Thorough explanation of Treasure Jungyu on September birthday! Introducing information such as childhood and height & cute aspects of Jun -gyu♪

9月誕生日のTREASURE ジュンギュを徹底解説!子役時代や身長などの情報&ジュンギュの可愛い一面もご紹介♪

Treasure Jun Gyu, who will celebrate its birthday in September!

Are you ready to celebrate your birthday?

This time, we will deepen the basic profile and the topic TMI-LOG before Jun-gyu's birthday and introduce a cute side!

After passing through the survival audition program "YG Jewelry Box", let's deepen the appeal of Treasure members Jung -yu who debuted in 2022 ^ ^ ^ ^

moreover,At Senil Advertising Agency JAPANImplemented "YG Office Plan" as a plan around the Korean idol officedoing!

Sail/support advertisements around YG office

TREASURE JungyuBirthdayWould you like to celebrate grandly? ( ^ ^)

We will also introduce details about this YG office surrounding plan.♪

About Jun Gyu

  • Date of birth: September 9, 2000
  • Birthplace: South Korea Chugen Kitamichi Tadasu City
  • Height: 178cm
  • Brother: Brother
  • Blood type: O type

Jun -gyu, who was a kids model and child role,

A sweet mask and a tall height, as a bonus, a member of Treasure's visual with Asahi and Jae Hyuk!

Kids modelChild roleIn the times,Olchan」=「The best faceAbbreviation (Orguru = face, Chang = the best) It was also called!

Because it has a small face and long limbs, ""Style ghostIs also said to be♪

In addition, Jung -gyu's singing voice, who is in charge of vocal,

When performed on the survival audition program "YG Jewelry Box" that selected TREASURE, "YG voiceWas also said (^○^)

Before the YG jewelry box, he appeared on an audition program called "mixnine" with the members Hyun -suk!

There are characteristics and charms in how to speak and how to run, and the members often imitate Jung -gyu, so please check out the Treasure YouTube content.♪

Jun -gyu, who loves Crayon Shin -chan, is also pajamas! ^ ^

And it's a pretty indoor school and rarely get out of the house!

It's such a jun gyu, but from the membersI'm always saved by the smile of Jungyu, who always smiles"♪

surelyHe often smiles and illuminates Treasure brightly!

Jun -gyu is also

Improve your white eyes, yawn while shouting, and like the lines of "You can go to the University of Tokyo if you get in my hands"

It also has a unique feature (^o^)

You can see it in YouTube content and VLIVE, so be sure to check it out!

Deep the TMI-LOG! Introducing a cute side♪

From here on, Jun -gyu's appeal has recently been talked about.TMI-LOGI want to see it!

If you have seen it, please remember the two cute people again.♪

The "TMI-LOG" EP.17 released on July 15 is

TMI where Jun Gyu and Asahi spend their holidays!

It is a valuable episode that two people who are super indoor and hardly go out go out.♪

Jun -gyu, who often wears black, is simply black on this day!

First of all, I decided to go to eat Mahlatan for Asahi, who has never eaten Mahlatan.

I live by eating Mahlatin a day, so let's tell you"Jun -gyu's expression is very crazy ^ ^

Jun -gyu's Doyari is really cute, isn't it?♪

While it rains, we head to the second cafe, but there are people in the store, so they choose a take -out.

In fact, both of them are introverted on INFP, and they are thrilled by the appearance of these two people are acting!

Next, two people who like manufacturing go to the pottery studio.

Asahi has created a work of art sense explosion, and Jun -gyu makes it to Asahi, who uses tools.Toilets?"

Complete mugs in all handmade! (smile)

The serious face when making it is cute (^_^)

And the introverted two people went to the chamber playground.

It seems that he played VR games and enjoyed in the ball pool!

Jun -gyu, who is Asahi, showed me a lot of care for my brother.♪

In real life, his brother has a brother, Jung -gyu on the Hyun (brother) line in Treasure.

This time again, I was a good style of style, and I saw a lot of cute and natural Jun -gyu.♪

Please take a look at "TMI-LOG" EP.17!

Introducing plans around YG office!

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, "Plan around YG OfficeIs implementing!

Senil/support advertisements may be installed in front of the YG office, so the idol belonging to YGSenil/Support advertisementAs a popular medium in Korea♪

In addition, by issuing support advertisements around the office, "Authentication shotI will also increase the probability of getting a picture (^o^)

It's very nice for fans to go to see the advertisements you have given.♪

So this time

TreasureHere are two banner ads that can be installed around YG Entertainment to which they belong!

 The positional relationship of the advertising medium is as follows.

It's right in front of YG, so it's likely that the idol will see you!

I will introduce each details♪

① Super Tome Mart

In this banner ad, a large banner on the outer wall of the supermarket used by many citizens.Up to 3 pieces can be installedis!

If there is an advertisement on the whole wall, it will be outstanding (^○^)

If you have an advertising slot, you can choose 1 to 3 pieces.♪

② Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will surely attract many people's gaze.♪

Please contact us on the official LINE for the detailed price of the two plans introduced so far (^○^)

For more details on the "YG Office Plan" introduced this time,HerePlease see♪


Treasure Jung-yu's profile and "TMI-LOG" were introduced to the cute side of Jun-gyu. How was it?

Jun -gyu has a lot of charm, such as the unique and charming way of speaking with the appearance and gap, and the feeling of older brother to show in front of the members!

In addition, I hope that you can celebrate Jung -gyu's birthday with a plan around the YG office introduced this time.♪

I would like to pay attention to the further success of TREASURE and Jun -gyu (^○^)

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