, the fan name "MOA"teeth,


Every moment TXT and fans share is always eternal""♪

Since debuting on March 4, 2019, we have been named a number of rookie awards in Japan and overseas.As of 2020, the year after his debut, he has already achieved 100 rookie awards.

again,2021In the year, we won the "Seoul Kayo Grand Prize" and joined the top artist (^○^).

Its popularity in Japan!

2020~2021Released in the year4The work is continuous and the album ranking of the Oricon weekly album1It has become very popular not only in Korea but also in Japan, including acquiring a rank.♪

SuchTXTIs a group that has a high ability to dance, sing and wrap so that all members are in charge of the part of other members.

Members sometimes wrote lyrics and composition, so they incorporate phrases like "bibidibaby" and spells in the lyrics.

We value the world view of the group, such as making the title of the song long and mysterious!

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of songs and performances TXT will attract fans in the future.♪ 

About Huninkai on August birthday


  • Real name: Kai Kamaru Hunin
  • Date of birth: August 14, 2002
  • Birthplace: Hawaii Honolulu, USA
  • Blood type: type A

Huninki features a sweet singing voice and a looks like a prince.

Despite being a TXT manne (youngest), there is also a high -spec aspect of fluent in English, Korean, Chinese, and Portuguese!

In the past, I have a variety of backgrounds, such as singer activities in China.

In addition, the group is in charge of the main vocal, and the versatility that can play pianos and drums is attractive.♪

Huninka is this year2Moon, Avril Lavigne "SK8er BOI""SNSSurprise release on the channel!

On Twitter, he tweeted the lyrics of the same song on Twitter on Twitter.

Avril himself retweeted this tweetThe best cover!"

I hope you like my cover! You are an icon.

It became a hot topic, such as sending Avril a message of love!

 I'm looking forward to seeing how Huninkai has a variety of talents.♪

About Yonjun on September birthday


  • Real name: Choi Yong Joon
  • Date of birth: September 13, 1999
  • Birthplace: Johoku -ku, Seoul
  • Blood type: type A

Yonjun, the oldest member of TXT!

The trainee period is 4 years and the most trainee period is the longest trainee period.

 Yonjun isHe was an honor student who was ranked first in all categories in dancing, singing, and laps in the end of the month during the trainee era!

Before the debutBIG HIT legendary practice"It was enough to be given a nickname♪

 The members are "Even though other trainees are in the same rate, I have never seen Yongjun achieving the second and lower grades."Was said.

202110In the moon, the collaboration song by Justin Bieber and The Kid LaloyStayIs a surprise of the video covered with the members Taehyun!

The song is different from the original song, and it has shown its high ability.

 9 years old ~11Young Jun, who is good at English because he lived in the United States until the age, is one of the charms that she is the oldest, but her younger brother member is kind and a character ( ^ o ^).

Interview with those who have issued TXT Senil ads

This time, I celebrated the birthday of Subin, a TXT member last year, and I was able to talk to the fans who have issued Senil advertisements (^○^).

The customer has issued a Senil advertisement for TXT and Subin at the Osaka Ebisu Bashit Vision.
I wanted to celebrate Subin's birthday grandly, and Ebisu Bashihit Vision was the biggest, so I wanted to play on a screen bigger than anyone!
that's what he said♪
I want to celebrate my birthday! With that in mind, it's very nice to give a great Senil ad to a powerful large vision (^o^).
Also, the reaction from the people around me
Some of my friends went to see me, and I advertised them on Tiktok and Twitter in advance, so I got acquainted.I was happy to go to see it!Some people came from Mie Prefecture (;;)
that's what he said!
In this way, by holding an event that will please those who are pushing the same idols.
I think it will be possible to share the birthday with more people with more people and will lead to exchanges between fans ^ ^
In the future, Senil Advertising Agency Japan will continue to support the fans of the fans ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
I also want to put the recommended Senil ad to a large vision ...
If you think that, we will provide free consultation on our official LINE, so please feel free to contact us!
Thank you for your cooperation in the interview.

Summary of Senil/Supporting Advertising cases published in the past

From now on, we will introduce TXT's Senil advertisements issued in Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN in the past.♪

Japan Street Vision

This is the celebration of Bombgyu's birthdayThe most popular Shinjuku Unica VisionIt is a Senil advertisement issued in!

The video of the push on the big screen is powerful and is easy to see for many people.♪

SNS advertising


This is the Senil advertisement that was published in the Instagram Stories in the past!

SNS advertisements are very popular because they can deliver recommended Senil advertisements to fans of more countries at low prices.♪

I want to give Senil advertisement alone ...

For those who like, we also recommend SNS advertisements that can be easily put out (^○^)


As a TXT feature so far, Huninki and Yongjun, which will have their birthday in August September,

I have seen interviews with fans who have issued Senil advertisements in the past, but how was it?

Actually, when I heard the voices of the fans who were issued Senil advertisements, I was told that I wanted to do something for pushing.

You can realize the splendor of "recommended life" again ^ ^

If you are a member of the members who will be celebrating your birthday, please take out the Senil advertisement on your birthday and excite them.♪


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