NCT随一の歌唱力テイル特集! 兵役はいつ?難関音大に合格した過去、ギネスを更新した話題のインスタをご紹介♪

NCT随一の歌唱力テイル特集! 兵役はいつ?難関音大に合格した過去、ギネスを更新した話題のインスタをご紹介♪

We feature tails with the best singing ability of NCT!

As the oldest of NCT, we have produced many famous songs with outstanding singing skills.♪

Introducing outstanding high tone voices♪

I would also like to predict the time of the approaching soldier!

The past that passed a difficult university? I will also make a deep grove for unknown past♪

We also offer plans to celebrate the tail that will celebrate your birthday on June 14!

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Basic information of tail

Introducing the loved and oldest tail profile♪

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🌙Tail profile🌙
  • Real name: Muntail (문태)
  • Date of birth: June 14, 1994
  • Height: 171cm
  • Blood type: O type
  • Family structure: parents, sister
  • Special skill: Song, guitar, piano
  • Hobbies: Music appreciation, movies, cooking
  • Educational background: Hanyo University Erica Department of Practical Music (Dropped)


Tail is good at cooking and shows his skills in NCT content!

There are several cooking content of 문 문 (Moon -sensei)!

Samgyeopsal's skill was acclaimed that the members who lived in the same dormitory seemed to be eating Samgyeopsal in the same dormitory.♪

My educational background has dropped out of college, but I passed a difficult music college that is 407 times more difficult!

When you pass, you will be scouted from your current SM Entertainment.

I refuse to scout once, but decides to drop out of college and enter the office with the words "I can continue my favorite music and continue for a long time."

He debuted in NCT127 and talked about his feelings after that.😭

Without that word, you may have graduated from college and are on a different path> <

I am grateful to Tail -kun for choosing an idol profession.♪


When is Tail's military service?

It is rumored that NCT's oldest tail is close to the time of military service.

In Korea, there is a rule that you have to join by the age of 28.

In fact, the KPOP idol of the 94th grade is also enlisted, so it seems that the time of enlistment is not so far away!

What is worrisome is the time of enlistment.

According to the information, it is presumed that the NCT127 comeback has been decided, but the schedule has disappeared from the official schedule, so it is presumed to be enlisted by June this year. 。

Regarding the enlistment, Shizuni will not be bothered because it will be announced suddenly.

Recently, KAI (born January 14, 1994), which was suddenly announced due to a change in military service, was on Instagram on the day of enlistment on the day.

It is an inevitable road for Korean men, but I just hope that they will be able to do as much activity before joining. "

Introducing the topic Instagram that updated Tail Guinness♪

I'm updating Guinness at the same time as the opening of Instagram!

The content of the Guinness updated is the number of followers after opening!

After opening, we set a Guinness record of "the fastest time with one million followers on Instagram"!

Achieving 1 million follow -up in 1 hour and 45 minutes is a proof that the popularity has been established worldwide.♪

There is no details about the account name, but it is speculated that the first post is ON_AIR because the first post is ON_AIR by multiplying the meaning of the last name and the English word "MOON (moon)". It will be done!

I will add it if the mystery of the account name is solved^.^

Introducing the topic Instagram post that updated Guinness♪


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"On Air💡It is a post started with the sentence and selfie^_^
It's like a tail and it's very nice♪

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Not only selfie, but also a memberHe often posts off shots with ー♪

It is very valuable to see the members off shots!

Tale fascinating high tone voice feature!

Many Shizuni are fascinated by the singing voice of Tail!

Here, we will introduce the singing voice of the best tail that grabs the hearts of everyone who listened.♪


This is the OST of the Korean drama "The Personown -Business God-"! It's amazing to sing the OST solo, but you can see that it was attracting attention before the debut because the OST was selected before the debut or during the trainee era.♪

BABY BABY (4MEN) Cover by Tal

Tail that covers the song of an artist 4MEN! The cover while playing the good piano is too cool♪

늘 늘 너 너 게 – feat. 이 이

It is a video that participated in the masked mask! Unfortunately, I lost the battle in the first round, but Tail -kun who gave me a wonderful voice!

Three selections of charms that are too swamps of tails!

Natural body

As the charm of Tail, many people may be fluttering in the natural form that is not decorated!

The reaction when you find out is the first place in the NCT127 content, isn't it too cute?♪


There is nothing but Tail who can show you sleep! (smile)


 Speaking of tails, Tales Butterfly!

He tells me the tips for Tail Butterfly!

The oldest child loved

Tail's charm is the loved power from many people!

All NCT members have poured love, but they are especially loving NCT127 Hechan and Yuta^_^

When I shot the content, Ildon A tail that appears frequently in the annual Yuta Instagram! Finally, Yuta's Installory's behind has been released! (smile) You can feel Yuta's tail with the word tail that supplements 5 %.

sex appeal

I introduced Tail -kun, who is loved by nature, but I will introduce it because the sex appeal of adults is amazing.♪ 

It's a chin line, it's nice to look ...

Celebrate the birthday of NCT Tail at Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

Tail to celebrate your birthday on June 14!

 Ikebukuro Parco, which was very popular last year, will be revived in June, July and August!

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I introduced a lot of attractive Tail, how was it?

You may have been able to tell you a little about Tail's charm, who dropped out of a difficult university with a magnification of about 400 times and chose the idol path!

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