3rd explanations of Mumbyol of Mamamoo who played Japan's first solo performance! A plan that allows you to jack cool dialogue collection and instagram plain clothes/Ikebukuro Parco with Mumbyul!


This time, it is a special feature of MAMAMOO Mumbyul, who will celebrate his 30th birthday on December 22!

With a femininity, "Boyish"good lookingMumbyul that looks good!

The popular Mumbyul's bass wrap cannot be removed when talking about Mamamoo songs!

We will also introduce Mumbyul's profile, cool dialogue that makes you chest, and Instagram plain clothes.♪

again,A very popular event held only in August "Ikebukuro Palko Jack PlanIs also revived in December! !

Therefore,"I want to celebrate Mumbyol's birthday, which is 30 years old!""Ikebukuro Palko JackI will also introduce the details of "^^

Would you like to fill Ikebukuro Parco with Mumbyul and celebrate Senil?

By all means, if you are planning to celebrate Senl, please refer to it.♪

Please enjoy and read until the end ^^

About Mumbyol



  • Real name: Moon Byori
  • Date of birth: December 22, 1992
  • Birthplace: Korea Gyeonggi -do
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 163cm

Mumbyul is in charge of mamamoo's rap and performance!

There are many idol rappers who do not write the lyrics themselves, and I wrote the lap parts of most songs.

Mumbyol began to become a singer in longing for Dong Bang Shin Ki Yuno and went to the SM Academy!

Originally, I practiced as a vocal, so my singing ability is outstanding ^^

Mumbyol has a very long limb style, but when he was a trainee, he was a little more plump.

Mumbyul said, "If you succeed in dieting, give you the opportunity to practice"The office told me, and I succeeded in reducing the weight of 15 kg!

It seems that the diet was restricted with sweet potato as a staple food, and you can also see stoic and patience ^^

Also, Mumbyul, the only company mixed in Mamamoo, has many celebrities friends!

The same members gathered "92 clubsIn addition to Mumbyul, there are BTS gin, EXID honing, B1A4 Sandur, VIXX Ken, etc., and they seem to be on good terms.♪

In the past, we said that we all gathered and went to a cafe and went out to play an escape game!

The group is particularly close to Sora, and is popular with the name of "Munsan" and "Munsora"!

It seems that they sometimes fight, but they are two people who are close enough to play in private and play private every day.♪

On August 30, this year, Mumbyol and Sora released "Better" at the unit Mamamoo + and became a hot topic!

It is a song with the message "If you spend a tired daily life with a loved one, you will be healed" ^^

Women also fall in love! Cool dialogue collection!

"Let's live together, we"

MAMAMOO who showed off "Okuchichi" in the TV program "Mummy song of the immortal"!

"I missed my hometown, but I miss my hometown, and I want to live with you."Let's live together, weI put a line saying ^^

It became a hot topic that the dialogue of Mumbyol in ad -lib was too cool!

"Don't go home"

"Illella" released on October 11thDon't go homeIs a line saying ^^

If you are whispered by Mumbyul's bass Ikebo, it will not collect!

In the music program, we also showed a pattern with ad -libs, such as "Are you coming home?"♪

"Jung Usung, will you go out if I drink at once?"

This is the line released by Mumbyol when Mamamoo appeared in the 37th Seiryu Film Award held in 2016.♪

During the "Decalcomanie", Mumbyol called the actor Chong Usung and said, ""Do you go out if I drink at once?"Sudden confession!

Actually, it was a line after one scene of the drama called "Eraser in my head" where Jung Usung appeared ^^

Many people are excited about how Mumbyul's cool confession!

Special feature on plain clothes on Instagram♪

Mumbyol's Instagram was opened in December 2018 and currently has more than 5 million followers ^^

"cool!」「good looking!Mumbyol, which is said to be, is very popular if your plain clothes are too cool.♪

Here are some plain clothes uploaded on Mumbyol's Instagram!

First of all, a boyish style of dark blue blouson and beige straight pants!

PRADA's shoulder back is not too casual.

The glasses that I often wear in private are also very fashionable ^^

Thick border tops, beige pants style coordinates ^^

Mumbyol has many boyish styles, but having a Dior tote bag has a femininity!

A simple outfit of white tops and red shirts on a black cap!

The incorporation of red into all items has a sense of unity, and the degree of fashion is improved at once.♪

By the way, if you look closely at the background of the back, it looks like a photo taken in Japan ^^

This is also a black hoodie and a casual style of shorts ^^

The point is that it is not too casual by using small items such as sunglasses and caps!

One of the most popular in plain clothes is the black coordinates!

It is not too simple to wear pants and logo with decorative pants and logo, and it is very fashionable ^^

In Mumbyol's Instagram, you can see plain clothes and costumes with "#byul2closet".♪

If you are worried, please check this hashtag!

Celebrate Mumbyul's birthday in Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

Would you like to celebrate Mumbyul's birthday, which is 30 years old on December 22 this year? ^^

This time,"I want to celebrate the birthday of Japanese fans and Mumbyul!I will introduce Ikebukuro Palko Jack, which is recommended for those who say!

"Ikebukuro Palko Jack" is filled with four places in Ikebukuro Parco with Senil advertising support advertising! It is a jack plan♪

How! Due to very popular, this year8Ikebukuro Palko Jack held on the month12It will be held on the moon!

OWV in August,INIKyosuke Fujimaki, Mr.INIIkebukuro Parco was jacked by Rito Ikezaki's support advertisement, and it was a great success ^^

Can jack4I will introduce in detail about the place.♪

① Exterior wall vision


In this plan, you can issue an advertisement to the outer wall vision installed in front of the Ikebukuro Parco Main Building!

Normally1It is an outer wall vision that can only be posted with advertisements, but this time specially1Can be broadcast only on the day^^

It is a chance to have many people see Mumbyul.♪

② Cup holder distribution

You can also distribute cup holders, which are the classic Senil events ^^

Ikebukuro PARCO PARCO Main Building B2F "Tokyo Makapresso" allows you to distribute 100 cup holders and decorate the cash register.♪

Create a spot and celebrate Mumbyul's Senl!

③ P-Wall

Ikebukuro PARCO You can also release Senil advertisements in the four -sided digital signage installed in the front entrance of the main building!

It is usually a place where advertising cannot be posted, but this plan makes it possible to specially play Senil advertisements!

30Plenty of seconds you can play Mumbyul ads^^

④ Step gallery

The step gallery installed on the landing of the stairs in the hall can post up to 14 Senil ads.♪ 

It is a place where advertisements from the hall shop are usually issued, but I will be able to jack specially ^^

How was the Ikebukuro Jack Plan?

Not only Senil advertisements, but can be made up of cup holders in the same place, it is a plan that allows you to enjoy your birthday as much as you want!

When advertising on Mumbyul's birthday,

time limit"[3rd phase] December 19th to December 25thIs perfect ^^

Each period1LimitedIt will be so as soon as possible! !

"It is financially uneasy to carry out Ikebukuro Palko Jack alone ..."

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This time, we introduced Mumbyol, which will celebrate your birthday on December 22!

I was surprised at Mumbyul's cool dialogue collection ^^

moreover,"I want to celebrate the fascinating Mumbyul's Senil!I also introduced Ikebukuro Jack that I would like to recommend for those who say!

It would be nice if you could celebrate Mumbyul's birthday with many fans.♪

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