NCT DREAM for the first single dome performance in February! Deliver the latest information of members, big news, popular albums and latest live information!

2月に初の単独ドーム公演が決定したNCT DREAM!メンバーの最新情報、一大ニュース、人気のアルバムや最新ライブ情報もお届け!

NCT DREAM, which held the first Japanese arena tour with seven people from November 2022!

And how,2023 February 17, 18, 19, 3 days,
Additional performance at Kyocera Dome OsakaThe event has been decided ^ ^♡ 

About NCTDREAM, which has become more powerful as 7 people

Incorporate Instagram and YouTube,
Great news, the latest information, recommended albums, Kyocera Dome performance,

I will tell you the first Japanese single release ٩ ('ω') و

Read this article and "NCT Dream's activities,
I want to excite the members more! "
If you think

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What is NCT Dream?

Quote source

NCT DREAM debuted from SM Entertainment in 2016,
In the NCT derivative group, at the time of the debut,
A 7 -member boys group composed of teenage members♪

 I graduated because the oldest mark was 20 years old in 2018,
The graduation system was abolished, and the mark was revived in 2020 and the activity was resumed by seven people!

Deliver the latest information and big news of members!

From here, incorporate Instagram and YouTube,
We will deliver the latest information and the latest information of the members of the members♪

Mark (mark)

My eyes are cute with baby faces, and since my debut,
Not to mention Shizuni (NCT fans)

The mark was said by the members "cute, cute",

Recently, I have long hair and suddenly I feel mature,
Isn't there a lot of people who were surprised? (´∀ `)

Here is the mark about a year ago.♪

The short hair is cute with blond hair♡

And here is the recent mark.

The visual changes too much in one year (° ▽ °)!

It's getting cooler recently
I will continue to pay attention to the evolution of the visuals of the mark ^ ^


Longjun, who is in charge of overwhelmingly cute in NCTDREAM,

It was unveiled at the MBC Kayo Festival at the end of 2022,

On the stage of the new song "CANDY"Longjun wearing a rabbit ear hat
If it was too cute, it became a hot topic among Shizuni!

Here is the chicchem at that time♪

This rabbit ear hat is for Longjun
It looks so good that you think it was made (´∀ `*)


Geno was held in New York on September 12, 2022 (local time in the United States).

In the "VOGUEWORLD", a global event commemorating the 130th anniversary of "VOGUE"
The only Asian male artist was invited. 

In addition, the men's wear runway of the brand "Peter Do"
I walked as a model at the opening ^ ^

The model of the fashion show was
Geno was the first time in NCT, so

He showed me a new world again (´∀ `*)

You can see Geno's behind at the time of the show on the Utube below ^ ^


Next is the latest information on Gemin!

"What a magazine" Marie Claire Korea "was selected on the February 2023 issue cover ٩ ('ω') و

This is the first solo cover to commemorate♡
Moreover, there are three types of cover this time.

The other day, the story of "Marie Claire Korea" official Instagram
Four of the cover candidates were presented, and a questionnaire was conducted on which cover is good!

And with the fan participation type, three cover was decided ^ ^
It's a fun event to take a questionnaire and decide the cover.♪

Here are three types of cover that I decided♪( ´▽`)

This time, I took a picture wearing a FENDI 2023 S/S men's collection
Not only the cover but also the special page of Gemin,

It is a lot of content until the interview♪

Please check out Gemin's first independent cover!


Speaking of Hechan, isn't there any hair color that you have never done?
The hair color changes frequently ^ ^

It's such a chan, but
I have black hair since I had black hair in September 2022 (as of January 2023)!

Before I made my black hair, it was purple in the photo below ^ ^

And here is the current He Chan♪

 This is the end of 2022 Kayo Festival
Singer YOUNHA, NCT127 Tail and Ha Chan,

This is a video when you performed the stage of YOUNHA's hit song "비밀 번호 486".

The impression is completely different depending on the hair color♪
Like the mark, Hachan has become very mature recently.♪( ´▽`)

This video is
9 months ago"Glitch Mode" Kamba periodThis is Hou Chang.

The visuals are completely different between now and March 2022 (° ▽ °)!

In just 9 months, the hair color is the same but it is so different
Idols are amazing (´∀ `)♡


 You know Shizuni (NCT fans).
Everyone who recently knew NCT

Do you know Degal (갈), a dog of Chonro? (´∀ `*)♡

Degal became NCT content in 2021
Appeared with Chonro, Mark, Hechan, Chison♪

The appearance of 2021 was 4 months old
Are you worried about the small Degar's recent status? ^ ^

DegalChungro's InstagramMany appeared in♡

I still love Degal,
I like Chonro's parent stupid ^ ^

The entanglement between other members and Degal is also cute, so
I want you to appear in the video again in the future♪


Speaking of the big news of Chison,
During the NCT DREAM vacation period in January 2023I was on a trip to Japan with my family ^ ^

movie"Your name is."Chison, who professed that he loved,

Twitter and Instagram photos taken in the sacred place of "Your Name."
He published a photo while traveling♪

 I'm glad to choose Japan as a destination with my family during my vacation (T ^ T)♡

I'm glad I enjoyed it to the sacred place, gourmet, and aquariums.♪
It seems good to take a picture at the place where Chison posted (° ▽ °)

Introducing 3 recommended albums♪

Candy (released on December 19, 2022)

The title "Candy" of this album is

NCTDREAM released idol group H.O.T in 1996
It is a song that remakes "Candy".

andNCTDREAM's first winter special mini album♪

The recent title song was a lot of cool tune, so
It's a cute concept song after a long time.♪

The members dressed in Mokomoko costume are very cute, so
Please check out not only the album but also the MV (´∀ `*)♡

맛 (HotSouce) (released on May 10, 2021)

This is the first regular album of NCT DREAM!

The mark joined, and both members and Ciznni have been waiting,
The first regular album with seven people is

From the releaseIn one week (first movement), achieved the million seller and
On May 25, two weeks later, a total of 2,4360 copies were sold,

Double million seller(° ▽ °)!

Once you hear it, pay attention to the intro and rust dance that does not leave your head.♪

버퍼링 (Glitch Mode) (released on March 28, 2022)

This album exceeds the first regular album (HotSouce).

It exceeded 2.1 million copies in a week since its release,
Double million seller in the shortest timeRecorded!

The title song "Glitch Mode" of the second regular album is
"When you look at your favorite partner, it is frozen as if you were buffering."of
It is expressed!

Please check it out because the choreography of the rust is characteristic.♪( ´▽`)

Additional performances in Kyocera will be decided! Deliver information about the first single dome performance!

 Quote source

Started with Japan Gaishi Hall on November 23, 2022

Yokohama Arena on November 26-28, Marine Messe Fukuoka on December 1st,
All 5 performances were held "THE DREAM SHOW2"It is a long -awaited additional performance

NCTDREAM's first dome performance was announced (T ^ T)♡

3 days of February 17, 18, and 19, 2023,
Additional performances will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka!

moreoverThe first Japanese single "Best Friend Ever" commemorating the Japan Tour
The release was also announced ٩ ('ω') و

Japanese singleReleased on February 8this♪
You can check the details of the album on the NCT JAPAN official Twitter ^ ^

 Currently limited edition A, B, member versions
The jacket is released♪ 


This time, the latest information on the members about NCTDREAM, which is rising in popularity,
About the big news, recommended albums, Kyocera performances, and Japanese singles

I introduced you, how was it? ^ ^

From the Graduation Group in the 2018 Mark, "The Dream SHOW2" was held,
And until the first dome performance
NCTDREAM was not a flat road,

Since the release of the regular album in May 2021,

Album, music program, content, etc. without stopping
I'm glad that seven people work (T ^ T)♡

With the launch of this dome performance and the release of the Japanese single
I'm looking forward to the future activities in Japan.♪

First of all, the dome performance in February, so that the Japanese single will succeed,
Let's support you ^ ^♡

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