[Japan & Korean Kamba decision] KEP1ER Special! Deliver popular chemi and official SNS list♪Information on Japan's latest songs and reviews of successive albums!


This time, we will send you a KEP1ER special feature in front of Kamba in Japan and Korea.♪

KEP1ER, which has achieved various achievements since it was born in the audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Festival"!

In the 4th generation girl group, ""The most abilityLet's be rediscovered the charm of KEP1ER, which is also called ^^

We will also introduce the chemi that we want to know because it is a good KEP1ER of members!

moreover,Information on Japan's latest single and pop -up store released on March 15Also deliver!

In front of the Korean KambaReview of successive albumsThe content is also included!

I tried to list the official SNS in order not to miss the busy KEP1ER information, so please check it out!

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What is KEP1ER?

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KEP1ER is a nine girl group that debuted on January 3, 2022!

It has been born from the audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Festival", and is known for its high ability.♪

Members are from Japan, China, Korea, and are active not only in Korea but also in Japan ^^

In the year of debut, we have been awarded the special award at the 64th Japan Record Awards!

The debut song "WA DA DA" has surpassed 100 million views on the Billboard Japan Chart!

This record is the third group following BTS and TWICE, and it is the first achievement in the history of K-POP artists that the debut song exceeded 100 million plays.

Furthermore, we won the "37th Japan Gold Disc Awards" in two categories, and we do not know that the momentum will stop.♪

It is a fun group to see how much you will make a leap during the decided short activity of two and a half years ^^

There is also an article that introduces the latest information and recommended album songs of members.HerePlease check it out!

Introducing Kep1er's popular combination♪

Yujin x Yong -un "Nick and Judy"

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It is "Nick and Judy" by Yujin and Yong Eun.♪

Many people think, "Who are Nick and Judy ...?" (smile)

Nick and Judy are the characters of foxes and rabbits that appear in the Disney movie "Zootopia" ^^

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It is a chemi name called "Nick and Judy" because it is a Yujin that resembles a fox and a rabbit!

Always together! It is not a chemi, but it seems that many fans are happy to supply sometimes with exquisite distance.♪

Mashiro x Yeso "Yesiro"

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Mashiro and Jeso's "Jessiro" is a good friend who recognizes himself and others.♪

It's also cute where we chose Yeciro when asked the question "What is the group's pushing?"

They have similar life patterns and are a relaxing relationship without talking!

Mashiro says that Yeso is cute like a real sister, and that the registered name of Yeso is "my sister"!

In the world of only two people, ""Jessilo precious ..."The fans who are shared are one after another!

Chehyun x Dahyun "Chedaz"

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Chemi "Chedaz" by Chemi and Da Young♪

As you live together in the dormitory, the distance is steadily shrinking, and now you can get along with each other!

Chichi Hyun said, "Dayon is younger, but it looks like the same year and comfortableIs talking ^^

The members have recently resembled how to speak! It seems to be said! (smile)

Hikaru x Bahue "Hihyd"

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"Hihiz" is a 04Line combination of Hikaru and Bahie.♪

The origin of the name of Chemi comes from the two people, and it's a combination of "Hikaru no Hi" and "Bahie's Hi" ^^

The two of the same age usually speak without hesitation, and they are always laughing!

From the members, the two man line were very cute, and the members chose the five people in the chemi!

You can imagine that two people are playing with each other from one frame during the shooting ^^

Xiaotin x Bahie "Chansins"

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It is "Changsins" chemi of Xiaotin and Bahie!

For two tall people, the name of Chemi comes from "Chansin", which means high height in Korean.♪

Bahue seems to respect Shaotin, who shines even more when he stands on the stage as a hard worker ^^

Chancine's TikTok Challenge is "Something addictive!"

@official_kep1er 🐹 #샤 팅 팅 #XIAOTING #휴닝 바히 에 에 에 #HUENING_BAHIYYIH #Kep1er #케플러 ♬ 오 널 운드 -Onlyoneof Official

Deliver the latest Japanese single information of KEP1ER! Pop -up store information!

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KEP1ER will release the 2nd single "FLY-by" on March 15!

The Japanese original title song "I do! Do you?" Was published on February 22 and has already exceeded the number of views before its release!


It is a dance song full of refreshing and positive energy ^^

There are four forms in all, and if you buy the Kep1ian board, you can get a jacket CD for all members!

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In addition, to commemorate this single release, a pop -up store will be held at Shibuya109 Shibuya and SHIBUYA109 Abeno store.♪

The holding period is "March 15th to March 30th], 11 kinds of goods will be sold!

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Every goods are cute, so I'm worried about what to buy ... (;;)

Let's make a reservation for entry to shop smoothly!

Events such as present campaigns and novelty presents will also be held, so by all meansSpecial sitePlease see and go to play♪ 

Kamba in Korea is also decided! Review the album so far♪

Following Japan, Kep1er announced on April 10 that it will come in Korea!

It's going to be a busy spring shortly after Kep1er and Kep1ian!

It will be Kamba for the first time in about 6 months since the 3rd mini album "TROUBLESHOOOTER" ^^

Before we welcome this Kamba, let's look back on the past Kep1er albums.♪

Released on January 3, 2022 1st mini album "First Impact"


"First Impact" is the first mini album in Kep1er, which includes the debut song "WA DA DA"!

The initial sales were more than 200,000 copies, and they won the first place in the first move album at the time ^^

This album includes the Kep1er version of "SHINE", "Another Dream", and "OOO" released in the audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Festival".♪

Released on June 20, 2022 2nd mini album "DOUBLAST"


In the second mini album "DOUBLAST", comeback with a refreshing concept like a newcomer!

The title song "Up!" Is a refreshing song that is perfect for summer, and you can see a lot of cute aspects of KEP1ER ^^

The initial sales have exceeded 280,000 copies, and the 10th place in the first -time girl group album at the time!

The fan song "Rewind", which sang the promise to be with the fans, is also included!

Released on October 13, 2022 3rd mini album "TROUBLESHOOTER"


The third mini -album "Troubleshooter" is an album based on the concept of "solved".♪

The title song "We Fresh" is an up -tempo dance song reminiscent of "WA DA DA"!

"Even if it is difficult, you can get over it if you challenge togetherThe message is included ^^

The initial sales exceeded 250,000 copies, and the number of sales on the first day of release was more than 160,000!

Kep1er's official SNS list!

Kep1er Official Twitter

Kep1er's official Twitter account♪

You can also check here for the latest information on activities and posts such as members' Selka ^^

Kep1er Japan Official Twitter

Kep1er's official Twitter account♪

I want to know Japan's information as soon as possible! If so, follow the official Japanese account!

Kep1er Official Instagram


Kep1er official Instagram account♪

You can see the photos posted on Twitter in the list ^^

If you want to see the photo mainly, follow the Instagram!

Kep1er Official YouTube


Kep1er's official YouTube account ^^

In addition to MV, youTube has video content such as dance practice videos and shooting behind!

Subsque is recommended so that you do not miss the latest videos♪

Kep1er Official Facebook

Kep1er's official Facebook account!

On Facebook, you can check the notifications of posts uploaded to other SNS at once.♪

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Kep1er Official Tiktok

@official_kep1er I do! Do you? Challenge🤍 #IdoDoyouchallenge #IdoDoyou #Yakimochi Dance #마 로 #MASHIRO #Mashiro #김채현 #CHAEHYUN #Chohyun #영 은 #YOUNGEUN #Yong -un #Kep1er #케플러 #Kepler ♬ I do! Do you? --Kep1er

Kep1er official Tiktok account♪

The classic TikTok challenge, dance challenge, and collaboration chaos with other groups are also posted ^^

Don't miss the cute Kep1er members!


This time, we sent a special feature on Kep1er, which welcomes comeback in Japan and Korea.♪

The members of Kep1er, who have won the audition and have been active even after their debut, are proud of Kep1ian ^^

Because they are friends who have aimed for the same dream, their good friends are outstanding!

This time, the support from Kep1ian is also hot! I introduced a good friend, how was it?

The goodness of the members is one of the reasons why Kep1er is gaining popularity.♪

Finally, Kamba is approaching! Let's excite Kep1er's activities that are always doing our best!

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