Thorough explanation of BE: First Shunt for September birthday! Introducing with images from basic information such as age to the character of Shunt♪

9月誕生日のBE:FIRST シュントを徹底解説!年齢などの基本情報からシュントの性格まで画像と共にご紹介♪

Shunt, who will celebrate its birthday in September, is one of the members of the 7 -person boys group "BE: FIRST"!

BE: FIRST has been a hot topic since the broadcast of an audition program produced by rapper Sky-Hi.♪

This time, I will introduce the basic profile of such a shunt, personality and charm in detail with images and videos!

There is no doubt that you will like Shunt BE: FIRST even more (^o^)

moreover,At Senil Advertising Agency JAPANA super luxurious campaign in collaboration with Nagoya TV only in September, October and November onlyTo do!

Why don't you jacked Nagoya TV and celebrate the birthday of Shunt from Nagoya? ( ^ ^)

We will also introduce details about this special campaign.♪

Introducing Shunt's profile 

  • Real name: Shunto Kubo
  • Date of birth: September 1, 2003
  • Birthplace: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Height: 174cm

Shunt was 18 years old born on September 1, 2003! He is 19 years old in September 2022.

He is so mature that he doesn't seem to be 20 years old yet!

He is the eldest son of one sister, two younger brothers, and four siblings.

His mother died in the third year of junior high school.

In his audition interview, there was a scene about his mother. He seemed to have been waiting for Shunt's debut more than anyone.

Shunt has been learning songs and dances since elementary school,

Since he became a junior high school student, he had been working on a unit at an artist training school in Avex in Nagoya, Nagoya for about a year.♪

After the unit was dissolved, he participated in another audition and aimed for his debut.

And in the fall of 2020, the audition "THE FIRST"I was selected as seven debut members!

Among the fans, the "cap" mark is used as a emoticon that represents a shunt between Twitter.♪

The reason is that he always wears a hat (laughs)

I would like to look forward to the further success of Shunt!

Be: What is the charm of the first Shunt?

From here, we will introduce the charm of Shunt!

Please re -discover the appeal of Shunto again.♪

The best singer with a unique singing voice!

Shunt has a reputation for dancing as well as vocals!

During the audition, I always kept the top in each screening (^○^)


A kind of human being called a genius」「I also wanted that voice

It is said!

Among the songs, the characteristic singing voice of Shundo can be noticeable♪

Correspondence that I can't imagine 18 years old

Despite the age of 18, Shunt is a great sex appeal!

Keep an eye on how to distribute your gaze during the performance and move your hand ( ^ ^)

Of course, the intense song goes well, but the ballad is perfect for the ballad.♪

A spoiled type among the members! ?

Surprisingly, Shunt is a spoiled character among the members!

It will sprout in the gap ... (≧ ∇ ≦)

The spoiled bubble is so much that all the members acknowledge, and during the audition training camp, there was an episode that they assaulted a senior's futon (laughs).

It's so cute that you can't imagine from a cool Shunt during the performance.♪

Be: FIRST's first national tour

BE: FIRST is a member with a member

The first national hall tourBe: First 1st One Man Tour "Be: 1 '' 2022-2023Announces to hold!

 To Hokkaido in the north, to Kumamoto in the south17 cities 25 performancesThis is a large -scale tour.

Until now, it was only live in the suburbs of Tokyo, but at last, local people have had the opportunity to see BE: FIRST live.♪

Shunt was the latest tour visual, and it became a hot topic that she had a high tone hair from her black hair!

The live ticket was held in the early July fan club lottery.

The reception period has ended, but additional performances and general release may be held in the future!

The lottery seemed to be a considerable magnification because the capacity of the venue was not so many. Therefore, it has been rumored that the possibility of additional performances ...!

The general release has not been announced from the beginning, but if you have additional performances or open seats, you may still have a chance.

Let's wait for future official website and twitter to report ^ ^

About special campaigns with Nagoya TV

2022 September, 10th, November Limitedand,"Nagoya TV Jack Plan"Hold! !

Limited time from September 1, 2022 to November 30So, we will hold a campaign where you can jack 55 sides of Nagoya TV with your support advertisement (^○^)

The following three media can be jacked!


There is a TV tower in the background and the impact is outstanding![1]

・ Central Vision

Underground shopping area Central Park signage! [30 sides]

・ Sakae Morichika Vision

Signage installed in the "underground shopping area of ​​the forest"! [24 sides]

The positional relationship of the medium is as follows.

 In this way, you can fill the Nagoya TV signage! (^O^)

The be: first shunt introduced this timeSeptember 1stIs your birthday!

I don't think it's easy to celebrate your birthday in Nagoya, the hometown of Shunt.♪ 

Regarding the campaign period

Only during the period from September 1, 2022 to November 30

It will be applied.

The advertising period is

1 day / 3 days / 7 days (Monday start) You can choose from one of them!


If you are not good at making videos and images yourself, our creators will also create data according to your wishes, so please feel free to contact us.♪

The application deadline is

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Regarding the details of this campaign,Hereplease look at.

Everyone, the shuntBirthdayLet's celebrate grandly in Nagoya, a hometown! !


So far, I've introduced BE: First Shunt, how was it? (^○^)

The fascinating singing voice and the spoiled character with caps are wonderful, isn't it?♪

In the future, keep an eye on Shunt and BE: FIRST!

Also, in a special campaign with Nagoya TVI wish I could celebrate the birthday of Shunto ( ^ ^)

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