[Japanese also belongs] Thorough explanation of LE SSERAFIM members! Recommended songs, Fanmi viewing methods, and how to join the fan club!

【日本人も所属】LE SSERAFIMメンバーの経歴を徹底解説!おすすめ曲やファンミ視聴方法、ファンクラブ入会方法もお届け!

 LE SSEARFIM, which has attracted tremendous popularity and attention since its debut in May 2022!

The Korean award ceremony is losing all the rookie awards, and the exposure to the Japanese media is increasing steadily ^^

One of the major reasons Le sserafim attracts people is the attractiveness of each member with a variety of backgrounds!

This time, we will send you a special feature of the LE SSERAFIM members.♪

Please check how much you know about Le sserafim members ^^

In addition, we will introduce the details of the fan meeting to be held, how to view online, and how to join the fan club!

We carefully select and deliver recommended songs for LE SSERAFIM that you want to check before the fan meeting!

It is an article that can be a Le sserafim master, so please enjoy it to the end.♪

What is Le sserafim?

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LE SSERAFIM is a five -member girl group debuted on May 2, 2022!

The biggest feature of Le sserafim is that it is composed of members with various backgrounds!

The synergies that make the most of the strengths they have are creating the color of the group called LE SSERAFIM ^^

It is a group that is popular not only from Japan and South Korea, as well as Japan and South Korea, with sophisticated music and visuals, without staying only on the topic of gathering famous members.♪

Such LE SSEARAFIM has a large award -winning rookie award, such as "MAMA AWARDS" and "Asian Artist Awards" in the year of debut!

Furthermore, before the debut in Japan, we achieved a feat of appearing in the "73rd Red and White Singing Battle" ^^

It is a girl group that has been active in various places and is expected to be expected in the future.♪

Deeply digging the background of LE SSERAFIM members!

Sakura Miyawaki

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First of all, Sakura Miyawaki (hereafter, Sakura), who made his third debut as an idol at LE SSERAFIM!

It is a 12 -year idol history this year, but it is also known that there is one aspect that is still growing!

At first glance, it seems like you've been in a popular and smooth idol life, but Sakura is an idol that has survived a variety of experiences.

Let's take a closer look at Sakura's career!

  • HKT48 (June 2021)

Sakura joined at the age of 13 and worked as a member of HKT48 for about 10 years ^^

It is famous as a member who has achieved a feat, such as ranking for the first time as a member of HKT48 in the AKB48 general election!

Since I was selected as a selection member, I have been active not only for HKT48 but also for AKB48!

In 2016, AKB48's first solo center was grabbed in the HKT48 title song in 2018, and it was known as a member who gradually climbed up.

  • PRODUCE48 (2018)

Sakura, who has worked hard as a member of HKT48, appears on the audition program "PRODUCE48"!

He served as the center for the original song "Pick Me", and was a very popular member who was always ranked within the debut area on the program!


Sakura, who had already been living a long idol life, was shocked by a Korean Korean idol, and she was growing and growing!

Sometimes, "Why Sakura is the center?"

And with the good results of the last second place, the debut was decided as IZ*ONE members!

  • IZ*ONE (2018 to April 2021)

Sakura, who won the debut, announced that HKT48 was suspended and started working as a member of IZ*ONE!

We challenged visuals and concepts that were not seen in the HKT48 era, and expanded their width as an idol!


In particular, he was good at expressing the power on the stage and the ability to attract people's gaze, and made full use of his experience at HKT48 ^^

It was IZ*ONE that captivated many people, but since it was a limited -time group, the activity ended in about 2 years and 6 months.

After that, I returned to Japan and informed my graduation from HKT48 in May 2021!

While the re -debut in Korea has been rumored, April 2022 Source Music officially announced that it will make its debut as a member of LE SSEARFIM!

However, in response to the re -debut, Sakura had leaked in an interview from the public that he might think, "Why do you debut again at that age?"

Nevertheless, he decided to start in a new place with the desire to challenge from Ichi in Korea ^^

Kim Che -won

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Chewon is an all -rounder of LE SSERAFIM, with excellent all the ability of visuals, songs and dances.♪

In the group, I often serve as the center, and it is also the face of LE SSERAFIM ^^

Such a chewon was active as a member of IZ*ONE like Sakura!

Let's take a look at Chewon's career, who has become an idol longing for girls' generation!

  • PRODUCE48 (2018)

With numerous auditions, when PRODUCE48 appeared, Chewon belonged to Woolim Entertainment!

Nowadays, it is an ace -like chawon that is indispensable to LE SSERAFIM, but there were many difficult scenes in Produce48.

As the elite from each office gathered, the amount was small and there were few scenes.

However, when Chicchem rises, "ChicchemGood singing voice!"And it's a topic!

Chewon, who had never been within the debut area, won his debut in the last 10th place!

  • IZ*ONE (2018 to April 2021)

Chewon has been active as a member of IZ*One for about 2 years and 6 months, just like Sakura ^^

The nickname "Tone Fairy" has been clear and has a unique singing voice since that time.♪

After Cho Yuri, he has been active as a member with many high -pitched parts!

After graduating from IZ*ONE, it was reported that it will debut from the same group as Sakura!

It has been gaining in popularity as the cool girl crash of LE SSERAFIM is well -like after turning it up with the cute concept shown in IZ*ONE.♪ 

Ho Yong Jin

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The time is finally shining!", There are many fans who have been waiting for their debut!

Born in the United States, a bright and cheerful character is gaining popularity ^^

Until you become an idol, you are a member who has overcome various difficulties.

  • PRODUCE48 (2018)

Yurin appears on the same Produce48 as Sakura and Chewon as a trainee for PLEDIS Entertainment!

Many people remember that they were 170cm tall and were nicknamed "Kirin"!

In "High Tension", he served as the center, and excellent facial expression management and vocals became a hot topic ^^


Although it was not as good as the debut due to the last 26th place, it seems that many fans were captivated by Yurin's charm ^^

Until the debut as LE SSERAFIM, he lived in Korea, but he did not know if he belonged to PLEDIS.

In an interview after debut, it became clear that after the office fell to the end of the month, I returned to the United States and took college!

She was tired of idols and trainees, so she refused the offer from her office.

but,"After hearing the concept of LE SSERAFIM, I thought I had to debut with this team"He said he decided to join ^^



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As a mysterious beauty that suddenly appears, Kazuha has attracted attention!

Unlike the other members who have been aiming for idols, Kazuha came from the ballet world!

A powerful person who has won the ballet contest is wondering, "Why Le Sserafim members?"

Let's take a look at the background of Kazuha with an unparalleled background ^^

  • Japanese ballet school (around 2006-2019)

Kazuha was recommended by his mother and learned ballet since he was three years old!

At first I learned while playing happily, but after I came to the contest, I learned about the existence of professional ballet dancers.I want to dance ballet as a professional like that"It seems that I came to think ^^

In Japan, I know I was attending "Yuko Hashimoto Ballet School" in Osaka.♪

Many people go to overseas training at ballet schools here, and Kazuha will also be overseas training in 2018!

  • Overseas training in ballet in Russia and the United Kingdom (2018-2019)

In the ballet world, it is a very famous dance school, Russia's Polyjoyakademy and the Royal Ballet School in the UK.

After that, he also performed ballet performances in Finland, Ireland, Poland, etc. ^^

  • Dutch National Ballet Cadmy (2020 ~)

After overseas training, enter the prestigious Academy, one of the world's leading ballet schools!

He passed a harsh audition and learned ballet!

For about 15 years, Kazha has made an effort to become a professional ballet dancer, but a turning point comes while studying in the Netherlands ^^

In 2021, while studying in the Netherlands, he passed after auditioning Source Music.

Kazuha said, "" BalletIs this really a dream I want to do?"He said that he had a feeling.

At that moment"I want to spread my dreams by doing stages with various expressions in other genres like K-POP"He was auditioned.

The debut was decided after winning a brilliant pass and spending only four months of trainee life!

Hong Unche

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Unchee, the youngest member loved by everyone!

Unche, who liked singing and dancing since childhood, was naturally interested in idols ^^

Let's take a look at Unche's career that he was selected as a debut member in half a year of trainee period!

  • DEF Dance School (2019-2020)

Unchee, who was encouraged by the teacher to go to a dance school, asked his mother to go to the DEF dance school ^^

You met Kep1er's Bahie at the DEF dance school!

He received an audition at the Academy and passed the prediers and JYP entertainment.♪

  • Joined Source Music (2021)

Passed the Source Music final and started a trainee life!

He couldn't stand the harsh trainee life, and he seemed to have overcome it while crying.

However, in about six months of trainee period, he was selected as the last debut member and joined everyone!

If you don't want to bother you, you'll learn the choreography of the debut song "Fearless" in 2 hours, and you're a very hard -working side!

After one and a half years of trainee period, I decided to set on the stage as a member of LE SSERAFIM!

LE SSERAFIM recommended songs



First of all, LE SSERAFIM's debut song "Fearless"!

It is a song that has made a gorgeous debut with sophisticated visuals, music and performance, and attracted the attention of K-POP fans.♪

The lyrics are ""There is nothing afraid of me」「Let's move forward without upsetA strong message!

Go forward without shaking in the eyes of the world"The meaning is included,Linked with the group name "LE SSERAFIM".

In addition, on January 25, 2023, I made my debut in Japan in the "Fearless" Japanese version ^^



The second song is "Antifragile", which achieved five crowns on music programs!

How to read "Antifragile" is "Anti -flajile"is!

In Korean안티프레 (안티프레 일 (Since it is written as "antiprajile)", the reading changes ^^

"Antifragile", which is the coined word of "Anti: opposite" and "Fragile: Moroi", "" Antifragile "The stronger the difficulties and tests, the stronger"It has the meaning!

Based on the meaning of it, it sounds like a good song many times, so please listen to the lyrics.♪

Once you hear it, catchy music and dance are popular, and it is a song covered by many idols.♪

Blue Flame


"BLUE FLAME", known as the 1st mini album sub song!

The popularity of fans is hot, "I like the Le Ssearafim song the most!It seems that there are many people ^^

It is a song that has a mysterious atmosphere created by the unique melody, which has become a hot topic that the lyrics are involved in Chewon and Yunjin!

In addition, it is a song that can enjoy performance, such as dance and the expression of the members, so please check out the videos ^^.

LE SSERAFIM holds a fan meeting "Fearnada"! How to watch online?

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LE SSERAFIM will hold a fan meeting "Fearnada" for two days on March 18 and 19!

The first fan meeting after the debut, expectations will increase ^^

The offline ticket was sold out in 5 minutes from the launch, and because of the inquiry from fans, we decided to sell additional visual restriction seats!

Online live streaming is prepared so that you can enjoy this fan meeting!

You can purchase the right to use (tickets) at "LE SSERAFIM WEVERSE SHOP JAPAN".♪

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If you are in the fan club, "2 Days Pass can be purchased"and"Benefits that allow you to watch extra video distributed after each performance"Will be included ^^

Please note that the selling period is fixed for the right to use!

  • March 18 performance -March 18th (Sat) 18:59
  • March 19th performance -March 19 (Sun) 18:59
  • 2 Days Pass -Saturday, March 18 (Sat) 18:59

In particular, 2 days pass is "March 18th(Sat) 18:59You can only buy it, so if you are thinking of purchasing it, it is safe to buy it first.♪

In addition, for those who say "I can't see the live broadcast ...", a delay viewing is also prepared on the following schedule!

  • March 18 Performance March 25 (Sat) 11: 00-
  • March 19 Performance March 26 (Sun) 11: 00-

If you want to know more,Official Weverse sitePlease see ^^

Let's excite the first fan meeting from Japan♪

Introducing how to join LE SSERAFIM fan clubs! Can you participate in overseas performances at Japan FC?

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Many fans are considering joining a fan club with the opportunity to hold a fan meeting ^^

By joining a fan club, you can receive benefits by watching online as in this case, or receive pre -sale of concert tickets in Japan and overseas.♪

This time, we will introduce the enrollment procedure for those who are considering joining a fan club!

1. Register "Weverse Account" and join "Weverse Shop"

With email addresses and passwords registered in Weverse Account
Log in to Weverse Shop!

2. Purchase Le SseaFim membership from "Weverse Shop"

If you select "LE SSERAFIM" → "Japan" on the home screen
You can buy a Japanese membership♪

That's how to join the LE SSERAFIM fan club!

LE SSERAFIM fan clubs have two "global" and "Japan", and you may be worried about which one to enter.

Here, we will also introduce the differences between global fan clubs and Japanese fan clubs.♪



  • ・ Digital Membership Card
  • ・ Membership limited LE SSERAFIM official product opportunity to purchase
  • ・ Le sserafim content related benefits in Weverse SHOP
  • ・ Participation in LE SSERAFIM performance tickets advance reservations, lottery system, etc.
  • ・ LE SSERAFIM appearances application opportunity to view programs
  • ・ LE SSERAFIM Online / offline application or participation opportunity
  • ・ Membership limited content browsing rights in LE SSERAFIM Weverse
  • ・ Provided by Fearnot Membership Welcome Gift



  • ・ Membership limited LE SSERAFIM official product opportunity to purchase
  • ・ Le sserafim content related benefits in Weverse SHOP
  • ・ Participation in LE SSERAFIM performance tickets advance reservations, lottery system, etc.
  • ・ LE SSERAFIM appearances application opportunity to view programs
  • ・ LE SSERAFIM Online / offline application or participation opportunity
  • ・ Membership limited content browsing rights in LE SSERAFIM Weverse
  • ・ Provided by Fearnot Membership Welcome Gift
  • ★Newsletter magazine
  • ★greeting card
  • ★Birthday message email
  • ★Membership limited e -mail magazine
  • ★Renewal benefits
  • ★Browsing membership limited content in LE SSERAFIM JAPAN OFFICIAL SITE


It is important to note here that only global or Japan can join with one account ...

Can Japanese fan clubs participate in pre -sale of overseas performances?I think many people are wondering.

How! The offline ticket for the fan meeting "Fearnada" has also been applied from the Japan Fan Club for pre -sale!

LE SSERAFIM GLOBAL Official Official FANCLUB FEARNOT MEMBERSHIP It seems that you can participate in chicketting for overseas performances ^^

It may change in the future, so check it when you join!

The annual membership fee of Japanese fan clubs is "4,000 yen" than the global, but the benefits with the star mark are limited to Japan.♪

I want a lot of benefits! It seems good to join the Japanese fan club ^^


This time, we have thoroughly explained the background of LE SSERAFIM members!

It is clear that it is an attractive group because the members who have overcome various experiences are gathered ^^

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of figure will be seen at the first fan meeting held on March 18 and 19.♪

If you plan to watch online, don't forget to purchase the right to use!

If you join the fan club in advance, you can see a bonus video, so it is recommended!

Before the fan meeting, please check out the three recommended songs this time.♪

Let's continue to support LE SSERAFIM that will show you further growth in the future!

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