A must -see for Nayon Pen! The latest information on TWICE Nayon on September birthday! Up to the topic of solo songs and cute Instagram summary♪

ナヨンペン必見!9月誕生日のTWICE ナヨンの最新情報!話題となったソロ曲や可愛いインスタまとめまで♪

TWICE, a group representing KPOP, has three Japanese members!

Recently, all members, including Nayoung, the oldest member, have renewed the contract and "7 years of the devilIt became a big topic by overcoming (^o^)

This time, I will introduce Nayon's solo songs and cute Instagram, who work for such a legend -class group center!

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Sail/support advertisements around the JYP office

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About Nayoung


Nayon is a Korean member born on September 22, 1995!

Nayon, who was aiming to be a singer, joined JYP in the 7th public audition when he was in junior high school.

After that, the audition program that created TWICE "SixteenIs overwhelming charismatic!

He was selected as a member of TWICE and made his debut on October 20, 2015.♪

Nayon with a fresh smile like a fruits like a freshly picked fruits when he laughs.

Juice faceThe overwhelming visuals that are said to be the representative of "are attracted to many fans, and now they are TWICE's face (^○^)

Nayon, who is leading TWICE in all vocals, dance, and visuals, is actually the oldest member of TWICE but is actually a spoiled personality!

The behavior like the youngest that I sometimes show is showing the cuteness that I want to protect (≧ ∇ ≦)

Once you notice Nayon's cuteness, you will not be able to get out.♪

Have you looked back on your first solo song activity?

Nayoung, a talented idol, made a solo debut for the first time as a TWICE member!

Solo debut song "POP!Is a song that incorporates Nayon's refreshing and bright charm.

 In the music video, various concepts are performed and the potential of the idol is appealing ( ^ ^)

Solo debut song "POP!"Was ranked first in multiple music programs,

In addition, the 1st mini album "IM NAYEONIs achieved the feat of winning the seventh place on Billboard 200!

Nayon tried to prepare while enjoying his favorite dance and songs without losing pressure.

Looking back on activities,

At the same time, I am grateful to the members and fans who supported me, as well as the fact that I worked hard has led to the results.

I say.

No matter how famous he is, Nayon's attitude of Nayon, who does not forget to thank the people around him, is still an idol!

Summary of Nayon's Instagram post!

TWICE, which has reached its seventh year of debut this year, has actually opened a member's personal Instagram!

The first post used the same photo, and here too, appealed to the good friends among the members.♪

The number of followers of popular members Nayon is more than 7 million in about three months and approaches 10 million!

This is Nayoung wearing a "POP!" Costume!

Perfect for the atmosphere of Nayon with a cute cherries♪

There are plenty of photos on Nayon's Instagram that can be seen behind the activities, such as photos of "POP!"

The simple fashion of white T and denim is also fashionable♪

The good style is outstanding!

Photos with a pink wall are, combined with costumes, the small devil's cuteness comes out!

in this way,Instagram where you can see various appearance of Nayon.

The next Kamba song "" "TALK THAT TALKYou may be able to see a lot of Nayoung's personal activity photos as well as the back side.♪

Cute and stylish Nayon's Instagram will be indispensable for knowing the trend of Korea!

Introducing plans around JYP office

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① Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

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Next, you can install a large banner at the entrance of a cute gelato shop!


The inside of the store is simple and very cute, isn't it? ♪

This cafe is a cafe that is often visited by members of the idol "Stray Kids" and "ITZY" belonging to JYP!

Stray Kids member Hyun JinIt seems that he ate the "Pioni Jelato" at this cafe and distributed the V log at the time of Kamba last year (^○^)

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③ Bakery Paris Baguette

Third, you can install banners on the three -sided wall of the famous bakery chain chain chain chain chain chain chain shop in Korea!

PARIS BAGUETTE can also distribute cup holders♪

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This time, we introduced Nayoung's background, solo debut songs, and Instagram, who will be the center of the popular girl group TWICE!

Nayoung's solo debut song, which has been enhanced by singing and dancing as a TWICE center, has been enhanced.

A song full of the charm of Nayoung has caused a great trend not only in Korea but also in Japan ^ ^

Keep an eye on Nayon's future activities that attract fans with cute visuals like rabbits and overwhelming skills!

Nayon, who will continue to grow forever, will surely entertain the fans in the future.♪

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