Special feature on the hottest idol octpath! Delivering members, fan club information, and the response of Fanmi♪


 OCTPATH, a 8 -member boys group that made his long -awaited debut in February this year!

In 0.8 seconds, you can also push the pot and beautiful (visual) market (market)The unique and humorous catch phrase is a hot topic!

OCTPATH ​​is a group consisting of a former trainee from Pu 2, and many singing and dancing are powerful.♪

This time, let's dig deeper into OCTPATH, which will change your fans by changing their appearance to "transformation" according to various concepts!

In addition to the detailed profile and the latest information of the members, we will also introduce information on personal SNS ^^

In addition, we will also touch on the popular fanmi and fan clubs, so please enjoy it until the end!

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About Octpath



"OCTPATH" is a 8 -member boys group that made a major debut on the single "It's A Bop" on February 9, 2022!

All the members are from "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2 (Sundayup 2)"!

In the group name "octpath", ""Eight people (oct: Latin meaning 8 in Latin 8) with fans, walk with fans, and always do the percentage of phantoms and areas (OCTWAVE). Pursue"It means♪

In addition, the fan name "THME", which combines OCTPATH ​​"TH" and my "me", says "OCTPATH ​​and fans want to take the same path forever"The wish is included ^^

OCTPATH ​​has a lot of activities despite its debut♪

On August 21, the SUMMER SONIC opening act, which is said to be an artist's gateway, is selected!

It seems that many spectators seemed to be worried about octpath in the wake of Samasoni.♪

OCTPATH ​​on the waves will release the 3rd single "Like" on November 16!

Pre -published MVs have already exceeded 1.36 million views!

It was also the theme song for the movie "Turtle Shell is a rose bone" released on October 28.It's a refreshing and easy -to -listen song ^^

In addition, the third fan meeting is scheduled for December 23 in Tachikawa, Tokyo.♪

Introducing OCTPATH ​​members!



  • Date of birth: February 21, 1998
  • Birthplace: Indonesia Bali Island
  • Member color: White

Fuyuma -kun, who is popular as "Real Prince!"

Fuyuma -kun, who has an Indonesian father and a Japanese mother, grew up in Indonesia to high school students.

His real name is "Lee Wayan, Fuyuma, Lakusana, Nakamura" ^^

Fuyuma -kun, who is rumored to have been quite excellent when he was a student!

It seems that he has ranked first in the English contest "Asian English Olympic".You can speak Korean and French in addition to Japanese, Indonesian, English, and a five -speaking speaker!

Despite his dream as an idol, on April 21, 2022, he temporarily announced his suspension of activities.

I didn't participate in this single, but I'm glad if you rest and show you a healthy appearance.

On the personal Instagram, the dance is uploaded to choreography in an idle time!

In addition, there are photos of the Indonesian Embassy when you visit the Indonesian Embassy, ​​so please check it out!



  • Date of birth: January 24, 1999
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Member color: Black

Umiho -kun attracts people with powerful dance!

He had been studying abroad for three months in Los Angeles and had a dance battle on the street!

He says that he has spent his time on self -analysis when he is very promising and can use a mobile phone during the audition.

You wrote it in your notebook what your strengths could be used!

Also, since he was a rap aspiring, he said he was studying the performance of IKON's babi, so he can see that he has a very stoic personality ^^.

Because I have studied abroad and have a piano at my parents' house, "Are you rich? !It is also said!

We have posted a lot of frames and self -portraits during the schedule on the personal Instagram.♪

There are many photos that you can not see elsewhere, so please follow us!

Kurita Kohei


  • Date of birth: January 27, 2002
  • Birthplace: Ehime
  • Member color: Orange

OCTPATH's mood maker, Kurita navigation!

At Nihu, he said that he had not had much experience in singing or dancing, but he was famous for singing Finnish folk songs in self -introduction videos!

I dropped out in the last 23rd place, but I joined Octpath as much as possible as an idol!

When he did the first Fanmi, he cried with a sense of security and joy!

Also, because it has a clear eye nose and can sing Finnish folk songs, is it half? There is no rumor, but at the moment there is no saying that half is from his own mouth.

Recently, I tried the voice actor of the anime movie "Turtle's shell is a rose bone" ^^

He thought he was unrelated to acting, so he was surprised when he was cast!

In the personal Instagram, the two -shot with Nu'est's Mignon was uploaded and became a hot topic.♪

Naoki Kose (Naoki Kosei)


  • Date of birth: November 11, 1998
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Member color: Red

Naoki Furuse, who has blossomed overwhelming talents with dance and songs!

Until junior high school, I belonged to Avex Academy Osaka, and I had a background that I was at a famous school called EXPG STUDIO Osaka!

Speaking of EXPG, it is a school that also belonged to Shotaro, who is active in the NCT, but it is said that there was no point of contact because Tokyo and Osaka schools were different.

He participated in the daily P for his debut, taking advantage of his long -load experience, but he was infected with Corona and declined on the way.

Currently active as an all -rounder of OCTPATH♪

A lot of stylish photos are uploaded to the personal Instagram, so please check it out ^^

Ota Shunsei



  • Date of birth: November 6, 1999
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka
  • Member color: Navy

Ota Junsta -kun is a popular gap between sweet and cute visuals and interesting sensitivity!

When I was in my third year of high school, I participated in the "Male High School Misarcon 2017" and was selected as a semi -finalist in Kyushu and Okinawa.♪

When the participants of the day were announced, "There is a child similar to BTS Jong -guk!」「It's like Kisumai's Miyata -kun!"It became a topic ^^

He longed for standing on the stage from an early age, and was away from the parents of Fukuoka to go to a vocational school called Tokyo School of Music & Dance.

In June this year, the drama "Senior, in love! Appeared in episodes 7 and 8 actors, and challenged as an actor♪

You may be active not only as an idol but also as an actor!

You can see the cute and beautiful Ota Shunsta -kun on the personal Instagram, so this is also a must -see!

Takahashi Baturu


  • Date of birth: December 3, 2000
  • Birthplace: Saitama
  • Member color: Pink

The catchphrase is Wataru Takahashi, who has a well -organized face as "charisma sculpture"!

He was a soccer boy who was chosen twice in the national tournament as a representative of Saitama in junior high school, and was active as an ace who carried number 10 in high school!

After graduating from high school, I went to the Academy, which aims to be a performing arts called "Little Step Factory", and have a background to "Big Hit Japan".

OCTPATH ​​is in charge of costumes, and the talent is diverse ^^

On July 15, 2022, he announced his temporarily suspension due to poor physical condition, but resumed on August 31!

Fans' expectations are growing by participating in this single.♪

In the personal Instagram, it is recommended to follow the story because it is dancing the story!

Kobori Hiiragi



  • Date of birth: February 11, 2003
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Member color: Light blue

Kobori Hiiragi -kun, the youngest of the octpath, which is eye -catching!

In the day of Pu, it became a hot topic that it resembled ASTRO Raki and MCND Win ^^

When I was doing tennis, I said from my surroundingsPrince of Tennis"Sometimes it was called!

During the broadcast, there were many people who were not confident and whispered, but many fans who wanted to support after seeing the gear gradually raised.

Now that I debuted as an Octpath, I would like to challenge "creating a live production from 1".♪

He said he wanted to create a stage that makes use of their individuality and strengths!

You can see a lot of cute and cool Kobori Hiiragi -kun on your personal Instagram ^^

Yotsuya Shinsuke


  • Date of birth: February 11, 2000
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa
  • Member color: Yellow -green

Shinsuya Yotsuya has the singing ability that says, "I don't want to lose to anyone in the song!"

He doesn't want to lose about "overlooking things", and he always keeps looking around and making decisions!

In addition, it seems that the efforts of the fans are required to understand what is required!

Such Shinyu Yotsuya is a refreshing salt -face handsome guy and has attracted attention because it resembles Snow Man's Daisuke Sakuma -kun!

He seems to be from Junon Boy, so it's a convincing visual ^^

He says that he was studying a play at a vocational school as well as a song!

With Kurita navigation, the challenge of the voice actor of the anime movie "Turtle's Shell is a rose bone"!

He seemed to be worried at first because he knew the difficulty of acting.

The personal Instagram will also upload self -portrait photos and stories frequently, so if you are interested, please check it out.♪ 

OCTPATH's first Fanmi's response is amazing!


OCTPATH's first fanmi "Be with me" held on February 11, 2022!

OCTPATH ​​that appears in "It's a Bop" and then attracts fans even more in "Playboy"!

In addition to performances, they showed a bohemian figure in the plan, and the fans and octpath seemed to have a good time.♪

Finally, with the joy and security of meeting the fans, the members are crying in Ment.

Looking back on the 2nd era of Pu, "Let's definitely succeed with 8 peopleI promised in front of the fans ^^

One year after his debut, on December 23, the third fan Mi "Thme Dome" has been decided!

OCTPATH ​​fan club & SNS information

If you want to go to OCTPATH ​​live or Fanmi, join a fan club!

For OCTPATH ​​fan clubs, "Annual membership fee course (6,000 yen/year)"and"Monthly membership fee course (550 yen/month)There are two types.

If you calculate it a year, the annual membership fee course is 600 yen cheaper ^^

Furthermore, the annual membership fee course will increase benefits, such as ticket lottery and issuing membership cards.♪

If you are worried about the OCTPATH ​​fan club,HereCheck out the details!

From here on, we will introduce the official SNS of OCTPATH!

The personal Instagram count is featured in the members introduction, so please check it out ^^


Official Twitter account ^^ where you can get information on octpath as soon as possible

You can also check the posts of the members here♪


On the official Instagram, you can see photos of CDs, Fanmi, and live at once ^^


You can watch MV and dance practice videos on the official YouTube!

You can also see OCTPATH, which challenges various projects, such as travel and drawing.♪ 


@octpath Juicy🤙🏼 #OCTPATH #JUICY #SnowMan #Sea sail #Takahashi Wataru #Shinyu Yotsuya #OCTPATH_Like #THme ♬ JUICY (rust ver.) --SNOW MAN

At tiktok, you can see the challenge of trendy challenges ^^

The appearance of the members is very cute.♪


This time, we introduced an Octpath full of individuality!

Taking advantage of the experience in Pu 2, all the members who are motivated are all cool.♪

Not only is it sparkling as an idol, but also a humorous appearance is very attractive!

Let's excite the rookie group OCTPATH ​​that can be expected to be active in many places in the future ^^

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