NCT's best singing tail special feature! When is the military service? Introducing the past that has passed the difficult sound university, an Instagram that updated Guinness♪

NCT随一の歌唱力テイル特集! 兵役はいつ?難関音大に合格した過去、ギネスを更新した話題のインスタをご紹介♪

It features "Tail" with the best singing ability of NCT!

As the oldest of NCT,Sense of stabilitySupport the group with outstanding singing skillsHigh tone voiceIntroducing♪

I would also like to predict the time of enlistment approaching the tail born in 1994!

Introducing past, family structure, and tails loved by members♪

Tale celebrating your birthday on June 14thWe also offer plans to celebrate a grand!

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If you look at this article and think "I want to release an NCT Tail Senil!" "I want to celebrate the NCT anniversary!"

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Basic information of tail

Introducing the loved and oldest tail profile♪

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🌙Tail profile🌙
  • Real name: Mun Tal (문태)
  • Date of birth: June 14, 1994
  • Height: 171cm
  • Blood type: O type
  • Family structure: parents, sister
  • Special skill: Song, guitar, piano
  • Hobbies: Music appreciation, movie watching
  • Educational background: Hanyo University Erica Department of Practical Music (Dropped)


Family structure is a family of "parents, tails, sisters"!

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He was three years old because he was three years old, so he seemed to have just quarrel when he was young!

The relationships have changed as they become adultsRight now a close friend -like relationshipWhat is it ^^

A nice son, a tail that answers his mother's indication.♪

Dad is talking about an episode that he has taken a rat in the bathroom with his bare hands when he was young, and the strength that does not move anything may be similar to his dad.♪

Tail is good at cooking and shows his skills in NCT content!

문 문 문 문 문 문 문 문 문 先 コー 先 コー コー コー コー コー コー コー 理 コー コー コー コー コー で で で で で で

Members of the food, especially the taste of Samgyeopsal, seemed to be eating the shop, and the members from the time they lived in the same dormitory praised.♪

The educational background isI dropped out of college, but passed a difficult music college with a magnification of 407 times!

When you pass the university, you will be scouted from your SM Entertainment.

I refuse the scout in the office once,With the words, "You can continue your favorite music and continue for a long time," he decides to drop out of college and enter the office.

If you were worried about a university or an idol path for a month,He talks about his feelings at that time😭

Without that word, you may have graduated from college and are on a different path> <

I am grateful to the tail for choosing the profession of idol.♪

When is Tail's military service?

A military service problem as the oldest of NCT.

In Korea, there is a rule that you have to join by the age of 28: ((

If you want to know more about soldiers, there is an article that summarizes military service in the past, so please refer to it^_^

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In fact, the KPOP idol of the 94th grade is also enlisted, so it seems that the time of enlistment is not so far away!

According to rumorsThe official schedule was on the schedule of NCT127's comeback, but according to the regulations of military serviceWithin 2023It is presumed to be enlisted in.

Regarding the enlistment, Shizuni will not be bothered because it will be announced suddenly.

Recently, KAI (born January 14, 1994), which was suddenly announced due to a change in military service, said on the Instagram Live that the enlistment date was contacted on the day.

It is an inevitable road for Korean men, but I just hope that they will be able to do as much activity before joining. "

Introducing the topic Instagram that updated Tail Guinness♪

Update Guinness at the same time as opening Instagram!

The contents of the updated Guinness are"The fastest time with 1 million followers on Instagram"The Guinness record was set!

Achieved 1 million followers in 1 hour and 45 minutesWhat we do is a proof that the popularity is established worldwide.♪

There is no details about the account name, but it is speculated that the first post is ON_AIR because the first post is ON_AIR by multiplying the meaning of the last name and the English word "MOON (moon)". It will be done!

I will add it if the mystery of the account name is solved^.^

Introducing the topic Instagram post that updated Guinness♪

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This is the first post after opening!
"On Air💡It is wonderful to put the sentence and a self -portrait^_^

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Not only selfie, but also a memberHe often posts off shots with ー♪

It looks like I went to see Doyon's musical in the same group!

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It is a post when I went on a dome tour last year!

In the dome surprise, the members crying were impressive> <

Tale fascinating high tone voice feature!

Many Shizuni are fascinated by the singing voice of Tail!

Here, the fascinating person who listens to the hearts of everyone who listened.Tail singing voiceI will introduce♪


This is the OST of the Korean drama "The Personown -Business God-"!

This video was a video that was shown after his debut, but in fact, before this song debut.Trainee eraI was selected as OST!

You can see that it has been attracting attention before its debut.♪

 4MEN "Baby Baby"

Cover the song of the artist 4MEN!

The cover while playing the good piano is too cool♪


It is the OST of the Korean drama "25, 211" which was popular in Japan!

It's a refreshing song that matches the content of the drama.♪

It is true that it is singing according to various songs> <

Three selections of charms that are too swamps of tails!

Natural body

As an attraction of tails, many people may be fluttering in the natural form that is not decorated!

The reaction when you find out is the first place in the NCT127 content, isn't it too cute?♪


Suddenly entering a mysterious world, you can do the gap with the stage O.O

This is too much and this is upset (laughs)

 Speaking of tails, Tales Butterfly!

Originally, it looks like a stretch that I went before going up on the stage!

He tells me the tips for Tail Butterfly!

The oldest loved

Tail's charm Part 2 is loved!

All NCT members have poured love, but they are especially loving NCT127 Hechan and Yuta^_^

Tail has told Hechan that he is not good at expressing his feelings, but the thoughts of the tail are fully transmitted to Hechan.♪

A tail that often appears in Yuta's instast!

Finally, Yuta's Installory's behind has been released! (smile)

With the word tail that supplements 5 %, you can feel Yuta's feelings for Tail!

 There was a special air feeling because it used to be the same room^_^

 Fit in the members' arms!

Johnny lifting the tail lightly is too great ...!


The Tal is "Tail" "If Yuta will give a Japanese name to the members named on the radioManabukunI was talking about it (laughs)

Manabu -kun seems to be quite established among Shizuni!

Here we introduce a tail that I chose by my own discretion.♪

Manabu -kun wearing glasses! cute♪ It's no exaggeration to say that if you were a classmate when you were in elementary school, you would always like it^.^

Manabu -kun fits with back hug ... it's too cute!

Is it only me who doesn't feel uncomfortable even if it is said to be Manabu? (smile)

Celebrate the birthday of NCT Tail at Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

June 14thNCT tail that will celebrate your birthday!

It was very popular in 2022Ikebukuro Palko JackJune / July / AugustI will be back in!

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The Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan is posted for one week on MondayLimited to one set of 1 weekWill be!

Click here for examples of last year's Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan🔽

Enhypen son hung

Celebrated the birthday of Sung Hoon of ENHYPEN♪

On the day of the birthday, the vision of the outer wall was broadcast and many people could see it!

Kep1er Yong -un

Celebrated the birthday of Yong -un of KEP1ER!

The decoration is also cute, and it seems that sticky notes were also performed^_^


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We introduced various tails such as high -tone voice singing voice and cuteness of nature. How was it?

It is a must -see in the future to post the topic Instagram that updated Guinness^.^

You may have been able to tell you a little about the charm of the tail that dropped out of the difficult music college with a magnification of about 400 times and chose the idol path!

I'm worried about the military service issue, but let's expect a wonderful success in the future.♪

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