In 5 minutes, NCT/WAYV Yanyan on October birthday! Introducing Instagram from basic information such as height and nationality♪

10月誕生日のNCT/WayV ヤンヤンを5分で解説!身長や国籍などの基本情報からインスタなどをご紹介♪

The next -generation Boys Group of SM Entertainment, which has "extension" and "open" in the group themeNCT』。

NCT is an abbreviation of NEO Culture Technology, a boy group with a new concept that members are composed of the concepts and images of the music without fixing the activity groups and members.

The number of members who had five at the time of their debut in 2016 will be 23 in 2022, and it has been announced that new members and units will be added in the future.

Yan Yang, who joined the NCT in 2019, is one of the most noticeable members of the next generation of NCT.

This time, we will thoroughly explain the profile and charm of NCT Yan Yang, which will celebrate its birthday on October 10!

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Yan Yang profile

  • Real name: Ryu Yan Yang (刘扬扬)
  • Date of birth: October 10, 2000
  • Birthplace: Taiwan Shin -Kita City
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood type: O type
  • Family structure: parents, sister
  • Hobbies: Sneakers collection
  • Group belonging: NCT, WAYV (Demi V), NCT U

Yan Yang from Taiwan passed the global audition of SM Entertainment in 2016!

SM Entertainment pre -debut team in July 2018 "Sm RookiesIs published as "".

In 2019, the NCT derivative group that focuses on the Greater China CancerWAYV (Genjin V)Make a debut as a member of♪

Yan Yang, the first Taiwanese idol in SM Entertainment, moved to Germany for his father's work at the age of 11, so he lived in Germany until he joined SM Entertainment.

I'm curious as a fan of why Yan Yang jumped into the K-POP world.♪

When he was in Germany, Yan Yang was injured in a basketball game and had surgery.

Yan Yang, who had a dream of performing on the stage while sleeping under anesthesia after surgery

After being discharged from the hospital, he happened to see an SM audition advertisement on the Internet, returned to Taiwan and auditioned!

Yanyan, who had no experience of dancing or singing until then, passed the audition with a dance that only clapped in the song and clapping rhythm!

When it was released as Sm Rookies with the current Wayv's Xiao Jun Hendry, "There is a very cute child!"And became a hot topic among K-POP fans (^o^)

Yan Yang is a manne (youngest child) on Wayv, and is loved by his brother members with naughty and cheerful characters ^ ^ ^ ^

However, there was an episode that it was originally very shy, and when I became a trainee, it took a lot of time to be able to understand with other trainees.♪

Wayv members who are not only visuals and performance but also their families and language skills are said to be high -spec groups.

It is natural that they can speak two languages ​​and three languages,What a Yan Yang5 languageHe has a language skills to make full use of!

When he was in Taiwan, he spoke Chinese and went to an international school in Germany, so he learned English and Spanish in addition to German.

And the words speaking differ depending on the members of NCT.

He says that when speaking with Ten, he speaks English, Chinese, Korean members, Koreans, and Korean members!

In NCT, the members of Wayv are Yan Yang, who speaks "family", but they are very good friends with the same 00line Ronjun and Shotaro.

It seems that Yan Yang's friendly character is also loved by NCT ​​members while saying shyness.♡

In the activities of NCT2020, with Taeyeon and Mark, "NEW AXISYanyan showed a strong rap in.

NCT U's "Universe], And is also active in music programs, etc., and is expected to be active in the future as a member of the next generation of NCT!

Introducing Instagram!

Yan Yang has opened an individual Instagram account!

This time, I will dig deeper into Yan Yang's Instagram and introduce a cute side.♪

Visual explosion photo book

Yanyan is attractive with the crisp eyes and the well -organized visuals!

The jaw line is beautiful! As your fans say, you can see the beautiful Yanyan like a model.♪ 

Photobook full of members

Yan Yang says that Wayv members are like a real family and love!

Louis Lion, a cat that I keep in the Wayv dormitory, is also doted about the dog Bella,

In Instagram and WWEIBO LIVE, I sometimes live while holding Louis and Lion.♪

Check out Instagram that you can know about Yan Yang's private (^○^)

What is NCT LAB's new song?

[STATION: NCT LAB] is a new project of SM [Station] for archiving various music activities of NCT.

Apart from the NCT activities, this project, which performs solo songs, self -composition, unit songs, etc. by NCT ​​members, is attracting attention as a new attempt of SM Entertainment!

 NCT LAB's third song, NCT U on July 19, 2022Rain DayWas released.

This song, where Yan Yang, Kun, and Tail participate, is a medium tempo R & B song written by Kun.♪

Kun, which has an outstanding singing ability and sweet singing voice among the NCT, fusion of Yan Yang's bass wrap there, creating an unprecedented new harmony ^ ^

In fact, Kun, who wrote the songwriting, has been asked to fix nine times from the company!

"Rain Day", which can be said to be one of the songs of Kun's whole body, is a recommended song that is perfect for rainy days.♪

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Quote source

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So this time

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It's right in front of SM, so it's likely that the idol itself will see!

Banner ads installed on walls such as convenience stores and cafes are

It can be installed in front of the idol office, so it is a popular medium in Korea as an idol support ad.♪

Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will surely attract many people's gaze.♪

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This time, we introduced the profile and charm of NCT Yan Yang!

Yan Yang is said to be the next generation rapper of NCT's expectation next to Taeyeon and Mark, with a hard and powerful wrap.

In my private life, the gap of a naughty and mischief is irresistible.♪

Let's celebrate the birthday of NCT's Yan Yang, which is attracting attention in the future, with a plan around the SM office!

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