[Popular] Times Square support advertisement! Introducing a singer Kevin Woo's acclaimed advertisement!

【大好評】タイムズスクエアの応援広告にまさかのご本人登場!歌手KEVIN WOOさん絶賛の応援広告をご紹介!

NY is the most impactful of Senil/support advertisingTimes SquareSenil/support advertisement!

This time, in a wonderful place called Times Square, fans were supported to celebrate the singer Kevin Woo's Broadway debut.♪

And how! It has become a hot topic because the person himself visited the cheering advertisement for the Times Square and uploaded the authentication shot to SNS (^o^).

The person himself is also on SNSI can't believe that my face appears on the big bill board so much in Times Square!It seemed that I couldn't hide my surprise and joy.♪

So this time, it became a hot topic with the appearance of the person.In Times SquareKevin woooSpecial feature on cheering advertisements!

By all means, please look at this article and realize the greatness of Senil/support advertising in Times Square ^ ^ ^ ^

About Kevin Wooo

Kevin Woo was born on November 25, 1991 and a former member of the Male Idol Group U -Kiss from Korea!

After U-Kiss's activities, he has been active as a solo artistKevin Wooo said in October 2018Ride AlongIs released and started full -scale solo activities in Japan.

In April 2019, the 2nd single "FREEDOM" was released.

In July, he announced the 1st mini -album "TREASURE" made with the meaning of "something like a treasure box".♪

Also this year, the performance of Japan "KEVIN'S COMEBACK LIVE IN JAPAN 2022 "Time""Holded in Tokyo Shinjuku!

For the first time in Japan for the first time in about two years, there were many waiting fans rushing in and it was exciting on a hot stage (^○^).

KEVIN WOO has a performance in Japan for the first time in about two years.

Many fans in Japan were waiting for me, and I was impressed to welcome me again in love at the site. And I shed tears on the first day.

There are also events that fans have prepared, such as a cafe and an advertising vision in Shin -Okubo. I was able to see it directly with my own eyes, and it was a fun memory.

I looked back and talked about love for fans.♡

It is a good idea for fans to go directly to the cafe events and support advertisement held by the fans even if they are busy.♪

Also, in June 2021, debuted in the United States with the first English song "GOT IT"!

SHINTARO YASUDA, who was in charge of producing songs from Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, participated as a producer (^○^).

No way, the person appears! Introducing support advertisements at Times Square!

This time, fans have been supported by the NY Times Square, celebrating the singer Kevin Woo's Broadway debut!

After all, support advertisements in Times Square have a "special feeling", and even if you look at the video, you will be able to convey the power (^o^).

thisBroadway is ""K-POPA story is drawn by superstars that pour everything for special concerts overnight.

A preview performance will be held on October 13 at Broadway's Circle in the Square Theater, and the first performance will be held on November 20!

And this time, the fans will broadcast a support advertisement at NY Times Square to celebrate Kevin Woo who made his Broadway debut on the stage!

How! He rushed directly to the cheering advertisement for Times Square, and his SNS was enhanced the authentication shot and joy.♪

Kevin woooFans who have been supported by cheering advertisements will be happy to be happy to be transmitted by facial expressions (^o^).

Kevin Wooo

The expression will tell my feelings properly.😆I can't believe that my face appears on the big bill board so much in Times Square!

It seemed to be full of surprises and joy.♡

It's too amazing to have the person actually see the cheering advertisement that you put out and even take a certification shot (;;).

I think it was an unforgettable memory for both Kevin Woo and fans.♪

Remember to thank the fansKevin Woo's futureofKeep an eye on your success!

About Senil/Support advertisement at Times Square

Times SquareIs the most lively square in New York, the Broadway Musical Theater Street, which is the center of the entertainment in New York.♪

When I hear that I can advertise in such a wonderful place,

Initially"Can you really do that? !」「The cost is too high! ?There are images and questions like that!

The cost of posting advertisements in this Times Square isIt depends on the medium, period, etc.,

About 400,000 yen to 2.5 million yentakes.

To be honest, when it comes to this cost, many people feel that the scale is large.

Therefore, I recommend ""Senil Crafan"Utilization!

Senil advertising crowdfunding(Senil Crafan) is

It is a service that launches a project to launch an idol and support advertisement for you, and to provide support for people who agree with your thoughts and realize support advertising!

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In particular, I think that large -scale events such as Times Square are often difficult to realize by individuals,It can be realized with this Senil Crafan (^O^)

You are also the center of the world "Times SquareWould you like to give a powerful advertisement and support your recommendations more happily?

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Up to this point, we have introduced singer Kevin Woo's support ads at Times Square, how was it? (^○^)

After all, the support advertisement at Times Square was impressive just looking at the video.♪

I think that it was a lifetime memories for fans to send the support advertisement to Times Square and convey the voice of joy in both the authentication shots!

By all means, please use "Senil Crafan" to release Senil/support advertisements at Times Square with fans who support the same push.♪

Let's support KEVIN WOO's success through Senil/Support!

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