Introducing the charm of overwhelming charismatic NCT Taeyeon in 5 minutes! Delivering a tearful figure/cool stage/cute video collection from the basic information♪There is also a plan that can celebrate your birthday grandly!

圧倒的カリスマNCT テヨンの魅力を5分で紹介!基本情報から涙もろい姿/かっこいいステージ/かわいい動画集をお届け♪誕生日を盛大にお祝いできるプランも!

The NCT127 to which Taeyeon belongs was held for the first dome tour since May 2022, and it came to Japan a lot for last year ('∀ `).

Taeyeon is not only NCT127 but also the leader of the entire NCT, a perfectionist, but it is usually loose and cute, and above all, it is the charm of Taeyeon ('▽ `).♡ 

So this timeFrom the basic information, the episodes that the tears of Taeyeon cried, the cool performance, the gap with a great gap,

Furthermore, on July 1st, Taeyeon's currently holding a 28 -year -old birthday, is currently being held.We will deliver it with a variety of♪

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Deliver NCT Taeyeon's profile & latest information!

basic information


  • Name: 이 태용 (I Taeyeon) stage name: TAEYONG
  • Birthday: July 1, 1995
  • Blood type: O type
  • Family structure: Father, Mother, Sister

Taeyeon, the leader, is an overwhelming center of NCT.

I was scouted by SM on my way home from school in 2012!

The image below is Taeyeon in high school, but this is a high school student. There is no reason not to scout (´∀ `) lol

Taeyeon, who was a second -year high school student at that time,He wasn't interested in the entertainment world at all, he didn't even know the SM office, and he had never learned dancing or singing. 

Therefore, a staff member who scouted SM Taeyeon bought Taeyeon toast.

Then Taeyeon,

I thought, "I think it's okay to buy a toast too."I did (° ▽ °) lol! !

Right now, Taeyeon has an overwhelming dance skill, but it's surprising that I've never learned dancing or singing until admission.❛□❛✿

 And after a 4 -year trainee life, in 2016Debuted in April as NCT U, And the same yearNCT127 in JulyDebuted as!

Latest information

 Speaking of Taeyeon's latest information, firstAnnouncement of solo debut, second in the magazine ELLE JAPAN, the first Japanese magazine coverIt ’s decorated ٩ ('ω') و

 First of all, on May 4, regarding solo debutSolo debut in early June 2023 and the release of the albumWas announced! !♡

NCT127 is currently on a tour on NCTDREAM, because individuals, units, Mark and Mark and Ho -chan have no activities throughout the group.

"Is Taeyeon preparing something ...?" (NCT fans) were waiting for Taeyeon (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ.

While shooting a new song MV, it seems that he started the final work of the solo album (´∀ `)

This solo song at the Instagram that was held the other day

"Taeyeon has always made a favorite choreographer, and I think Shizuni will be surprised!"

Taeyeon has released a solo song, so it's all famous, so this album is definitely good.♪( ´▽`)

Solo song released in 2022"LOVE THEORY"Please check it out♪

Next, Taeyeon, the visual god, finallyIn the May issue of ELLE JAPAN, the first cover in a Japanese magazineDid you decorate👑♡

 "Beauty ・:*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+♡」

It's too beautiful, not only the cover, but the contents are so cool that the contents are cool (´∀ `)

Especially the photos of rabbits were cute.🐰

This is what the photographer in charge of this shooting gave me.♪


In this ELLE JAPANThe project of "What's in My Bag" was also released on YouTube, so be sure to check the contents of the stylish Taeyeon bag.Please (´∀ `*)

Is NCT Taeyeon crying?
Introducing the scenes and reasons you cried!

From now on, I will introduce Taeyeon's episode with videos (´∀ `)

Impressions of the first Tokyo Dome performance

 NCT127 was the first dome tour in 2022, and it was an event at the Tokyo Dome performance.

With the impression of Taeyeon's performance at 08:24 ~,

"This year, I came to Japan and was the happiest and I was the happiest and I felt the importance of the members.

I'm sorry that I often couldn't be a member. All the members are proud and cool. "

I commented with tears (T ^ T)

Yuta was crying on the stage of the Tokyo Dome, which was a dream since his debut, with Taeyeon's tears.

The fans of the venue were impressive and tears ...!

Remember the mother who was shopping with a family ...


In this videoEpisode when I went shopping with my family on my parents' Day (Mother, Father's Day in Japan) in KoreaHe told me.

 Because it was my parents' day, when I said that Taeyeon would buy what I liked,

"As if my mother had a peanut, she was crying when she saw a department store, and she was beautiful."

"My mother is my best (best) woman in this world, so I will buy everything in this world today when I go shopping."

(T ^ T)

My mother looks lovely, and it's too good to cry and cry, so I can cry to this point ...

 Please check out the video for details ^ ^

Cool stage collection full of charisma of NCT Taeyeon!

Speaking of Taeyeon, a cool and charismatic stage is attractive!

We will carefully select three cool Taeye -kid stages and introduce و ('ω') و

NCT U "Baby Don't Stop"

 Unit song with NCT/WAYV, a member of NCT/WAYV released in 2018is♪

This song cannot be removed in the cool stage of Taeyeon in the collaboration of two people with the ability to dance, NCT! !

 At the 2022 SMTOWN concert, we showed the stage for the first time in a few years and became a hot topic ^ ^

It's not a flashy costume, but the set is simple, so the performance is cool and cool ('▽ `)!

NCTU "Make a Wish"

The performance and visuals of Make A Wish's Taeyeon have become a hot topic!

Hairstyle, makeup, styling that suits Taeyeon (° ▽ °)

Pay attention to the song of Taeyeon from 0:10 and the rust dance!
That said, the highlights of Taeyeon on the Make a Wish stage.
It can be said (´∀ `)

NCT127 "Cherry Bomb"

 CHERRY BOMB is a song that is particularly impressive in the NCT127 dance!

especially,Taeyeon's performance that comes up from 04: 55 -from sitting after falling behind 04: 44 ~Is too cool o (≧ ▽ ≦) o

 It is truly a place where this movement can be done at the end of the song.👏

Please see the video (´∀ `*)

Is NCT Taeyeon a great gap?
Delivering a cute video collection♪

Following the cool Taeyeon, we will deliver a cute Taeyeon video from here (´∀ `)♡

Speaking of Taeyeon, the gap between charisma on the stage and the cuteness of everyday is the biggest attraction ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Daily VLOG in Nagoya

Taeyeon opened a YouTube personal account in 2022♪

On a dome tour in Japan last year, VLOG when I visited Nagoya is packed with cute Taeyeon (´ ▽ `)♡

Introduction of food bought at convenience stores, strolling around Nagoya, yakiniku, and in the service area, everyday TaeyeonYou can see!

 The recommendation is (?) Playing with the dog in the parking area of ​​15:42.♪

Combined with the narration of the members, a cute space is born ・:*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+♡

Cute Japanese

Taeyeon is a member who is good at Japanese♪

 Speaking of Taeyeon's Japanese representative, I tell the fans, "Yoshiyoshi"(´∀ `)

It's always a gesture of your hand, and "Yoshiyune" is too cute (T_T) \ (^-^)♡

Taeyeon who pulled out wisdom teeth

On the day of the live distribution at NCT127, my face is swollen and my face is swollen lol!

The wolf cover seems to be small, the eyebrows and eyes are pushed, it is a troubled face and it is too cute lol

Especially recommended points are the process of covering the headgear from 02: 30That's ^ ^

Let's excite NCT Taeyeon's birthday with Senil Crafan!

From now on, I will introduce what Senil Crafan is and more about Taeyeon's Senil Crafan ٩ ('ω') و

What is "Senil Crafan"?

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What kind of project is "Taeyeon's birthday project"?

"I have been a Senil project for Taeyeon since last year, and this is the third time this year.
Corona regulations have been alleviated, and more people go from Japan to Korea, and this year I want to celebrate the birthday of Taeyeon and Taeyeon this year.

The fans were launched with the thought.


In this "Taeyeon Birthday Project", we aim to implement the following ads.٩ ('ω') و

・ Seoul Mori Station Wide Advertising

※The photograph is an image

Seoul's forest station, the nearest station to Taeyeon's SM Entertainment!

There is no doubt that it stands out! ! It is a place that many fans can see ^ ^

Kodai entrance station Digital signage

※The photograph is an image

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most prominent advertisement at Kodai entrance station! !

If you've been to Korea, have you ever seen it? (´∀ `)

It is a digital signage with a lot of traffic, because it is Kodai, there are many traffic.♪( ´▽`)

SNS advertisements such as Instagram

※The photograph is an image

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To realize these ads
Target amount \430,000circle(Tax excluded)I am aiming for ^ ^

The support money is accepted from 1000 yen,The recruitment period is "Wednesday, May 31"Until! 

The achievement rate as of the 11th is18 %is! !

Let's work together to celebrate Taeyeon's birthday. ('Ω') و♡

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This time, we have delivered Taeyeon, which is currently being held on July 1st, on July 1st.♪

It has overwhelming charisma and coolness, but I usually like cute things and have a soft atmosphere.

I would be glad if I could tell you the charm of Taeyeon as you know ^ ^

Let's excite Taeyeon's birthday and June solo debut.♪(´θ `) ノ♡

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