Explain NCT Yuta on October birthday in 5 minutes! Deliver radio & movie information from the topic Instagram♪

10月誕生日のNCT ユウタを5分で解説!話題のインスタからラジオ&映画情報をお届け♪

SM Entertainment Global Boys Group "NCT" that swept the K-POP scene.

NCT, which is a multinational member of Korea, China, China, Canada, and Japan, is active as a next -generation boys group that continues to expand.

Yuta, a member of NCT127, is known as the first Japanese trainee in SM Entertainment.

This time, we will introduce the NCT Yuta profile, the latest information, Instagram, etc., which will celebrate your birthday on October 26!

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[Latest] About Yuta NCT

  • Real name: Yuta Nakamoto
  • Date of birth: October 26, 1995
  • Birthplace: Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 176cm
  • Family structure: parents, sisters, sisters
  • Group belonging: NCT, NCT127, NCT U
  • Roll model: Yuno (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

Yuta, who became the first Japanese trainee of SM Entertainment, debuted as a member of NCT in 2016.

He has been active globally as a major member of NCT127 based on Korea and Japan!

In Japan, Yuta, a soccer boy, was influenced by the performance of Dong Bang Shin Ki under the influence of her sister and received a global audition for SM Entertainment.

Yuta had little experience in dancing and singing, but he passed the audition and went to Korea with almost no Korean!

The episode that I was auditioned secretly to my parents, so I was familiar with fans, isn't it?♪

In 2015, it was released as a member of the SM pre -debut team, SM ROOKIES, but at this time it was the first Japanese trainee of SM Entertainment, so it attracted a lot of attention before debut!

Quote source

Yuta, who made his debut as NCT127 in July 2016 and gained global popularity, is now active as a K-POP artist who is active not only in Korea and Japan but also in the world (^o^).

Powerful, sharp eyesight, sometimes sexy, and sometimes fans from all over the world are captivated by Yuta's charm that attracts fans coolly!

In addition, I usually show a naughty side with my friends, and the gap is irresistible.♪There are many fans♪

Louis Vuitton, who focuses on the influence of Yuta on K-POP fans around the world and the beauty beyond the gender of Yuta himself, has signed a friendship agreement with Yuta.

Along with the world celebrities,Participate in Louis Vuitton ads, etc.doing!

Also, recently, ""Matsuko ConferenceMatsuko Deluxe was acclaimed as a glance!

The songs, dance, laps, all -Mighty are all -friendly, and their younger brother members are loved by NCT's brother.

In particular, the Japanese member Shotaro, who joined the NCT in 2020, is lovely like a younger brother, and from fans.soy sauce"It's called a combination!

On the other hand, K-POP fans around the world are paying attention to Yuta, who shows a beautiful and sexy side on the stage.♪

In the future, it is expected that Yuta will be more and more active in how the figure will attract fans (^○^).

Yuta's Instagram summary!

Yuta opened a personal Instagram account in March 2020!

Speaking of Yuta, it is known that the most followers of Japanese male entertainers are the most followers, and they are so high that they are featured in wide shows.♪

What a number of followers nowMore than 8 million people, The influence is immeasurable (^o^)

This is an off -shot such as concerts!

You can check the precious Yuta off -shot.♪

In this way, you can also see shots taken by NCT ​​Doyon and shots with NCT members.♪

In Instagram, you can see valuable appearance that you can not usually see in performance, so it is a nice content as a fan (^○^).

Popular movies & radio information

The latest work of the movie HIGH & LOW series to be released in September 2022High & Low the Worst X], The first challenge to actors!

In the play, he plays Senomon Technical High School, the strongest man, Ryo Suzaki, called the "Gate of Blood", and is a role that makes Yuta's charisma realistically feel!

BE: FIRST's ryoki, which is known as a major fan of NCT127, co -starred in "High & Low The Worst X".

"Yuta"Yuta HyunIt is known that Yuta is so nostalgic that he is in contact with Yuta almost every day.

See this post on Instagram

Posts shared by Yuta Yuta (@yuu_taa_1026)Another topic is that Yuta's regular radio program "NCT127 Yuta at Home" is a concept program that comes to Yuta's room and heals tiredness.

It's also convinced that juniors are absorbed in Yuta's coolness and kindness.♪

Another topic is

Radio program "" Yuta "regularly appearsNCT127 Yuta Yuta at Home

It is a program with the concept of coming to Yuta's room and healing fatigue.

Yuta and friendly guests have also appeared, such as listening to private talks, NCT's Shotaro and BE: FIRST Ryoki.♪

For fans, it is a program that you need to check (^○^)

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Convenience store GS25

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I introduced NCT Yuta's profile and the latest information. How was it?

Yuta now grows into a super idol in the world and attracts fans around the world with global success.

The NCT, which has expanded and open as a group theme, will continue to expand its expansion, and new members and units are being announced.

Isn't Yuta also expanding the place of activity with NCT's further success?

Let's continue to watch the activities of NCT Yuta, which will celebrate your birthday on October 26♪

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