Naniwa Boy's special feature on Shunsuke Michieda! Deeply digging the basic information, two sisters, and appearing works! Introducing natural and cute episodes♪South Korea's "Sekakoi" stage greeting!


Shunsuke Michieda, who debuted in 2021 as a Naniwa boy!

recently,Shunsuke Michie, a starring movie "Tonight, even if this love disappeared from the world" exceeded 1 million spectators in Japan and Korea and became a huge hit.I will go deep!

Prince? Natural? I will introduce Shunsuke Dokie, with a good friend with my sister!

No way, the kiss scene is also a past appearance workWe are also introduced, so please look forward to it :)

andThe stage greeting in Korea was also enthusiastic, so I will also introduce the stage greeting of "Sekakoi".♪

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About Shunsuke Michieda

In 2021, he made his CD debut with "Beginner LOVE" and is now the most momentum Johnny's Group "Naniwa Boys"!

Most momentumAmong the "Naniwa boys", "Shunsuke Michieda", a tall white beauty handsome guyIntroducing the profile of♪

Quote source

  • Name: Shunsuke Michida
  • Date of birth: July 25, 2002
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
  • Blood type: O type
  • Height: 179cm
  • Member color: Pink
  • Special skill: Snowboard


"Mitchi" and Shunsuke Michieda -kunJohnny's admission was November 23, 2014, and the application was because he longed for Hey! Say! JUMP Ryosuke Yamada!

I sent my resume myself and passed it safely, and now it is an indispensable presence for Naniwa boys (❁´◡`❁)

Quote source

againThe height is the highest among the members and now 179cm, so it is about 180cm!

It seems that the second Snow Man "Meguro Ren" is 184cm from the left of the photo, but there is no difference so you can see that it is very tall!

To Johnny's officeIt was 155cm when I first joined the company, but it has grown 24cm in 9 years.What a surprise!

By the way, my dad seems to be tall and there is 180cm!

Do you have two sisters in Shunsuke Michieda? Episode with your sister♪

Five family members (father, mother, sister, sister, Michi), the youngest child, Shunsuke MichiedaIs a neat face "Is it half Japan and Korea? It is rumored, but both parents are both Japanese and genuine Kansai people (laughs).

Shunsuke Michieda, the youngest of three siblings, seems to be good friends with the two sisters above.

It seems that there are not many photos because you are ordinary people, but in the rumorsBeautifulapparently!

It's good that your sister is a beautiful woman because Shunsuke Michie is a good -looking guy> <

Episode with your sisterI will introduce it because there are many!

Good Episode ① It was well made⁉


Quote source

When Shunsuke Michieda was in the lower grades of elementary school,It was often played by your sister as a practice table for makeup!

Actually to your sister"You are my toys"It seems that he has been told (laughs)

It's a beautiful face, so you can see the feeling that you want to make it a makeup practice stand.♪

Your skin is clean again,My favorite skin care is "Albion"That's right!

You may be asking your sister and others about skin care tips!

Good friend episode ② I was renting clothes without permission.

 Currently it is 179cm, but at that time it was about the same height as your sister.It seems that hoodies and knits were shared!

However, on the day I borrowed without saying anything, I was angry at my sister's borrowed!

It seems that the relationship where you can rent and borrow clothes with your sister and brother is very nice (● '◡' ●).

Good friend episode ③ Have a toilet!

 When Shunsuke Michie was in elementary schoolWhen I went to the bathroom at night, I often got my sister!

just,I was surprised to think of it as a ghost because I forgot that my sister was comingYes, the natural Natural Michiyu -kun is also cute.♪

Good Episode ④ I was cut off⁉


It seems that the more you go for a walk with your sister and your dog, the better, but there is a past that has been cut off by your sister!

that is,Sister and dogWhen I was taking a walk withIt seems that the cherry blossom branches have broken.

I saw itI was angry with my sister, "You! What are you doing!"There was a magazine that I learned that the cherry blossom branches should not be broken!

Surprisingly natural? ! Shunsuke Michikei's cute episode collection♪

Shunsuke Michieda looks like a prince and seems to be solid. Actually, natural and cute episodesthere are a lot of!

He seems to be affirm that he is not natural but a ponkotsu, but in any case it looks like a prince, but there is a gap and it is very attractive!

Natural episode (1) No way through?

This is an episode when you appeared in Sanma Goten.

On the theme of seeing the opposite sex I met for the first timeWhile there were women, I started talking, "Among the members ...", and Sanma -san was sharply Tsukkomi (laughs).

When I was looking at the women's hands, there was a scene where Sanma -san told me, "How about Okubo?" It was exploding!

In the Sanma GotenNatural explodes and won the dance hit awardwas doing:)

Natural episode ② Comment

It seems that Shunsuke Michiyu's natural episode is often demonstrated when commenting well ...

① In improvisation comicsWhen the last important tip, I called "vibrato" as "oblate".


When he appeared in the Sanma Goten, he said, "In the winter, a person wearing a knit drinks an ice cafe latte in a moe sleeve hot and hot."


③ The president is called the store manager for some reason (laughs)

I will forgive everything if you can make a sparkling smile :)


Natural episode ③ If you concentrate, your mouth will open half!

It seems to be famous for what Shunsuke Michieda -kun is half -opened when he focuses wellIt seems that it is ... (laughs)

It seems that fans are watching because their mouths are half open on wipe (laughs)


Natural episode ④ Action edition

There are many natural episodes in comments, etc. Is the action natural? Ponkotsu? I thinkI will introduce it!

It's very cute that my legs are too long or I can't sit down because I want to sit on a chair ... (❁´◡`❁)


The members told me to lifted and I lifted, but it didn't work (laughs)

The figure that is just trying to meet the expectations is truly Kansai!


Shunsuke Michieda responds well despite being told to block his ears ...The obedience is on the entire surface(smile)

Introducing the movies, dramas and stage of the successive appearance of Shunsuke Michieda! Is there a topic kiss scene? !

Up to this point, we have introduced a cute natural Natural Michie, but now it's a dramas and movies!

Introducing such a successive appearance of such a successive appearance!

  • Become a mother (2017)
  • Our courage under the city 2017 (2017)
  • Absolute zero -before crime infiltration investigation -Episode 5 (2018)
  • Where did my skirt go? (2019)
  • Younger boyfriend (2020)
  • BG ~ Personnel guards ~ (2020)
  • Men's school (2020)
  • The story of my house (2021)
  • 24 -hour TV drama special "School where students can reconsider their lives" (2021)
  • First love that disappeared (2021)
  • Casebook of Kaneda Ichinobu (2022)


Quote source

I have appeared in many dramas, but recently Selected after Ryosuke Yamada, who longed for in the casebook of Kazuichi Kaneda, starring a successive Johnny's seniorWhat was done was also a topic♪

When the appearance was decided, he said that he was encouraged as if he had advice from the seniors who starring Kaneda Ichiichi!


  • Kansai Johnny's Jr.'s comedy star is born! (2017)
  • 461 Obento (2020)
  • 99.9- Criminal lawyer -THE MOVIE (2021)
  • Even if this love disappears from the world tonight (2022)

Quote source

"Even if this love disappears from the world tonight," is a crying love story related to the memory that was a huge hit in Japan.
It became very popular in Korea, and a total of 13 stage greetings were held in two days!


  • Boys' dreams ... Children who don't know the war (2015)
  • Another & Summer Show (2016)
  • Johnnys' Future World (2016)
  • Boys snow falls on the southern island (2017)
  • Chibokko Comedy Seven Change Shonen Kabuki (2018)
  • Boys running tomorrow (2018)
  • Romeo and Juliet (2021)

Johnny's Jr. has been standing on many stages since the era, but recently He was selected as Romeo and Juliet as Romeo in the first star!

Quote source

Until now, there were many students, so there was no kiss scene.What a kiss scene on this stageO.O

There are various reactions of Fum, and some people know that there are three kiss scenes in one performance, and are lamenting that they are like a hungry dog ​​and are excited. I was> "<

In addition, Shunsuke Michieda seems to have increased the amount of 2-3 kg of muscle training for the first stage, with the advice of Nozomi Kotaki of the same office Johnny's WEST and increased by 2 to 3 kg in muscle training!

Shunsuke Michieda goes to Korea! Deliver the stage greeting of the movie "Tonight, even if this love disappears from the world"! China's popularity?

Recording a huge hit that exceeded 80 spectator mobilization in 41 days in Korea!

Quote source

Not only in Japan but also in Korea, "Even if this love disappeared from the world tonight" (commonly known as "Sekakoi"), it was very exciting when it appeared in the Korean stage greeting!

againIt seems that about 300 fans rushed to the airport because it was the first Korean (⊙o⊙)

You can see that you are surprised without knowing that the fans are gathering!


Shake all the time and it's an idol until the end of the end ...


Do you know what "Michieda Shunsuke" is called in Korea?

With the feeling that "my face is too good to go crazy""Michigetta Chunsuke", which combines "치겠다 (Michigetta)" and "Michieda Shunsuke", which means "going crazy" in KoreanIt is called :)

It seems that he is aware of it too ... (laughs)


In addition, Shunsuke Michieda, who responds to the words of the fans in the stage greeting, is a hot topic.♪



Probably the most in the stage greeting, the reaction to getting married is more cautious every time you increase (laughs).



It's nice to respond to the reporter's request.😊


Shunsuke Michieda is popular not only in Korea but also in China!

"Become a mother" who ignited the popularity in ChinaIt is said that!

after that,SNOW Man Meguro Ren -kun and W starring"The disappeared first love" has become a hot topic in ChinaAt the time of Naniwa Men's debutA hashtag called "#Shinoue Michieda (Debusu Michieda Debut)" is in the trendIt has gained popularity in China as well `(*> ﹏ <*) '


Episode with your sister, a little natural? Ponkotsu? There is one side, but Shunsuke Michieda, who has gained popularity in Asia as a perfect prince!

The starring movies have also become a huge hit in Asia, and it seems that various feats will be accomplished in the future (● '◡' ●)

As for Naniwa boys and Shunsuke Michie -kun, they are expected to be active in the future!

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