IVE costume & hairstyle special feature! Introducing carefully selected cute costumes and hairstyles for each member & summary of successive MV costumes♪


After debuting in 2021,
Ive that has been enormous of the K -POP 4th generation girl group with a huge popularity♪

Not to mention the popularity of songs and dance,
Speaking of Ive, the visuals of the members were utilized,

Cute costumes and hairstyles are also the point of attention.♡

So this time Cute costumes for each of the six people,
Carefully selected hairstyles and further MV costumes
I will introduce it (´∀ `)

If you want to know more about Ive members,

I introduced Ive beforeHereThe article
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What is Ive?

Quote source

Debuted in Korea on December 1, 2021
It is a 6 -member girl group!

Until now (as of February 2023)
All three MV plays have exceeded 100 million!

In addition, at the song festival at the end of 2022
Not only the rookie award, but also the Grand Prize for MMA and MAMA

We have leaned many awards with the momentum that we do not think of a newcomer.

Now, it is a hot girl group ٩ ('ω') و


Introducing two cute costumes for each member.♪


Cool sister!With the image
This costume perfect for Gaul!

Gorgeous print skirt, black long boots,
The combination of bangs without bangs is the best (*'▽'*)♡

Heart pattern denim mini -piece, colorful shoes,
White socks are the point ^ ^

The cute costumes look great (T ^ T)♡
It's more cute in the video, so please take a look at Chicchem.♪


YUJIN (Yujin)

Red skirt, tie, large ribbon,
White socks
Costume that seems to appear in the anime!

Combined with Yujin's visuals and style
It really looks like an anime character (° ▽ °)♡

Please also see Chicchem♪

It is a tight mini dress with a gorgeous neck ^ ^

Speaking of Yujin this! As you can say
In Yujin, the tight mini dress looks great, isn't it?♪

I can't believe it is 19 years old (as of February 2023) because of this adult!


For tops with lots of jewelry
Bustier with a painting printed outfit!

actually,This costume is for Ive
It was made by custom -made (° ▽ °)

Looking at the video, the tops of the tops are sparkling,
Please check it out because it is cute♪ 


2022, the award ceremony held at the end of the year
It is a costume with a red carpet♪

Ray has many cute style costumes,
A slightly stronger girlish costume looks good!

I was able to discover the charm of the new ray ^ ^


I thought, "Is it a Disney Princess!?"
It's a princess visual (° ▽ °)♡

Tops and accessories are cute, so
I think the bottoms are skirts,

Looking at the whole body with the chicchem below, the bottoms are jeans!

It is a surprising and very impressive costume ^ ^

Costumes like dolls wrapped in frills and ribbons!

Lovely costumes so far
Isn't it not much before? (´ ▽ `)

It is a perfect costume for a cute rabbit face Won Young.♡


At first glance, it's simple, but it's an impressive costume ^ ^

I put Valletta on the black hair straight
Because it is a simple hairstyle,
The blue costumes stand out and look very good♪( ´▽`)

Please also see Chicchem♪


Beige cropped -length costume,
It looks very good with blonde liz (´∀ `)

I can't see it, but it's a setup!

You can also wear a beige setup with a difficult combination
There are no clothes that don't suit Liz ^ ^


It is a costume of uniform motif♪

Iso is still a third -year junior high school student (as of February 2023),

Even the costume of the uniform motif is mature, so
I can't see it in junior high school students at all!

The styling of the headband is perfect for long hair♪

Please check the chicchem ^ ^ ^

K-POP fans

Speaking of female idol costumes, I imagine
Isn't it such a costume? ^ ^

Because the whole is unified in black
It is a costume with visuals and styles that stand out.♪


We will carefully select cute hairstyles and introduce them one by one.♪


Gaul had a lot of arrangements with grated hair on Bob,
The twin dumpling with a little hair is fresh (´∀ `*)

YUJIN (Yujin)

Without straight hair or bangs,
Yujin has many mature hairstyles,

The up style braided behind the bangs is
It's very fresh and cute (^o^)♡


This isSailor Moon's protagonist,
It is a hairstyle inspired by Tsukino Usagi♪( ´▽`)

Rolling hair style flowing from this twin dumpling that was unlikely♪
Ray, who says "Lay La Moon", is also cute.♡


This isUtilizing the hair of Super Long's Won Young,
It's Rapunzel Hair (´∀ `)♡

If you look closely, the hair ornament is
It's a sparkling flower part and lame race.♪


Blonde, braid, red ribbonCombination,
It looks like an anime character!

This combination looks good
Is there only Riz? It looks good as I think♡


Ponytail without bangsand,
The beautiful face line is emphasized and I fell in love (´ ▽ `)

Because it is simple, the visuals of iso are enhanced.♪

Summary of IVE's successive MV costumes!

From the three MV costumes released as of February 2023
We will carefully select and introduce 2 clothes at a time.♪

Introduced from each MV,
You can see costumes other than the second place on the MV!


This costume is particularly impressive in ELEVEN's MV.♪

Speaking of "ELEVEN"
Isn't there a lot of people who think of this costume? ^ ^

The setup of these white pants is

Average height 169cmExcellent style,
It is a costume that emphasizes the goodness of the style of all Ive (´∀ `)

Love Dive

As a concept photo of Love Dive
When these second costumes are released

"Like Pretty Cure! Is it Sailor Moon!?"and
It became a hot topic not only among DIVE (IVE fan) but also among K-POP fans!

The costumes are different for each member,
Looking at the overall balance, both costumes have a sense of unity.♪

Sailor Moon, Precure feeling
It is a very cute costume (゜ ∀ ゜)♡ 

After Like

 After Like of the retro concept.

Because the song is a retro concept,

Large silver sequins in costumes,
With a large fur, etc., a retro feeling is produced ^ ^

In addition to this costume, in MV
Each of the six people is in charge of one color,

Also pay attention to the costumes full of retro (´∀ `)



This time, the girl group Ive, which is now hot,
I focused on costumes and hairstyles,
What did you think? ^ ^

Even with the same song, costumes and hairstyles are different for each stage, so
This is also the real pleasure of promoting the K-POP idol group.♪( ´▽`)

And IveYokohama Pia Arena MM on February 18 and 19
At the Kobe World Memorial Hall on February 23 and 24

We will hold the first concert in Japan.

It is a space only for Ive and Dive (Ive fan),
I'm looking forward to the first concert ^ ^

Let's cheer for future Ive activities in the future ٩ ('ω') و

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