[2022 latest] LE SSERAFIM special feature! Introducing Japanese members Sakura Miyawaki and Kazuha's Instagram!

【2022最新】LE SSERAFIM特集!日本人メンバー宮脇咲良とKAZUHAのインスタもご紹介!

Everyone, the girl group that just debuted in MayLE SSERAFIMDo you know?

In addition to the debut of members from IZ*ONE, it was the first girl group in HYBE, which attracted much attention.

In particular, Japanese members "Saki Miyawaki" and "KAZUHA" are two people who have been talking about something.♪

This timeLE SSERAFIM"Special feature"

Let's take a look at the two individual Instagram while following the introduction of the group profile and the career of Saki Miyawaki and KAZUHA!

Finally, expectations increaseI will also mention the future activities of LE SSERAFIM!

About Le sserafim


"LE SSERAFIM" is a 6 -member girl group that debuted on May 2, 2022 on the mini album "Fearless"!

group name"LE SSERAFIMIs made of the word play called anagram that replaced the characters "Im Fearless".Go forward without shaking in the eyes of the world"The meaning is included!

The title song "Fearless", which contains a strong message "There is nothing scary" and "Let's move forward without upset", is a perfect song for the group's concept.

The members are composed of four Koreans and two Japanese,

Kirin -chan, Ho Yunjin, who appeared in IZ*ONE Sakiyoshi Miyawaki and Chewon, and PRODUCE48.♪

Many fans were waiting for them, and when their debut was decided, they became a hot topic all over the world!

Furthermore, the mysterious beauty Kazuha (Kazuha) from the ballet world suddenly attracted attention!

The fact that members with various backgrounds are gatheringIt is one of the strengths of Le sserafim.

Also, since I became a member of HYBE, it was the first female group that came out of Source Music, so I had a lot of interest before my debut ^^

With a lot of attention and expectations, its popularity was immediately proved!

MV exceeds 10 million times in 19 hours from the release!

In the Hunt Chart, we updated the first day sales of the debut albums of successive girls groups and the record of the first place on the second day of the release ^^

Popular from abroad is also hot, and ranked first in the iTunes top album chart in 13 countries including Japan.

In addition, we achieved four crowns in music programs and showed that they were "different levels".♪

It seems that he will still take me to a new levelI'm looking forward to the future of LE SSERAFIM ^^

Summary of Instagram by Saki Miyawaki


  • Date of birth: March 19, 1998
  • Height: 163cm
  • Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture


After working as a member of HKT48 / IZ*ONE, Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, who is currently active as a Japanese member of LE SSERAFIM!

She is a "professional idol" that is a model for everyone, including idol activities from the age of 13.

She is a regular member of the selection in the HKT48 era.

She is even more of a member of IZ * ONE with her second -ranked results in PRODUCE48, and when her debut is decided, she is at the center of the topic of the world!

Such Saki Miyawaki's personal Instagram has been opened on September 1, 2016 since the HKT48 era, and the number of followers is currently over 3.5 million!

When I go back to her past posts, many photos of the innocence still have been posted ^^

From September 2018 to April 2021, I had been posting Instagram for IZ*ONE activities.

As soon as you come back, many fans around the world, even though you haven't updated for nearly three years! And commented!

Some photos have been posted since Le Sserafim's activities began.♪

It is Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, a chic and adult atmosphere that is different from before!

If you go back to the personal Instagram, you can see Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, which has various expressions depending on the color of the group you belong to ^^

Kazuha's Instagram summary



  • Date of birth: August 9, 2003
  • Height: 170cm
  • Birthplace: Kochi Prefecture


After her debut members released, Kazuha, a Japanese member who caught her eyes!

Despite her elegant cool beauty visuals, the world is mellow with a gentle smile that remains innocent when laughing ^^

And surprising is Kazuha's career.

KAZUHA has won many awards in ballet, including ballet since he was three years old, and was a famous person in the ballet area.

She was auditioned by her current office while studying in ballet in the Netherlands and debuted as her idol!

Kazuha opened her personal Instagram on June 2, 2022!

One week after the establishment, the number of followers is 690,000, and now it exceeds 920,000.

In the first post, a monochrome photo with a beautiful profile is uploaded!

Not only Japanese and Korean, but also comments such as English are given, and it is clear that the popularity of overseas fans is hot.

Her second post is a stylish photo that cuts out a piece of makeup.

It was more than 270,000 in 4 hours after posting, and the number of comments was over 7500, attracting attention!

The photo that came up with the comment "I came to Japan" is a wonderful piece that matches the refreshing feeling of summer and the soft atmosphere of KAZUHA.♪

The reason for the opening of her personal Instagram has not been revealed, but it seems that she will be able to expect work such as models in the future, taking advantage of her outstanding style.♪

I am still a member of the information, but let's look forward to the various appearance of Kazuha ^^

LE SSERAFIM What are your future activities?


On June 5, 2022, Le Sserafim finished her debut activities for about one month.

Shortly after resting, activities in Japan started!

On July 1, 2022, Japan first came to Japan, and on the 2ndThe Music Day"Fearless" is performed.

The gap between self -introduction in cute Japanese and powerful performance can only be said to be "as expected!"

In addition, the first offline event in Japan was held on the 3rd.♪

On the 4th, "Mezamashi TV"On the 13th,"FNS Kayo FestivalIs decided to appear in ", and I'm also active in Japanese activities, and I'm happy ^^

LE SSERAFIM, which is expected to be in the future, has been suspended in the process of the allegations of "school violence", and the members of the members are still suspended.

Rumors of the first comeback in Korea are already flowing.However, it is also a place where you can see everyone together.


LE SSERAFIM, which has a unique 4th generation, which is said to be a girl group fierce battle!

I tried to introduce a group profile and an Instagram of KAZUHA, who is active as a Japanese member, but how was it?

It is a group that is looking forward to supporting what kind of synergies of charismatic members with different backgrounds.♪

In addition to the first comeback, there are no doubt that various activities that will entertain fans are waiting!

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