November birthday TWICE John Young is explained in 5 minutes! Up to John Young's short hair collection and cute Instagram introduction from rest♪

11月誕生日のTWICE ジョンヨンを5分で解説!休養から復帰したジョンヨンのショートヘア集や可愛いインスタ紹介まで♪

TWICE celebrating its 7th anniversary this year!

Started with MNET's "SixTeen", it has grown into a world -class group that is now a world tour.

John Young, who has a girl crashing charm among TWICE with a variety of members

A member with an outstanding style with an actress Kon Seung -yeon as an older sister, a mood maker of TWICE♪

This time, I will explain in detail about John Young's stylish short hair and return to activities!

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About John Young

John Young is a Korean member born on November 1, 1996!

The audition program "TWICE"Sixteen"In that], he showed out his outstanding performance power and was selected as a TWICE member.♪

Such John Young, but in fact, we planned to debut with Jihiyo and Nayoung as "6mix" before debut as TWICE!

However, there is a past where the debut postponement has been repeated due to various reasons, and as a result, the debut became blank.

When I made my debut on October 20, 2015, I got a lot of fans with a unique shortcut and style (^○^).

In particular, there are many female fans who yearn for John Young's outstanding style,

As a longing for a cool and attractive woman, TWICE's "Girl crashIs also called!

Although it seems to be a good TWICE, John Young has stopped working twice.

The first suspension of activity was "June 2020"MORE & MOREIt was time to come back in.

In fact, John Young has been hurt his neck for a long time.

He felt numb his neck during the shooting of a music video, and when he examined at the hospital, he was diagnosed with "cervical disc herniation" and had surgery.

Later, the suspension of activity was announced in October 2020. Hernia's surgery has been successful, but it seems that mental fatigue has worsened due to the accumulation of pain from hernia and past fatigue.

Although he returned to activities in January 2021, in August 2021, the second suspension of activities was announced due to the symptoms of panic and anxiety disorder.

In November 2021, after a long period of suspension of activitiesScientistI returned!

Recently,It will be the first album after re -contractTALK THAT TALKFill the Kamba in,

John Young performs outstanding visuals and performances, and ONCE is delighted to show off the stage with nine people (^o^).

John Young's short hair collection

Speaking of shortcuts in the KPOP world, John Young! John Young has a strong image of shortcuts♪

We have shown a variety of short hairs in about 7 years of activities so far!

What triggered John Young's image of a girl crash was the debut song "Like OOH-AHH]

Red -haired berry short hair and dark makeup are impressive, isn't it?♪

There is a neutral atmosphere somewhere, and there is a mysterious charm that makes you feel excited even from the same gender (≧ ∇ ≦)

It was very popular in JapanTTIn Kamba, we showed a beige blonde♪

It is a hairstyle with transparent skin and beautiful nose muscles ( ^ ^)

It is a beautiful shape that is inferior to actresses!

"I was inspired by TWICE members and JYP representative Park Jin Young.Feel Special], Come back with short hair!

John Young's dark hair, which had a lot of bright hair color so far, became a surprise to fans (^○^)

Summary of John Young's Instagram!

John Young in various forms appears on TWICE's Instagram and John Young's personal Instagram!

John Young in makeup!

John Young, who wears professional makeup, is still beautiful.♪

It is a video that conveys good friends with members (^○^)

You can see the character of John Young, which is full of members' love♪

John Young, a member feeling so that you post a casual photo with the members on the personal Instagram!

It is a post that conveys a happy situation ^ ^

Introducing plans around JYP office♪

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There are three stores in front of JYP, so it seems that the idol himself will see it!

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① Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will surely attract many people's gaze.♪


Next, you can install a large banner at the entrance of a cute gelato shop!

The inside of the store is simple and very cute, isn't it? ♪

This cafe is an idol belonging to JYPStray Kids"or"ItzyIt is a cafe that members often visit!

Stray Kids member Hyun JinIt seems that he ate the "Pioni Jelato" at this cafe and distributed the V log at the time of Kamba last year (^○^)

In this way, by issuing Senil/ support ads around JYP, the probability that idols will be able to take authentication shots will increase.♪

③ Bakery Paris Baguette

Third, you can install banners on the three -sided wall of the famous bakery chain chain chain chain chain chain chain shop in Korea!

PARIS BAGUETTE can also distribute cup holders♪

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John Young boasts the overwhelming style of TWICE!

John Young, who was captivated by the girl crash, had various difficulties from his debut to his debut.

I'm looking forward to seeing the growing figure from now on.♪

Let's look forward to future activities!

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