Galpura/voice that is also very active! What is the reason why fans are enthusiastic? Detailed explanation of voice members and viewing methods starting in February!


This time, we will send a special feature on "Galpura" and "Boippla", one of the audition programs that are exciting in every era.♪

"Galpura", which showed a lot of excitement in 2021, has returned as a boys version "Vopla" this time!

Participants gathered from eight countries, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, and Canada in addition to Japan and China ^^

It's a topic that K-POP fans knowing idols who have already debuted ...!

Finally, let's take a look at how to watch the voice and participating members that have finally started broadcasting!

Based on the review, we will also introduce Japanese members who have been active in Galpura.♪

The push has already been decided! I think there are some people!

Would you like to give Senil/support ads and support them together? ^^

In audition programs, the name recognition is particularly important, so advertising will lead to the world knowing!

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I will also touch on Senil Crafan, so please take a look to the end ^^ 

What is Galpura?

"Galpura" is the girl audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Festival" that created the topic of girl group KEP1ER.♪

Broadcast from August 2021, it is a new series of audition programs, so it is a big topic!

The audition was held in three locations in Korea, China, and Japan, and the viewers were curious about the unprecedented form of 33 people from each region!

It is the real pleasure of audition programs to see the practice and growth process to prepare the stage of the assignment ^^

In Galpura, not only the judge but also the voting of the viewer became the key, and eventually nine members made their debut.♪

Introducing Japanese members who have been active in the past♪

Hikaru Ezaki

First of all, Hikaru Ezaki, who has attracted attention with overwhelming charisma!

It seems that there were many viewers who were distinguished from the beginning of the program, and would naturally follow their eyes.

He made his debut in the final 7th place and is currently active as Hikaru of Kep1er ^^

He is in charge of the main rapper and the main dancer, and contributes to the performance!

After all, the power to attract people is outstanding.♪

Yurina Kawaguchi

Yurina Kawaguchi is a beautiful girl as if she had jumped out of the manga world, and her lovely visuals have gained popularity!

It was a very popular combination with Chinese members Xiaotin and was popular during the broadcast.♪

There were situations where the ability could not keep up due to the difference in experience, but the appearance of working hard was very impressive ^^

He is now saying his solo debut in Japan and has decided to continue on the path to music with the desire to meet the expectations of fans!

Sakamoto Mai White 

Mai Sakamoto -chan with a soft atmosphere like a Japanese!

Debuted as a member of KEP1ER in the last 8th place♪

Mashiro is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment and is also known for being a member of ITZY.

After seeing Mashiro, who has been working hard for a long time, there were many fans who wanted Mashiro -chan to make a debut from the beginning of the program ^^

Sana Naka

Singing skills are attracting attention, and Galpura has been stable and popular!

It was a trainee who balanced the cute looks, vocals, and dance skills!

Currently, I debut and work as a member of "Lapillus" from my office MLD Entertainment.♪

He has been selected as a group leader and is expected to be active in the future!


Mei -chan with a style like a Paris Collection model and a lovely visual!

While active as a member of Cherry Bullet, I also appeared in Galpura ^^

It has a reputation for dancing that makes use of long limbs, attracts people with gorgeous performances♪ 

There is a part that is quiet and self -paced, but the place with the core is also the charm of Mei!

Broadcast starts on February 2, 2023! What is "voice"? Watching method!

"Boypla" is the audition program "BOYS PLANET" by Mnet.♪

A total of 98 people (now 93 people) from eight countries, Japan, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, and Canada ^^

It was attracting attention as a boys version of Galpura, and broadcasting started on February 2!

The topic of the participants who have already made their debut, such as PENTAGON's Hui, former TO1 of TO1 and O Songmin, NINE.I's Jang Ji -ho, Winni, and Seo Won. To!

Like Galpura, the final debut is nine, and voting by viewers is also important!

It is broadcast every Thursday at 20:00, so let's watch it in real time and support the push!

There are three ways to view voice, "Mnet", "Mnet Smart", and "Abema Premium".♪

ABEMA is recommended because it can be overlooked for one week from the end of the broadcast ^^

Introducing the participating members of the voice♪

We will introduce 93 participants of Vopla by country!

We will also introduce the date of birth of each member and your office, so please check it out ^^

Korean member

  • Park Doha 2002.11.30 Cube Entertainment
  • Cha Ungi 2002.04.23 Wakeone
  • Choi Jiho 2004.06.10 FNC Entertainment
  • Choi Seung Hoon 2008.05.01 OUI Entertainment
  • Choi Ujin 2005.01.24 Redstart Enm
  • Han Sobin 2006.07.02 H1GHR MUSIC
  • Han Yujin 2007.03.20 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Han Yusop 2004.05.06 Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Hong Goni 2004.11.15 Redstart Enm
  • Chang Jiho 2004.08.10 Firstone Entertainment
  • Jang Yo -Jun 2005.09.27 Jellyfish Entertainment
  • John Ho Young 2004.11.25 OUI Entertainment
  • John Usok 2003.04.23 Allart Entertainment
  • Jung Ichan 2001.05.17 None
  • Ji Yunso 2004.10.15 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Chung Hojin 2003.02.27 None
  • Jung Mingyu 1999.12.10 Cabin74
  • Jung Se Yun 2007.10.06 Woolim Entertainment
  • Kim Gubin 2004.08.30 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Kim Jiun 1998.12.14 None
  • Kim Min -Hyuk 1999.09.22 None
  • Kim Minsson 2003.11.03 Redstart Enm
  • Kim Tele 2002.07.14 Wakeone
  • Kum Jun Hyun 2004.01.15 Redstart ENM
  • Lee Dawl 2004.04.06 143inc
  • Lee Dongon 2005.06.03 Great M Entertainment
  • Lee Dong Yeol 1998.12.13 Topmedia
  • Lee Fetech 1993.08.28 Cube Entertainment
  • Lee Fani 1998.05.06 Topmedia
  • Lee Jong Hyun 2002.09.11 Wakeone
  • Lee Seung Fan 2000.05.20 None
  • Lee Jedum 2003.01.19 LM Entertainment
  • Im Junso 2005.05.01 143inc
  • Moon Jong Hyun 2005.03.31 Wakeone
  • O Songmin 2001.08.25 Wakeone
  • Park Gonuk 2005.01.10 Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Park Gwang Young 2001.01.09 None
  • Park Hambin 2002.03.01 Wakeone
  • Park Hyun Bin 2005.04.11 Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Park Jiff 2006.07.14 H1GHR MUSIC
  • Park Min -Suk 2002.07.27 Wakeone
  • Seo Won 2000.12.18 Firstone Entertainment
  • Song Hanbin 2001.06.13 Studio GL1DE
  • Yu Seung -on 2004.01.02 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Yoon Jung Woo 2000.06.12 None

Japanese member

  • Antony 2004.02.13 Wakeone
  • Hull (Hull) 2006.02.18 None
  • Haruto (Hart) 2004.11.16 Wakeone
  • Daisho (Hiroto) 2002.08.23 RBW
  • Leopard 2002.02.09 Watanabe Entertainment
  • Ichisho (Ichika) 1992.10.28 OD Entertainment
  • Tree (Itsuki) 2006.09.16 MLD Entertainment
  • Kei (Kei) 2006.07.17 Stardust Promotion
  • Keita 2001.07.04 RainCompany
  • Oseke (Auske) 2003.05.15 None
  • Sakuragi 2004.04.04 Hyper Rhythm
  • Lik (Riku) 2004.10.02 None
  • Takudo (Tact) 2007.11.13 YY ENTERTAINMENT
  • Toui (Toui) 2003.08.27 FNC Entertainment Japan
  • Yuki (Yuki) 2001.12.24 None
  • Yutaka 1999.03.13 None
  • Yuuto 2004.12.14 None

Chinese member

  • Tsai Jinsin 2003.11.07 TopClass Entertainment
  • Chen Jenyu 1998.09.01 Star on Entertainment
  • Chen Liang 2000.09.09 None
  • Chen Wegon 1998.03.20 T.ENTER TAINMENT
  • Pon Junran 1999.09.22 Stardust Entertainment
  • Christian 2000.01.22 None
  • Lin Si Yoon 1998.10.09 None
  • Ma Jinshan 2004.02.16 None
  • Oly 2006.04.01 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Ricky 2004.05.20 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Wan Yen Hon 1998.11.20 ASE
  • One Two Hao 2001.03.06 Chromosome
  • Wen Jechen 2000.09.15 None
  • Warmty 1999.07.07 JPARK & COMPANY
  • Yang Chuin 1999.05.07 ASE
  • Jean Hao 2000.07.25 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Jean Sure I Beau 2002.07.02 WELL ENTERTAINMENT

Taiwanese member

  • Chen Kwanglui 2000.12.28 None
  • Chen Renyu 2003.12.17 None
  • Dondon 2000.11.20 Stardust Entertainment
  • Chu Shong Yang 2001.08.16 TPOP Entertainment

Vietnamese members

  • Con 2000.12.08 None
  • Dan Hong High Fantagio

Thai member

  • Min 2000.03.15 Wakeone
  • Nice 2000.08.27 None
  • Winnie 1998.11.18 Firstone Entertainment

American member

  • Jay 2001.03.08 FM Entertainment
  • Na Camden 2001.06.09 FNC Entertainment

Canadian members

  • Brian 2002.08.27 Yuehua Entertainment
  • Sok Matthew 2002.05.28 MNH Entertainment


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In Galpura, which was broadcast in 2021, Japanese members also showed a lot ^^

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