2022 Latest! Astro Cha Ue Wan's Senior Event! in Japan

2022最新!ASTRO チャ・ウヌのセンイルイベント!in 日本

March 30 is the birthday of Astro Une♪

Do you have plans to participate in the Senior Event? (^ ^)

This time, we will introduce the Senior Senior event of Cha Ueu, which will be held in Japan!

Please go if there is an eve to mind, please go♪

In Senior Ads Agency JAPAN, we will make Senior LIVE on March 30, which is the day of Cha U W w on the day (^ ○ ^)

If you are interested,HereFollow and wait!

YouTube delivery isHereYou can see from♪

Cup holder and treka

We will introduce the Senior Event to which the cup holder and the Treka held in each region are distributed♪

By all means, if there were people who are living in the area near you, please go (^ ○ ^)

New Otakubo 


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Cup holder and treka
    • 【Place】 KPOP DJ CAFE
    • 【address unknown
    • [Period] March 27-March 30
    • [Twitter of the shop]@idolcafe_ic





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Cup holder and treka
  • 【Place】 Koguma Garage
  • 【Address】 Tokyo Setagaya Ward Sanko 2-4-13 Sun Life Building
  • [Period] March 24-March 31
  • [Twitter of the shop]@koguma_garage






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Cup holder and treka
  • 【Location】 Cafepri Yume
  • 【Address】 Tokyo Machida City Morino 1-34-13TM3 Building 204
  • [Period] March 27-March 30
  • [Twitter of the shop]@cafepri_yume



Harajuku 1


Quote source

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Cup holder and treka
  • 【Location】 Cafe Yolum
  • 【Address】 Tokyo Shibuya-ku Jingumiya 1-21-15 Harajuku ATM Building 2F
  • [Period] March 27-March 30
  • [Twitter of the shop]@yolumlovesyou



Harajuku 2


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Cup holder and treka
  • [Location] CHU CAFE
  • 【Address】 Tokyo Shibuya-ku Kaeshisu 4-25-2
  • [Period] March 26-March 30 (finished as soon as the distribution period disappears)
  • [Twitter of the shop]@chu_cafe





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Cup holder and treka
  • [Location] Oshi Ni Muchu
  • 【Address】 Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakata Ward Sumiyoshi 1-2-22 Canal City Apa B1
  • [Period] March 27-March 30
  • [Twitter of the shop]@042610fukuoka


Distribution of this cup holder is also held at Aichi, Ishikawa, Yokohama, Matsumoto, Tokyo, Kochi, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Sendai regions.

If you are worried, please go to the nearest event location♪

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Aichi prefecture


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Cup holder and treka
  • [Place] Pink Bear Cafe
  • 【Address】 Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Naka Ward 3-chome 21-32
  • [Period] March 28-March 30
  • [Twitter of the shop]@pinkbearcafe



Street Vision Event

The Senior Advertising will flow between 7 o'clock to 25 o'clock in Shinjuku's Unicavision on the day of the birthday day of Cha Ueu (March 30) (^ ○ ^)

Please take a look at the Senior Senior Event in a powerful big screen♪

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Quote source

  • 【Place】 Shinjuku Unikovision
  • 【Address】 Tokyo Shinjuku Ward Shinjuku 3-23-7
  • [Period] March 30 (7 o'clock to 25 o'clock)



Other Semale Events

Besides cup holders and Treca, there are shops that are distributing goods as a Senior event limited, so we will introduce♪

New Otakubo


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Other Semale Events
  • 【Place】 MASTER's
  • 【Address】 Okubo Okubo, Tokyo Shinjuku-ku 1-16-28
  • [Period] March 26-March 30 (only 30 days backward distribution)
  • [Twitter of the shop]@masters__tbs





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Other Semale Events
  • [Location] CAFE C +
  • 【Address】 Okubo 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 12-27
  • [Period] March 26-March 30
  • [Twitter of the shop]@Cafe_cplus



Leave the Senior Ads Agency Japan!

Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN Agent Korean Cup Holder

Looking at the case introduced this time, there are many people who felt that "I also want to put out Senior Advertising!"♪

"Don't you have the courage to give advertising ..." "Do you not make it difficult?" If you are troubled, please feel free to consult with Senior Ads Agency JAPAN ^ ^

When registering the official line of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solutions will be solved about your support ads!

Of course chat to the staffIt is safe to consult with the phone♪

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